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Bruce Baird notes.

Subject: Jesse Tatum d. 1790.

Date: March 22, 1998


I also wondered about the 1733-1790 notation for Jesse Tatum.  The 1790

date is fine but the 1733 is too late for him to be Edward's father, born

about 1745.   You mentioned in your Oct 25, 1995 letter to me that the

prayer book has "Jesse Tatum senr - Departed this life May the 21st day

1799 in the 66th year of his life.  Jesse Tatum."  Assuming the 66th year

is correct and that 1790, not 1799, is the correct death date, this puts

Jesse, Sr. birth date as about 1724, which is reasonable for him to be

Edward's father.  In 1789 Jesse Sr. did not owe a Virginia head tax.  The

book, "The Source," page 235, states that in general the head tax ceased

to be due when a man reached some age such as fifty or sixty.  There are

other reasons for a man not being responsible for a head tax in 1790

Virginia but I haven't researched them yet.  However, this may lead to a

confirmation for Jesse, Sr.'s birth date.   For example, if the age is 60

and there are no other reasons for Jesse Sr. to be not charged with this

tax, then he would have to be born before 1730.


I found no definite proof that Jesse Sr. was Edward's father.  The 1782

tax records list Edward Tatum with 1 white tithe, 1 black tithe (black >

16), 4 horses and 5 cattle.  Jesse Tatum is listed in a separate

household with 1 white tithe and 1 horse.  In 1783 Edward and Jesse are

listed in the same household, i.e. "Tatum Edward Jesse Tatum Rase & Cuse,

3 tithes, 2 white tithes above 21, 1 black above 16, 1 black 12 - 16, 6

horses, 10 cattle."  I assume that Rase & Cuse are slaves.  In the 1783

tax records it is unusual to see two men listed on the same line as being

chargeable with the tax although the names of slaves were listed

sometimes.  In 1787 the names of men age 21 and over who lived in the

household were required to be listed but this was not the case in 1783.

I don't know what the combined listing of Edward and Jesse's names in the

same household means.  Do you have any ideas about it?


In 1790, Jesse Tatum Decd is taxed on 1 black tithe above 16, 3 horses

and cattle; Jesse Tatum on 1 free tithe above 16 and 2 horses and cattle;

Edward Tatum on 3 free tithes above 16, 1 black tithe above 16, and 10

horses and cattle.  In 1791, Jesse Tatum is taxed on 1 free tithe above

16, 1 black tithe above 16 and 2 horses; Edward Tatum on 2 free tithes

above 16, 1 black tithe above 16, 2 blacks 12-16, and 7 horses.  I

appears that Jesse Jr. inherited Jesse Sr.'s slave above age 16.