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Letter of D. R. Murphy


Slumansville Mo Jan 6th 1872

Rev. R.S. Duncan

                                  Dear Brother, I am at home again this morning-I mail you some minutes of several associations in the hope that you will gather some information from them- useful-you will see from the Old Cedar Minutes the date of organization of churches and who by-you will see the name of Elder W. Tatum-among others, I wish I could give you a full Biography of him but I can not-but, I will say of Bro Tatum that I believe he was a good man-he was from Ky. he was in this field when I came here in the fall 1839-it seems that he went to work for Jesus as soon as he enterd the field-he had organized Mt. Pleasant Church in Green County before I came and perhaps another one or two-but I do not remember-but this I know of him in this field he was faithful worker and stood up for Jesus-until called home his death was triumphant so I heard-he traveled with me-and I with him-in organizing churchs in various counties-when I would find a few of my Masters Sheep out here in the wilderness on the Ozark Mountain-I would go and get Brother Tatum and we would fix up a sheep fold for them (a church) when he would find a few in like manner-he would call on me and in this way we worked harmoniously together-he was a prety good English Schollar and helped me verry much in the use of language for which I was thankful-he was good company in traveling-and I believe had the good will and confidence of all People generally-his remains now sleep in the grave near the old Mt. Pleasant Church in green county-I think the first church he organizated in the state-he was not considered as great an orator as some-but was a good reasoner-sound in the faith and knew prety well how to feed his Masters Sheep-and point Sinners to the Lamb of God-I hope his son Lewis-will be able to give you all needful information-you will hear from me again quite soon-I will try to gather more Minutes-it is now ll-P.M, and I must haul in a load of wood to do till Monday 4 miles out I must go-pray for-

D.R. Murphy

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