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          Bruce Baird notes.

          Subject: Lt. Edward, Jesse Tatum. Baird family.

          Date: 15 March 1998


As it turned out I discovered this on my return trip to the Clayton Library last week when I got around to looking for Bairds in the Patrick County Personal Property Tax Records.   There were all of Edward Tatum's books.  Edward Tatum was the Commissioner of Patrick County from 1791 through 1795 and 1798 and Jesse Tatum (I presume his son) was Commissioner for the years 1796 and 1797.  Someone else became Commissioner for 1799 and the following years.  After examining these records I have to reconsider my comment about believing that the Jesse Tatum who appeared in the 1782 and 1783 Henry Co. tax records is Edward's son.  I now believe this was Edward's father.  There is no mention of a Jesse Tatum after 1783 and before 1789 so I must conclude that Jesse's father removed from Henry County during these years.  In 1789 Jesse Sen and Jesse Jun are back in Henry Co. and both listed as a separate head of household.  Jesse Tatum Sen was not responsible for a head tax in 1789.  I don't know the significance of this but will try and find out.  Perhaps he was exempt because of his age.


Tracking Edward Tatum's head taxes ( white male tithes, ages 16 to 21) provides information on the birth dates for Edward's son.  The reference book "The Source" states, "Sometimes the law made a father liable for a head tax for sons sixteen to twenty so that sons first move through the yearly tax lists as unnamed tallies under their father's name."  Edward's head tax was 1 from 1784 to 1789.  Then from 1790 to 1800 it was 3, 2, 3, 3, 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, and 1.  Edward's son John first appears in the tax records by himself in 1795, Jesse in 1796, and William in 1799. >From this I assume John turned 16 in 1790, Jesse turned 16 in 1792, and William turned 16 in 1794.  The additional poll taxes were probably due to other non-related white males 16 and over in Edward's household.  From this I calculate that John was born about 1774, Jesse about 1776, and William about 1778.  John's date differs from what your uncle has in his book, which is "about 1772" from the Patrick Co. Va 1850 census.  Jesse's date is within the 1773-80 range that is in the book and there is no date in the book for William's birth date.


The 1791 - 1794 tax lists show that after Jesse Sen died Jesse Jun

dropped the Jun and went simply by Jesse Tatum.  In the 1795 tax records

he is listed as Jesse Tatum Sen and he retains this name on every tax

list through 1801. After that he is no longer listed in the tax records.

 I assume this was to identify him from the younger Jesse Tatum (Edward's

son) who is listed as Jesse Tatum Jun from 1799 through 1802.  After that

Edward's Jesse  is listed simply as Jesse Tatum, presumably because the

older Jesse has left Patrick County.  Edward Tatum is not listed in the

Patrick Co. Tax Records after 1802.  His son John, Jesse, and William are

listed at least through 1804 which is the last year I checked.


The 6 Aug 1793 birth date I have for Susan Tatum Baird is from my

g-grandfather's Edward James Baird's Bible and from Susan's headstone.

They agree.  Martha Jane Baird's Bible has the date as 6 Aug 1792.  The

1850 census (taken 10 Dec 1850) states her age as 57 which translates to

being born about 1793.  So I think the 1798 birth date is incorrect.

Susan was only 43 when her youngest child, Sarah Baird, was born on 7 Feb

1837.  I believe you are confusing her with her sister, Jane Tatum Baird.

 She is the one you were concerned with before since if she was born in

1793 she would have been 50 when her youngest child Adam C. Baird was

born in 1843.  As far as I know the only record that shows Jane Tatum

being born in 1793 is the 1850 census which has her also as 57 years old.

 The 1830 census has her age 20-29, thus born 1800 - 1810, the 1840

census has her age 30 - 39, thus born 1800 - 1810, and the 1860 census

has her as age 60, thus born about 1800.  Now on page 2 of your uncle's

book, he states, ".. that Edward Tatum's wife, whose maiden name is known

to have been Daniel, died between the years 1793, the date of their last

child, and 1798, the date of this deed." referring to an April 20, 1798

deed in which Edward Tatum sold land and for which there was no

relinquishment of dower.  Since there was no relinquishment of dower the

assumption is that Edward's wife must be dead by this date.  This may not

be the case.  For example, the  James Baird who married Sarah Wade in

Halifax Co. Virginia sold land four times while he was married to Sarah.

The dates of the four sales were 12 Oct 1796, 2 Jan 1800, 23 Feb 1801,

and 28 Jan 1805.  There was no relinquishment of dower for the first two

sales but there were for the last two.  Perhaps the relinquishment of

dower was not required when Edward sold his land in 1798.  We need to

check the laws and/or customs in Patrick Co in 1798.   If Martha lived

past 1798, then it is possible that Jane was not born until 1800.  This

would agree with three of the four censuses.  It would also make her

about 43 when she had her last child which is the same age Susan was when

she had her last child.   If Martha was 19 when her first child John was

born about 1774 she would have been born about 1755, be about 10 years

younger than Edward, and be about 45 years old when Adam was born.  This is not unreasonable.