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List of Individuals
Tyler, Edna
Tyler, Rufus Black
Underhill, Emma
Underwood, Matilda
Unknown, (1)
Unknown/|@S17643@||Date of Import: Mar 27, 200,
Unknown/|@S17643@||Date of Import: Mar 27, 200, (1)
Unknown/|@S17643@||Date of Import: Mar 27, 200, Francis
Utley, Worthy Clem
Van Horn, Theodosia
Van Landingham, Esther Bromley
Van Laningham, Lola Jeane
Van Laningham, Mary Louise
Van Laningham, Quitman
Van Sims, Billy
VanLandingham, Betsy
VanLandingham, Ezekiel
VanLandingham, Francis
VanLandingham, George
VanLandingham, George Adams
VanLandingham, Hester
VanLandingham, Michael
VanLandingham, Oliver Cromwell
VanLandingham, Thomas
Vaughan, Emma
Vaughan/|@S23456@||Date of Import: Apr 2, 200, Jane
Vaughan/|@S23456@||Date of Import: Apr 2, 200, Robert
Vaught, Hannah
Vermillion, Mary
Vess, Andrew
Vess, Jennifer
Vess, Stewart
Viceroy, Charlotte
Vickers/|@S17643@||Date of Import: Mar 27, 200, Grace
Virgin/|@S17643@||Date of Import: Mar 27, 200, Cecily Lorinda
Voliotes, Nicole
Voliotes, William D.
Waddey, Walter O.
Wagner, Marian Reyh
Waldron, David
Waldron, Dorcus
Waldron, Henry
Waldron, William
Walker, Frances M.
Walker/|@S17643@||Date of Import: Mar 27, 200, Lola Evelyn
Wallace, Helen
Walter, Andrew Armstrong
Warby, Anthony
Ward, Anna
Ward, Hattie
Wardlow, Elizabeth
Ware, Dwight
Ware, Joseph
Ware, Lemmuel
Ware, Margaret Emily
Ware, Martha
Waters, Robert Benton
Watterson, Adeline
Watterson, Benjamin
Watterson, Benjamin (1)
Watterson, Billie
Watterson, Charles
Watterson, Columbus
Watterson, Cornelia Frances
Watterson, Ervin
Watterson, Francis
Watterson, Frank
Watterson, Hoke
Watterson, Jefferson
Watterson, John
Watterson, John W.
Watterson, Johnny
Watterson, Julius
Watterson, Lanora
Watterson, Laura
Watterson, Lizzie
Watterson, Magby
Watterson, Margaret
Watterson, Mary
Watterson, Mary J.
Watterson, Nancy
Watterson, Nelson
Watterson, Polly
Watterson, Regina
Watterson, Rose Anna
Watterson, Rush
Watterson, Tom
Watterson, Vick
Watterson, William
Watterson, William (1)
Watterson/, Jr, Magby
Watts, Jewel
Waugh, Arthur
Waugh, Betty Joan
Waugh, Christine Jean
Waugh, David Howard
Waugh, James William
Waugh, Jeanette May

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