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John Tatum ca1801-1865

Subject  John Tatum (8775)

  Biography   __ ___ ____
     Birth*  circa __ ___ NC.1801
  Marriage*   25 Sep 1826 Susannah Freeman (8777); Bedford Co., VA.
  Daughter:  circa __ 1829 Virginia Tatum (8783); Lawrence Co., OH.
  Son:   11 Mar 1830 William Edward Tatum (8778); Lawrence Co., OH.
  Daughter:  circa __ 1832 Unknown Female Tatum (8786); Lawrence Co., OH.
  Son:  circa __1836  Unknown Male Tatum (8787); Lawrence Co., OH.
  Son:  circa __1837  George Tatum (8788); Lawrence Co., OH.
  Marriage*   24 Dec 1837 Keziah Susan Dunfield (8776) (b. circa 1817);
            Lawrence Co., OH.
  Daughter:  circa __1838 Amanda Tatum (8790); Lawrence Co., OH.
  Daughter:   __ Dec 1841 Sarah Jane Tatum (25); Lawrence Co., OH.
  Daughter:  circa __1844 Elizabeth Tatum (8792); Lawrence Co., OH.
  Son:  circa __1849 Robert Tatum (8794); Gallatin Co., IL.
  Daughter:  circa __1852 Mary Tatum (8795); Gallatin Co., IL. (twin)
  Son:  circa __1852 John Tatum (8796); Gallatin Co., IL. (twin)
     Death*   __ Nov 1865 Saline Co., IL.

                Individual Narrative of John Tatum (8775)

By 1850, John Tatum had moved his family to Gallatin Co., IL, and the family is enumerated in the 1850 census there. John is listed as being 49 years old, born in NC. Keziah is listed as 33 years old, born in VA. Amanda is listed as 12? years old, born in OH. George is listed as 13 years old, born in OH. Sarah J. is listed as 10 years old, born in OH. Elizabeth is listed as 6 years old, born in IL, though she might have been born in OH as she was listed in the 1860 census. Robert is listed as 1 year old, born in IL. William and Virginia stayed in Lawrence Co., OH and nothing else is known about the other female listed in the 1840 census. Nothing else is known of a male, listed in the 1840 census, who was probably born about 1836. He might not have survived, or he might have stayed with one of his older sisters, though it seems unlikely that John would have left a young teen-age son behind, given the need for a son to help with farming at that age and time.

When William Freeman died in 1848, he left an inheritance to William and Virginia, who he stated were his grandchildren, and his will states that both William and Virginia were minors when the will was made. Given that William Freeman lists no other grandchildren, it appears that the other children in John Tatum's family were children born to Kezziah Dunfield Tatum.

In 1855, John Tatum purchased land in Saline Co., IL and his family is listed in a State Census for that year in Saline County. John's household is listed as having 1 male 50-60 years old, which was John. There was one female 30-40 years old, which was Keziah. There were two males under 10, which were Robert and John. There was 1 female under 10, which was Mary. There were 3 females 10-20, which were Amanda, Sarah, and Elizabeth. George, who was about 18, was not listed. He was probably
working in another household.

The 1860 Census for Saline Co., IL lists the household of John Tatum as John, age 59, born in NC; Keziah, age 43, born in VA; Sarah J., age 18, born in OH; Elizabeth, age 16, born in OH; Robert, age 11, born in IL; Mary, age 8, born in IL; John, age 8, born in IL. Amanda married Benjamin Sourheaver on 28 Nov. 1855, so was no longer in the household. George Tatum was listed with the Brannon family as a laborer, age 22, born in OH.

John Tatum died, probably in November, 1865. ON 11 Nov 1865, an Administrators Bond was filed in Saline Co., IL for the estate of John Tatum. The Administrators were Kesiah Tatum, J. A. Scroggin, and Nelson Ward. The Administrators Bond was approved by the County Judge on 19 Jan 1866 and was recorded on Book 86 (8b?), p. 124. The Appraisers Bill was subscribed and certified on 18 Nov. 1865. The appraisers were Charles Wm Fletcher, Richard Church, and Nelson Ward. The Appraisement Bill was approved by the County Judge on 19 Jan 1866 and was recorded in Book 6, P. 175. J. A. Scroggin here listed was James Alexander Scroggins, who married Sarah Jane Tatum on 29 Dec 1861.  John (8775) was born circa 1801 at NC. He married Susannah Freeman (8777) 25 Sep 1826 at Bedford Co., VA.  Hemarried Keziah Susan Dunfield (8776) 24 Dec 1837 at Lawrence Co., OH.  John (8775) died Nov 1865 at Saline Co., IL, at age 64.

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