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Cocke County, Tennessee Deed Book 1865 1867, Deed Number 7, pages 26 27: Chas. Kelley to James Hall and Atters, Family History Library Film #0464091 Item 1, photocopied 18 January 2002, transcribed 14 July 2002 by Tracy Hall Bretz.


[page 26]


Deed No. 7 |

Chas Kelley |

To |

James Hall and Atters |


For the love and affection I entertain for my son and daughters, S. Jane Hall the wife of Phillip Hall; Sarah E. Brooks Wife of Nathan Brooks, Lucy C. Kelley, Sally Kelley Chas. H. Kelley I do hereby give transfer and convey to them and their heirs forever my tract or lot of land containing the ferry and all that appertains to it, known as the Newport ferry in Cocke County, Civil District No. 6, State of Tennessee containing by estimation four acres and a half bounded as follows: To wit: beginning on a sycamore on the South side of French Broad river on the bank thereof near Basingers ton___[?] thence running various courses so as to include the ferry landings on both banks of the river to have and to hold the same to the son and daughters and their heirs and assigns forever I cor-enent [consent?] and agree for myself and heirs to warrant and defend the title to the said tract of land and ferry to the above mentioned son and daughters and their heirs and


[page 27]


assigns against the lawful claims of all persons. This June the 5th 1865.

Charles Kelley (seal)

Executed in our presence the above date

W. F. Morris James H. Morris

State of Tennessee Cocke County

Personally appeared before me Jas. C. LaRue clerk of the County Court of said county Charles Kelley the bargainor to the foregoing deed with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledges that he had signed, sealed and executed the same on the day it bears date for the purposes therein mentioned.

Witness my hand (12) at office in Newport June 6, 1865. Jas. C. LaRue clerk.

Recorded in my office Book D. Page 326. June 6, 1865. Jas. C. LaRue clerk.

Received the foregoing deed for Registration June 8, 1865 at 6 oclock p.m.

Charles Brockway Register