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Original hand written document, (separated at fold, readable, but beginning to decay), Transcribed 2 January 2002, by Tracy Bretz.


Physiognomical and Phrenological Analysis of Mastr Cecil Begent Gravesend


He has prominent intellectual faculties. His temperament is partly the Fibrous and Sanguine. He has a prominent degree of firmness and will not easily give way to others. Restrictions will not be so advantageous with him as persuasion and kinship. He will have rapidity of acquisition. There are rather prominent musical indications. He will be ambitious, and strive to take the lead amongst those with whom he may associate. He will be able to make a very fair linguist should he have the advantages. He will have an active memory for the recollection of events and sentences. He will exhibit a readiness in imitations, and would be likely to make good progress in drawing. There are indicated prominent mechanical tendencies which were his abilities turned in that direction he would be ingenious in matters relative to mechanism. That firmness he has although during his minority it may have its unpleasantness, yet as he attains maturity if rightly directed will be productive of a greater degree of stability and energy. As an Engineer or similar position he would be well suited. It will be essential that he should not be placed too much at present under intellectual discipline as it may induce to an unhealthy precocity and weaken his constitutions. Moral and religious advantages will lend towards placing the propensities in subjections.


I. R. Wilson

Prof. of Physiognomy


15 Peppercroft St.

from 7 to 10 p.m.