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Rev. Henry Tatum

Last Will and Testament

The Last Will and Testament of Rev. Henry Tatum  (May 10,  1781 -  Aug. 23, 1858) Written November 25, 1856. Codicil on March 25, 1857 and proved in court during the November term of 1858. Guilford County Will Book C, pages 524 - 525.


The following is a transcription of Henry Tatum's will as exactly as its handwritten legibility will permit. This document was filed with the Court in Guilford County and is now in the Archives of the State of North Carolina in Raleigh, from where a copy of the documents were obtained May 10, 2000.


                  In the name of God Amen

I Henry Tatum of the County of Guilford in the State of North Carolina being in Sound mind and desposing mind and memory, but noing that it is appointed for man to die and being far advance in life, I do make this Instrument my last will, and Testament in the following manner revo-=king all other Instruments of writing.

First, I committ my spirit to God who first gave it

Item  I wish my body to be buried in a decent and Christian manner

Item  my will and disire is that my beloved wife Sarah Tatum have all and every article of property she has brought here since our marrage and what she may have bought with her money, and I give her for her susport, 200# bacon 50# lard or 400# pork as the case may be most suitable, (bacon and lard or pork) 15 barrel corn  25 bushels wheate, 20# coffee  20# sugar, I also lind unto my wife Sarah during her life or widowhood my buggy horse Sam, my buggy and harnes my clock and cubbord.

Item  I give to my daughter Thurza B. Peeples ten dollars

Item  I give to son Edward W. Tatum ten dollars.

Item  I give to my son Benton Tatum my watch and twenty five dollars.

Item  I give to my daughter Emma F. Weatherly 1 large stone gar and ten dollars

Item  I give to my daughter Martha W. Reed twenty five dollars

Item  I give my daughter Julia H. Conrad one large stone gar and twenty five dollars

Item  I give to my Granson James H. Weatherly my shot gun

Item  I give to my Granson William V. Tatum my saddle & bridle

Item  I give to each of my daughter Susan W. Brittains children that may be living five dollars

Item  my wish and desire is to leave ten dollars to be applyd by my Executors to keep the graveyard decent

Item  my wish and desire is that my executors hereinafter named take and

      what little (if any) of my property there may be not herein given,

      crop, stock, household and kitchen furniture and sell it and apply

      the proceeds to the discharge of the legasees above named, and at

      the death or marrage of my wife, my executors take the property

      loned to her sell, and the proceeds if any after paying funeral

      and burial expenses to be eaquelly divided between my son Benton

      and my daughters Emma Martha & Julia

Lastly  I constitute and appoint my Son Benton Tatum and and  my

      soninlaw William Weatherly my executors to this my last will and

      Testement, in testimoney whereof and to every Item herein named,

      written with my own hand and seald this 24th November A.D. 1856.


                                                (signed)Henry Tatum






              State of North Carolina                   25 March

                       Guilford County                      1857



I Henry Tatum of the County & State aforesaid do make this as a codesel to my last will and testament as a guide for my executors to be governd by,

first  my wish is to be buried in a christain manner on the south side of my wife Betsey, and tomb stones the Size of them that,s at her grave, and ingrave,d with the same or Similar words ingrave,d with black letter to be sett at my grave (in memory of me)(Elijah Welch if living will obtain them)

Item  I wish I. A. Gilmer if yet at the bear to to be counsel for my executors.

                                          (signed)Henry Tatum




These documents, the will and the codicil, were proved in open court in the Guilford County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions during the November term of 1858. The executor was Benton Tatum, William Weatherly having renounced his executorship in open court.


JSK ( Jim Kenerson )


A special thanks to Jim Kenerson for this transcript.