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Jan Lawson Notes

Subject: Robinson Genealogy Notes

Date: July 20, 2001

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to alert you to the fact that the Jacob Robinson in Johnson Co., AR.
listed on the 1860-1870-1880 censuses was not Jacob Robinson (b. 1812 Logan
Co., KY.) son of Littleberry Robinson and Cassandra (Graham) Robinson.  If
you are carrying the lineage of Littleberry Robinson (brother of Charles N.
Robinson m. Sarah Barham) in your database, you need to delete the wife and
children information contained for Littleberry's and Cassandra's son Jacob.

I found the records of his Estate probation which named his Executor and
heirs.  I then (since all AR. censuses listed had him born in VA.) started
a search for him on the 1850 census.  Since he had children listred as born
in KY. I started there.

I found him on the 1850 census for Simpson Co., KY.  This census lists
children born 1835 VA., 1837 IN., and 1839 VA. besides those born in MO.
and KY.  Names in the census match names of heirs in the 1899 Will and
Administration papers in Johnson Co., AR. for the Jacob Robinson in Spadra
Twp., Johnson Co., AR. on the 1860-1870-1880 censuses (a lot of people
lists this Jacob as the son of Littleberry Robinson and Cassandra (Graham)
Robinson).  The ages and places of birth of children eliminate this Jacob
ROBINSON as being a son of Littleberry and Cassandra Robinson as
Littleberry's son Jacob was single in 1838 when Cassandra Robinson and the
other heirs of Littleberry Robinson sold land and moved to Johnson Co., AR.
(deeds and equity cases list no wife for Jacob and he is the one who signed
all papers, with no indication of space left for a wife's signature at a
later date.  Also, no consent of a wife's release of dower has been found
on any deeds).

Below is the list for the Jacob Robinson on 1850 Simpson Co., KY.
census.  Also the Wills and Administration information (1860-1870 and 1880
census in Johnson Co., AR. confirm this as the same person).

1850 Simpson Co., KY. census:

hh #858 - #859
Jacob Robinson  37  m  w  Farmer  VA.
Rebekah Robinson  35  f  w  VA.
Hannah M. Robinson 15  f  w  VA. (Abt. b. 1835)
David W. Robinson  13  m  w  IN. (b. Abt. 1837).
Miranda Robinson 11 f  w  VA. (b. Abt. 1839).
John W. Robinson  7  m  w  MO. (b. Abt. 1843).
Mary N. Robinson 5  f  w  KY. (b. Abt. 11845).

1860 Johnson Co., AR. census lists additional children:  Francis Catherine
"Kate" Robinson., Samuel Robinson, Rebecca Robinson and James Robinson.

1899 Wills and Administration - Jacob Robinson, decsd.,
Administrator:  Miranda Morgan.  Heirs David W. Robinson, John W. Robinson,
James H. Robinson, Mary (Robinson) Huff, Samuel Robinson of Nevada, AR.,
Rebecca (Robinson) Paylor of TX. and Kate (Robinson) Garrett of Indian
Territory.  Marriage records were found for Rebecca Robinson and Joseph
Edward Paylor, Mary Robinson and J. B. Davidson and John W. Robinson and
Martha Partain (these help tie them to this family and since John W.
Robinson and Mary N. Robinson were on the 1850 Simpson Co., KY. census, it
also ties them to this Jacob Robinson).

Please edit your family data and eliminate the information for the Jacob
Robinson listed in Johnson Co., AR.  HE IS NOT THE JACOB ROBINSON BORN TO

Thank you.

 Jan Lawson