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Royal Ancestry of Virginia Tazewells

From Book by Matthew M. Wise

The Littleton Connection:

Some American Descendants of Col. Nathaniel Littleton (1604-1654)

Kingly Virginia Tazewells
Wise Master Chart
Wise 1 - King of Cologne c420
Wise 2 - Cedric c500
Wise 3 - Alfred the Great c900
Wise 4 - Charlemange
Wise 5 - Ivor, King of Uppsala and Lethra
Wise 6 - Ruric (a Viking)
Wise 7 - Kenneth I
Wise 8 - Armidus, Bishop of Metz
Wise 9 - William the Conqueror
King Henry IV from Roberts
(Lots more to be entered)
Wise CWT Descent
Wise Book
Tazewell Family

Royal and Noble Lineages
American Colonists with Royal Ancestry
Calvert Royal Ancestry
William the Conqueror
Calvert Genealogy

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