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Letter of Lewis F. Tatum, April 1872





 Bro. R.S. Duncan after long delay I with disappointment proceed to give you what information I can in reference to my Fathers life that would be usefull to you. the records that I expected to come in possession of are gone the papers that my Father left was scatterd during the war and when I applied for them they was lost or misplaced so we could not find them my Father was borned in Guilford County North Carolina Sept 24th 1783 was raised up there and in 1805 made profession of religion and commenced his public life then his preaching was limitled in N.C. for he soon went to Kentucky. He married in N.C. two children borned in that State the eldest a daughter 2nd a son who in infancy died on the way to Kentucky my father settled in Ky Logan County 6 miles north of Russelville bought land made a farm and raised up 13 children he was a farmer two of his children was not grown when he went to Mo. but he did not forget to give himself to the work of the Lord. So you see he had a heavy responsiblity resting on him a large family and for a time helpless and I have heard him say woe is me if I preach not the Gospel but the Lord blessed him in his labors he was one of the pioneer Baptist Preachers in Ky and also in M.O. he preached in the Suthern and middle part of Ky 27 years and some in middle Tenn moved to mo in 1837. while he was in Ky he was a member of Center Church Six or Seven miles North of Russelville I cannot tell you the number he baptisted but a great many both in Ky and M.O. after he came to M.O. preached as missionary one year with Bro. Wm. Senter of Polk Co M.O. when he died he belonged to Mt.Pleasant Church the first one he planted in M.O. he died January 28th 1856 he worked in Mo goodeal gathering up the scattered Sheep was often Moderator the associations in Ky and M.O. he was unassuming in his way manner my grandfather was a Baptist preacher an Old Virginian & my grandmother Tatums maiden name was Barham grandfather was a Virginian and his companion also. my grand parents was all Baptist. my Brothers Sisters all profess faith in Christ and Baptist save one she has not attached herself to the Church yet I have two Brothers that are Baptist preachers Both in Texas after my father got so feeble that he could not preach he resigned himself to God, read as much as his strength would permit and he spent, I believe, more of his tim prayer and meditation than he even did in the same time. and died with that Blessed hope that reaches Beyond this vale of tears his hope rested in the Blood of the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world. So he is gone home to be over with the Lord where I trust we all shall meet him with a host others thats gone before. Now Brother I have done all I can in way of writing at present but you want to know anything more or any information I can give you that I have omited write and I will answer immediately look over all bad spelling and writing

Your Brother in Lord

Lewis F. Tatum


ps write soon address Bois D'Arc

Greene County Missouri

Lewis F. Tatum


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