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TATUM Family

Yalobusha County, Mississippi
Independence Co, Arkansas


                                                Information provided by Michael Ritter


                 Modified Register for John? Tatum

First Generation

1.     John? Tatum.

possible first name is John based on common naming patterns.


He had the following children:

                2    M         i.    Jesse Tatum was born about 1760/1770.

+              3    M        ii.    Edward Tatum was born estimated 1765/1770.

Second Generation

3.     Edward Tatum1 (John?) was born estimated 1765/1770.

BIOGRAPHY: As written verbatim, most likely in the mid-1800's, by Rev. John E. Tatum in the Tatum family Bible (with my notes in parenthesis):

"Jessie and Edward Tatum came from Wailes (Wales) Prior to the Revolutionary war.  Settled on Roanoke River in Virginia ***(3 uncertain words) North Carolina.  Edward Tatum moved to South Carolina in an early day.  Had Seven Sons. John Wesley - James William - Berry - Howell - Peter - Edward and Jessie - Jessie Tatum Married Mary Carleton in Alabama.  They had 3 sons.  (Rev.) John - Joseph - and William.  Moved from Alabama to Miss. then to Indepence (Independence) co. Ark, where he died about 1876" 

He had the following children:

+              4    M         i.    John Wesley Tatum.

                5    M        ii.    James William Tatum2.

                6    M       iii.    Berry Tatum2.

                7    M       iv.    Howell Tatum2.

It's not proof and may not be the same person, but I've found the following reference on RootsWeb's WorldConnect:

Howell Tatum m. Rebecca Pearce 1817 in Greene Co, GA.  Rebecca was born 1795 Craven Co, NC. 

                8    M        v.    Peter Tatum2 was born 1796 in Greene Co, Georgia.

BIOGRAPHY: This is not the Peter Tatum that married Elizabeth Dicy Hays on 16 Nov 1818.  Nor is it Peter Epps Tatum, b 1796, married 1817 in AL to Martha Gause from SC. 

BIOGRAPHY: Unfortunately it has been a few years, I do not know where I got the reference that Peter was born 1796 in Greene Co, GA and it may be incorrect.


                9    M       vi.    Edward Tatum2.

+            10    M      vii.    Jesse Tatum was born 23 Jan 1798 and died 1876.

Third Generation

4.     John Wesley Tatum2 (Edward, John?).

BIOGRAPHY: I've found reference to a John W. Tatum living in Independence Co, AR.  Those records indicate that he is the father of Julia A. Tatum who married Alford Mauldin in Yalobusha Co, MS.  This information leads me to believe that this is the John Wesley Tatum mentioned in the Tatum family Bible as the brother to Jesse.


He had the following children:

              11    F           i.    Julia Ann Tatum was born 6 Jun 1822 in Alabama.

Julia married Alfred Mauldin on 9 Feb 1841 in Yalobusha Co, Mississippi.

10.   Jesse Tatum1,2 (Edward, John?) was born 23 Jan 17981,3 in South Carolina3,4. He died1 18762 in Independence Co, Arkansas2.


I have not yet found reference to Jesse Tatum prior to the 1850 Yalobusha Co, MS census.  Another descendent has records indicating that Jesse had land next to John Sperry (the father of his daughter-in-law, Frances) in Calhoun Co which borders Yalobusha Co, MS.  The following is a timeline of records:

In Independence Co, AR, I found the following BLM records:

TATUM  JESSE        4      11N      7W       80     1859/07/01 

In Cleburne Co (bordering Independence Co), AR:

TATUM  JESSE        35     12N     8W       120    1860/05/01 

I have seen Jesse's will: Independence Co 1867 Will Book B, page 202.  There is only mention of his last child, Nancy A. K. Tatum. 

Jesse is listed on his own in the 1870 Independence Co, AR census, age 72.  The Tatum family Bible notes he moved from MS to Independence Co, AR where he died in 1876. 

Jesse married (1) Mary Carl(e)ton about 1824 in Alabama2. Mary was born 20 Dec 1793 in South Carolina4.

BIOGRAPHY: There are currently differences of opinion as to who the first wife of Jesse Tatum really is.  An old family Bible (which I have copied pages from) has Mary Carlton listed as the wife of Jesse and mother of John, Joseph and William.  It does not go on to mention any other children or marriages, but certain records undeniably indicate that Jesse had children by two later wives, Nancy and Rebecca.  The following Independence Co, AR BLM record makes me wonder what Mary Tatum is being referenced as it is listed as the same date and area as Jesse Tatum's land purchases:

TATUM  MARY         7      11N      6W     46.65    1859/07/01

If he is married to Nancy at this time, who is this record in reference to? Maybe Jesse's daughter? 

I have copied pages from an old Tatum family Bible that says Mary Carlton is the mother of John, Joseph and William.  That should help justify William's middle name being Carleton.  It also seems reasonable given that none of Jesse's three sons named a child Nancy, yet all of them named a child Mary.


Jesse and Mary had the following children:

+            12    M         i.    Rev. John E. Tatum was born 24 Apr 1825 and died 6 Dec 1906.

+            13    M        ii.    Joseph Tatum was born 1827.

+            14    M       iii.    William Carleton Tatum was born 1829.

Jesse also married (2) Nancy about 1829/1832 in Alabama. Nancy was born about 18003 in South Carolina3. She died before 18605.

DEATH: Assuming that Nancy died before 1860, as Jesse is living with his son Joseph and family. 

BIRTH: One undocumented source says that Nancy's last name was Sharp. 

The theory I am currently at odds with from other Jesse Tatum descendents is that Nancy is Jesse's first wife (seems they are basing it solely on a Yalobusha Co census record) and that Rebecca Collins is his second wife (based on Independence Co, AR marriage records).  Not to be disdainful, but until it can be proved otherwise, I am sticking with Mary Carlton being his first wife (based on the family Bible), Nancy the second and Rebecca the third.  

Jesse and Nancy had the following children:

              15    F         iv.    Sarah Tatum was born about 1832 in Alabama.

              16    F          v.    Bertha Tatum was born about 1833 in Alabama.

              17    F         vi.    Mary Jane Tatum was born 21 Dec 1836 in Alabama. She died 9 Apr 1878 in Crews, Runnels Co, Texas.

Mary married Hugh Epperson Berry on 12 Jan 1860 in Healing Springs Twp, Independence Co, Arkansas.

Jesse also married (3) Rebecca Collins on 28 Oct 1862 in Batesville, Independence Co, Arkansas. Rebecca was born about 1823. She died about 1866/1869 in Independence Co, Arkansas.

DEATH: By the 1870 Independence Co census, Jesse (age 72) is living on his own.  Undocumented notes given to me indicate that Rebecca died giving birth to a second child, which would have been after 1865. 

They had the following children:

              18    F        vii.    Nancy Ann Kizarrah Tatum was born 21 Feb 1865. She died 6 Oct 1951 in Floral, Independence Co, Arkansas.

Fourth Generation

12.   Rev. John E. Tatum (Jesse, Edward, John?) was born 24 Apr 18252,4 in Alabama4. He died 6 Dec 19062 in Scott or Sebastian Co, Arkansas.


I found records mentioning George H. Council, Henry H. Mouser (both families that marry into the Tatum line) and John Tatum in the following:


Buckner Baptist Association Meetings, Minutes - 1902

Contributed by Cindy McKean:


The following appointments were then made: Bro. John Tatum to lecture on temperance at this place in the evening at 2:30 o'clock; also Bro. Charlie X. Williams to lecture on Buckner College.  The Moderator then announced the following committees:

Finance Committee - G. H. Council, Erasmus Wineland, and J. L. Padgett.

Queries - G. H. Council, W. M. Tyler and William Trusty.


Bro. John E. Tatum then, in a pleasing and forcible manner, portrayed the evils of intemperance. May the impressions he left upon the minds of his hearers result in much good to the Association. 


place of death is a guess based on biographical information. 


The middle initial "E" is based on the biographical source. 

John married Frances Roxanna Sperry "Fannie", daughter of John Sperry and Martha G. McGlouthilin (McLaughlin or McGlothlin) . Fannie was born 13 Jun 18282,4 in Tennessee4. She died 8 Aug 19082.

They had the following children:

+            19    M         i.    Flavius Josephus Tatum was born 3 Sep 1847 and died 18 Feb 1889.

              20    M        ii.    Thomas Jessie Tatum was born 28 Jun 18492 in Tennessee.

              21    F         iii.    Mary Martha Tatum "Mollie" was born 1 Sep 18512 in TN or Lafayette Co, MS. She died 13 Feb 1939 in Water Valley, Yalobusha Co, Mississippi.

BIRTH: I seem to recall that I got Mary's birthplace of TN from a census, but I am not certain.  I've found reference on the Internet from Robert Cobb <> that Mary was born in Lafayette Co, MS.  I have no documentation for either places at this time.


Mollie married6 Daniel Stephen Cobb on 21 Sep 1871 in Yalobusha Co, Mississippi. Daniel was born 5 Feb 1848 in Banner, Yalobusha Co, Mississippi. He died 3 Apr 1884 in Pine Valley, Calhoun Co, Mississippi.

Book E, Page 225


              22    F         iv.    Francis Elizabeth Tatum "Fannie"4 was born 21 Sep 18552. She died 1931.

Fannie married Robert Washington Gore on 24 Jan 1872 in Yalobusha Co, Mississippi. Robert was born about 18504 in Mississippi4.

              23    M        v.    John R. Tatum was born 28 Apr 18582,4 in Yalobusha Co, Mississippi4. He died 23 Sep 18802 in Yalobusha Co, Mississippi and was buried in Wilson Cem, Yalobusha Co, Mississippi.

+            24    M       vi.    William Rezin Tatum was born 17 May 1860 and died 21 Dec 1951.

              25    M      vii.    James Zollicoffer Tatum4 was born 4 Apr 18622,4 in Mississippi4.

BIRTH: Tatum family Bible has his middle name as "Jolicoffer", but the 1880 census lists him as "Zollicoffer J. Tatum".  The first reference I  found closely resembling the name Jolicoffer or Zollicoffer:

Felix Zollicoffer Park in Pulaski Co, KY.  They have a monument there where this Confederate Brig. Gen. Felix K. Zollicoffer of Nashville, Tennessee fell with two of his Lieutenants and about 150 men at the Battle of Fishing Creek, Jan 19, 1862. (note that James was born April of 1862).  Many men from Mississippi served under his command.  Also, there are both Tatum's and Zollicoffer's in Orange Co, NC prior to 1780.


James married Beulah B. Page / Payne on 18 Jul 1883 in Yalobusha Co, Mississippi.

              26    M     viii.    Watson Tatum was born 1 Mar 18652,4 in Mississippi4. He died 24 Oct 1949 in Water Valley, Yalobusha Co, Mississippi and was buried in Oak Hill Cem, Water Valley, Yalobusha Co, Mississippi.

Watson married7 (1) Mattie Terrell on 28 Dec 1886 in Yalobusha Co, Mississippi. Mattie was born 7 Jun 1870. She died 26 Nov 1895 and was buried in Wilson Cem, Yalobusha Co, Mississippi.

Watson also married7 (2) Edgeworth Powell "Edggie" on 18 Aug 1897 in Yalobusha Co, Mississippi. Edggie was born 27 Mar 1872. She died 23 Jul 1962 in Yalobusha Co, Mississippi and was buried in Oak Hill Cem, Water Valley, Yalobusha Co, Mississippi.

              27    F         ix.    Arizonia Tatum "Zoana" was born 7 Jan 18702,4 in Mississippi4. She died 29 Dec 19472.

Zoana married C. E. McClellan on 20 Dec 1890 in Yalobusha Co, Mississippi. C. E. McClellan died 19362.

13.   Joseph Tatum (Jesse, Edward, John?) was born 1827 in Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co, Alabama.

BIRTH:  Not absolutely positive of birthplace.  Found an undocumented record on the Internet for a Joseph Tatum, son of Jesse and Nancy Tatum, which also indicated that his father was born about 1798 in SC.  All of which, except Nancy being his mother, matches my records. This record also states Joseph married in Independence Co, AR in 1858, which is just a year before my Joseph Tatum's father bought land there, making this seem somewhat conclusive.

In Cleburne Co (bordering Independence Co), AR, the BLM records indicate purchases of land by:

Joseph Tatum, Jesse Tatum and William C. Tatum between 1859/60.  There are also purchases by a Joseph J. Tatum in 1905, but that seems likely to be the son of William C. Tatum. 

Joseph married (1) Unknown.

They had the following children:

              28    F           i.    Mary A. Tatum was born5 about 1854 in Mississippi.

Joseph also married (2) Nancy Ann Dunn on 16 May 1858 in Independence Co, Arkansas.

I have found references to a Joseph Tatum marrying a Nancy Ann Donn and a Nancy Ann Pearce on the exact same date 16 May 1858 and same place.  Need to find source for both.  In the 1860 Independence Co, AR census, Joseph is listed as living with: (wife) Nancy A. 26; (daug) Mary A. (1854) MS; Martha I. 9/12 AR; (father) Jesse 62 SC.  Assumption: Mary A. is born 1854 and both marriage dates I've found are 1858. Therefore I believe Joseph was previously married. 


Joseph and Nancy had the following children:

              29    F          ii.    Martha I. Tatum was born8 1859 in Independence Co, Arkansas.

14.   William Carleton Tatum8 (Jesse, Edward, John?) was born8 1829 in Alabama. He died in Arkansas.

BIOGRAPHY: He and his family are listed on the 1850, 1860 and 1870 Independence Co, AR census.  In most records, he is listed as William C. or W. C. Tatum.  His middle name being Carleton was provided by a descendent with documentation unknown to me, but I'm accepting it since, at that time, they hadn't been aware of the existance of Mary Carleton (whom I say is his mother) until we started corresponding.


William married Catherine Caroline Armstrong on 5 Jan 1852 in Arkansas. Catherine was born 9 Dec 1820 in Tennessee. She died 25 Jan 1920 in Comanche Co, Texas.

They had the following children:

              30    M         i.    George W. Tatum was born8 about 1854 in Arkansas.

BIOGRAPHY: sources say he was epileptic and never married. 

              31    M        ii.    James Jospeh Tatum was born8 about 1858 in Arkansas. He died Feb 1922.

BIRTH: He is listed as Joseph on both the 1860 and 1870 census.  The first name of James was provided by a Jesse Tatum descendent. 

              32    F         iii.    Mary P. Tatum8 was born 1859 in Arkansas.

              33    M       iv.    William Armstrong Tatum was born 1861 in Independence Co, Arkansas. He died 1930 in Banner, Independence Co, Arkansas and was buried in Mount Zion Cem, Banner, Independence Co, Arkansas.

              34    F          v.    Victoria Catherine Tatum "Dora" was born about 1865 in Healing Springs Twp, Independence Co, Arkansas. She died 27 Jun 1947.

BIRTH: 1870 Independence Co census 

Fifth Generation

19.   Flavius Josephus Tatum "F. Joseph" (John E., Jesse, Edward, John?) was born 3 Sep 18472 in Tennessee. He died 18 Feb 18892 in Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co, Texas and was buried in Oak Wood Cem..

DEATH: killed in a grain elevator.


BIRTH: Tatum family Bible shows name as "F. Joseph Tatum"


BIOGRAPHY: My only records showed the name as F. Joseph. The following was obtained from a RootsWeb tree for Frances Coen <>. "Flavius Josephus Tatum - A confederate veteran, Robert E. Lee Camp 158, American. Was killed in a mill that he was part owner of."  Although I have not yet heard from Frances, the fact that the dates Frances has for his birth and death match mine, as well as both of us knowing how he was killed, make me 100% positive of the connection.  I have found the name "Flavius Josephus" used many times in naming a child in other early records, but I am curious to know how or why he came to be named after a famous historian (not certain, but I believe he was an early interpreter of the Bible).


F. Joseph married Ella Josepha Ellett. Ella was born 28 Oct 1852. She died 26 Jul 1932 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, Texas and was buried in Oak Wood Cem..

They had the following children:

              35    F           i.    Roxanna Pearl Tatum was born 6 Oct 1878.

              36    M        ii.    Willard Burton Tatum was born about 1880.

              37    F         iii.    Elizabeth Ellis Tatum was born 23 Dec 1883.

              38    F         iv.    Frances Josephine Tatum was born 25 May 1885 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, Texas.

              39    F          v.    Gertrude Elenor Tatum was born 23 Jan 1888. She died 23 Sep 1960 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, Texas.

24.   William Rezin Tatum2 (John E., Jesse, Edward, John?) was born 17 May 18602 in Water Valley, Yalobusha Co, Mississippi. He died 21 Dec 19519 in Whitefield, Haskell Co, Oklahoma and was buried9 in Whitefield Cem, Haskell Co, Oklahoma.

BIRTH: Family Bible has his middle name as Rezin.


BIOGRAPHY: Transcription of 1880 census lists Ressen Tatom as a farm worker living next door to his parents John and Francis R. Tatum in the household of William Gore in District 2, Yalobusha Co, MS.


DEATH: Tatum family Bible records death as Dec 21, 1950


William married Martha Sara Ann Elizabeth Council "Mattie", daughter of George Howard Council "Howard" and Martha Adeline Ragan , on 11 Feb 1886 in Greenwood, Sebastian Co, Arkansas. Mattie was born 8 Jul 1867 in Witcherville, Sebastian Co, Arkansas. She died 22 Feb 19342,9 in Stigler, Haskell Co, Oklahoma and was buried 26 Feb 1934 in Whitefield Cem, Haskell Co, Oklahoma9.

They had the following children:

              40    M         i.    Joseph Howard Tatum was born 2 Feb 18882 in Water Valley, Yalobusha Co, Mississippi. He died 18 May 1962 in Shafter, Kern Co, California.

BIRTH: "Joseph was named after his uncle Joseph.  Other family members wanted to name him Osborn, but Mattie refused." according to family history by Velma Tatum.


Joseph married Grace Velma Mouser, daughter of George Washington Mouser and Sara Ella Bunn "Ella", on 25 Dec 1910 in Hughart, Haskell Co, Oklahoma. Grace was born 13 Feb 1892 in Indian Territory (OK). She died 27 Feb 1964 in Shafter, Kern Co, California.

              41    M        ii.    Guy Tatum was born 18 Dec 18892 in Water Valley, Yalobusha Co, Mississippi. He died 20 Apr 1984 in Whitefield, Haskell Co, Oklahoma and was buried9 in Whitefield Cem, Haskell Co, Oklahoma.

Guy married Gladys Stephens on 23 Nov 1913 in Stigler, Haskell Co, Oklahoma. Gladys was born 10 Oct 189410. She died 6 Jul 19669,10 in Haskell Co, Oklahoma and was buried in Whitefield Cem, Haskell Co, Oklahoma.

              42    F         iii.    Mabel Tatum was born 20 Oct 18912 in Water Valley, Yalobusha Co, Mississippi. She died10 26 Oct 1980 in Whitefield, Haskell Co, Oklahoma and was buried9 in Whitefield Cem, Haskell Co, Oklahoma.

Mabel married1,2 Charles Franklin Huggins on 9 Feb 1911 in Stigler, Haskell Co, Oklahoma. Charles was born 13 Jul 1880 in Booneville, Logan Co, Arkansas. He died 23 Apr 1971 in Whitefield, Haskell Co, Oklahoma and was buried9 in Whitefield Cem, Haskell Co, Oklahoma.

              43    M       iv.    Cleveland Tatum was born 1 Mar 18932 in Water Valley, Yalobusha Co, Mississippi. He died 1 Jul 197410 in Tulare, Tulare Co, California10.

Cleveland married Olive Sybile Stephens, daughter of Hezekiah Stephens and Cinderella Frances Lollar , on 8 Sep 1912 in Stigler, Haskell Co, Oklahoma. Olive was born 24 Jan 189210 in Texas. She died 8 May 197810 in Tulare, Tulare Co, California10.

              44    F          v.    Ethel Tatum was born 23 Jun 18962 in Water Valley, Yalobusha Co, Mississippi. She died 31 Dec 18982.

              45    F         vi.    Clara Roxanna Tatum was born 13 May 19022 in Water Valley, Yalobusha Co, Mississippi. She died 31 Oct 1998 in Riverside, Riverside Co, California.

Clara married Robert Lee Graves on 16 Dec 1922 in Stigler, Haskell Co, Oklahoma. Robert was born 19 Jul 1904 in Arkansas.

              46    F        vii.    Helen Jean Tatum was born 25 Sep 19042 in Hartford, Sebastian Co, Arkansas. She died 18 Mar 1990 in Bakersfield, Kern Co, California.

Helen married Sequoyah Kennith Coodey, son of Daniel Ross Coodey and Ella Elizabeth Hodgens , on 7 Oct 1925 in Stigler, Haskell Co, Oklahoma. Sequoyah was born 8 Oct 1905 in Starvilla, Muskogee Co, Oklahoma. He died 20 Jan 1997 in Kern Co, California.

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