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          Bruce Baird notes:

          Subject: TATUM, Edward, Jesse, Jesse Sen, and Jesse Jun

           Date:  Sat, 7 Mar 1998               


I spent last week going through the Virginia Personal Property Tax

microfilms at the Clayton Library in Houston looking for Bairds, Beards,

etc.  While going through the Henry Co., VA records I found the

following, very interesting, information on Edward Tatum and our his

family.  The Henry Co. Personal Property Tax records start in 1782, as do

most of the other Virginia counties.  In 1787 Edward Tatum was the

Commissioner for one of the two Henry County Districts.  The microfilm I

received contained his records for the years 1787, 1788, 1789, and 1790.

Unfortunately, none of his books after 1790 were on the film, whereas the

books for the other district were.  The same was true for the microfilm

containing the Henry County Land Tax records.  However, the 1782 to 1790

records give some valuable information.


Edward Tatum is listed in the records for each year from 1782 through

1790.  In 1782 Jessee Tatum is listed immediately after him.  Jesse is

responsible for one white tithe which means he is at least 16 years old

and therefore was born before 1767.  In 1783 Jesse Tatum is listed on the

same line as Edward Tatum.  Edward is responsible for 2 white tithes over

21.  I think this should be 16 as that was the age when a head tax was

required on males, both white and black.  From 1784 through 1788 Jesse

does not appear on the Henry County Personal Property Tax records

indicating he has moved out of the county.  I believe this is Edward's

son Jessee.


In 1789 both a Jessee Tatum Jun and a Jessee Tatum Sen are listed

adjacent to each other on the tax records.  This information was

submitted by the justice who took the information to Edward Tatum,

Commissioner, on April 7.  Edward Tatum is listed further down the list

with the date of submission being June 29.  Clearly these are two

separate households.  In 1790, Jesse Tatum Dec'd is listed with the date

of submission being Apr 2.  Edward Tatum and Jesse Tatum are listed

further down the list and adjacent to each other with the date of

submission being May 17.  From this I draw the conclusion that Jessee

Tatum Sen had a son Jessee Tatum Jun and that he may have moved to Henry

Co. to be close to his older son Edward.  After Jesse died, his son moved

in with Edward.  Allowing up to one month delay in the taking of the data

and its submission, Jesse Sen. died between 29 May 1789 and 2 Apr 1790.


The Jesse's Jun prayer book has Jesse Tatum Sr. departing this life May

21, 1799 but according to those who have seen it, it looks like the last

number was changed or was a 0, making it 1790.  The tax record shows that

the year was definitely not 1799, but was either 1789 or 1790.  However,

the death date of May 21 does not agree with the 2 Apr 1790 date in the

record where Jesse, Sr. is recorded as being deceased.  These records

also contradict Mrs. Blakemore's statement  that Jesse Tatum, Sen. died

in 1799, but they do confirm her statement that he had a son, Jesse Tatum, Jun.