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Martha Elizabeth Tatum Hanna's Family Bible


Written by Mrs. Mattie (Martha ) E. ( Tatum ) Hanna sometime in
1936 to 1938.

My grandfather Tatum was always called Uncle Billy Tatum & his
wife Aunt Phoebe. He was a Baptist Minister. My father was Wm.
Barham Tatum the Barham being his mothers maiden name. 
brothers - John, Ned, Lewis, Seth, Tom. - Sisters, Prudence,
Jemima, Mary, Martha, Rebecca & Mildred. Southern. Pa was born
in Kentucky. My Grandmother was Appy Folden. My Grandfather
was John Johnson. My mother was Emily Johnson born in 
Tennesse. brothers, Garland, Isaac, Cyrus & Wm.( you may 
remember Uncle Wm. W Little). Uncle Seth live a bachelor & spend
many years in Honey Valley Calif. in gold mining with a Partner by
the name of Prichett. Some believe he was wealthy, but none of it
came our way which may have been due to the fact that my fathers
alligiance to the flag seriously injured his place in a family of rebel
leanings. all of his brothers being in Confederate forces. also my
mothers brother Garland Johnson was in rebel army while Uncle
Cyrus Johnson was captain in northern army. I see that I left out the
fact that my grandmother Johnson was a Clay aunt to Henry Clay
that making H.C. my second cousin. Blanche tells me uncle Bert told
her the Hanna's came from Virginia, I believe they claim kinship with
Andy Jackson. We are of the Mark Hanna branch of the family.

Great Grandpa Tatum William? Tatum

Married to Phoebe Barum related to Henry Clay)

John pioneer Baptist Preacher

Lewis confed.

Seth (Gold in Calif.) confed.

Tom confed.

William (Grandfather) civil war Sgt. Union Army oldest

Ned confed. (Edward) (E.R.?)

Rebecca Tatum Johnson (Springfield Mo.) married Uncle Johnson (Grandma's brother)


Millie Tatum (Buried? Springfield Mo) youngest




John Johnson GreatGrandfather married Appy (Folden) Johnson

Children - Garland rebel, Emily (grandmother), _____ Ann, Cyrus Cpt.Union Army, Isaac, William, Mary, Martha, Thursey, Clemina.



Wm. B.(arum) Tatum May 9, 1820

Emily " Nov. 23, 1823 (Johnson)

Calaway C (Constantine) " June 10, 1847

Thomas M (Morgan) " Feb. 3, 1849

Phebe Appy " Apr. 30, 1851

F (Franklin) Clinton " June 20, 1854

J (James) Luther " Sept. 18, 1856

Wm Johnson " Nov. 4, 1858

Seth Rufus " Feb. 17, 1861

John Julian " May 22, 1863

Martha Eliza. Sept 25, 1866

Julian Perle Tatum Apr. 15, 1887

Infant " July, 4, 1889

Elmer Emery Oct 13, 1893

Wm. Roscoe

Wm. Maurice " Sept. 23, 1887

Georgia Marion July 10, 1890

Emily Elizabeth July 9, 1893

Gladys Nora Tatum Dec. 21, 1903


Married August 13, 1846 (Missouri?

Wm Barum Tatum May 9, 1820

Emily Johnson Tatum Nov 23, 1823



Caloway Constantine Tatum June 10, 1847

Thomas Morgan Tatum Feb. 3, 1849

Phebe Appy Tatum Apr 30, 1851

Franklin Clinton Tatum June 20, 1854

James Luther Tatum Sept 18, 1856

Wm Johnson Tatum Nov 4, 1858

Seth Rufus Tatum Feb 17, 1861

John Julian Tatum May 22, 1863

Martha Eliza Tatum Sept 25, 1866



John W. Townsend Nov. 23, 1874

Emily A. " Jan 3, 1877

Jettie P. " June 28, 1879

G. Luther " Sept 7, 1881

Clarence O. " Feb. 22, 1884

Luella " Aug. 2, 1886

Cora " Sept. 28, 1889

Lewis Clinton " June 24, 1892

Oliver Wallace

A Special Thanks to Rev. Paul D. Hanna, who provided this information in 1982.