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Taylor Family in Glasgow, Scotland

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In my genealogy research, I've found that my Taylor family ancestors have been the most difficult to crack ... owing, of course, to the very common nature of the surname. In fact, I have three separate Taylor branches, two of which pass through Glasgow.

This web site has been established to assist Taylor researchers whose family trees intersect in some way with the city of Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Whether it be a birth, marriage, or death in that city, this site attempts to catalogue and list these events to improve the odds of finding a match with your research.

Over the past six months, I've found this growing listing helpful in my own research (unfortunately, mainly at eliminating possible links). I hope it will save you time and improve your success as well. If you find this cataloguing useful and want to add to the content, contributions are appreciated by e-mail to

As is common over the internet, some of these links or e-mail addresses may become inactive. If so, just let me know and I'll make the necessary corrections.

Good luck in your research ...


Last updated: 01-Jan-2003

Lyle McClelland, Delta, BC Canada