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Researcher:          Bill Tatum
Seeking:                 TATUM, TATHAM
Location:               Counties of Suffolk, Surrey, England

Seeking parents of Christopher TATHAM born c1750 possibly in or near Polstead, Suffolk, England.

Researcher:              Peter and Jackie Tatam
Seeking:                 Tatam families
Location:                England

We would like to exchange information with anyone researching the name TATAM in England.  So far our search is back in Lincolnshire in 1706 but the family traveled all over England over the years.

Researcher:            Kate 
Seeking:                  Tatham's
Location:                 U. K.

I am researching the Tathams in Derbyshire in the U.K.  So far have not found any connections with the U.S.A variations on the spelling: TATUM,TATAM,TATEM,TATEHAM,TATHAM. If anyone has any information please would you email me at

Researcher:        Leslie Brunetta
Seeking:              Edmund Clay Tatum

Location:             England, US location unknown

Does anyone know of an Edmund Clay Tatum whose father was Berry Tatum?      Based on a 1933 English marriage certificate, Edmund C. Tatum was born about 1875 (he was 58 in '33) and he listed his father as Berry Tatum, deceased, company promoter.  I don't know where he was born, but he lived (at least from the early 1930s, but by legend since at least WWI) and died in England. Any information gratefully received.     10/26/98

Researcher:     Mary Jane Hobbs Pattillo
Seeking:           unknown Tatum male
Location:        Stewart County, Georgia

Searching for the Mr. TATUM who married Neva Blanchard WRIGHT (known as Blanche). Blanche was born in 1875 probably in Gray Rock, Texas. She died 1911 Stewart County, Georgia.  They were most likely married in Georgia ca. 1893.  Blanche is the daughter of Theodosia Caladonia "Donnie" PEED and George Washington WRIGHT, Jr.


Researcher:   Jean Tatum
Seeking:         John Tatum
Location:        Tippah County, Mississippi

I am searching for the parents of John Tatum b. ca. 1805 in N.C. He married Rebecca Duncan of S.C. and moved on to Ga., Ala., and Tippah Co. Ms. where he died in 1854. Their children were Zacchius, Nathaniel, John, Emily Adeline, Elizabeth, Riley T., Winiford, William, and Rebecca. I think he could be the son of Nathaniel of Buncombe Co. N.C. Can anyone help?

Researcher:   Nancy Sanders
Seeking:         Lydia Belle Tatum
Location:        Nacogdoches, Brown, Eastland and Callahan County, Texas

I am trying to locate the parents and siblings of Lydia Belle Tatum born 1878 in Georgia. She married John C. Boyett possibly in Texas around 1895 to 1898.    Their first child was born in Texas .   Theymight have lived around Nacogdoches, Texas when married, then moved to Brown County, Eastland County and Callahan County, Texas. She was reported to be best midwife around Eastland County. She also owned a small cafe at one time around 1920 in Eastland, Texas. She was married a second time to a person unknown to me and a third marriage to W.H. Septer. Lydia died in Baird, Callahan County, Texas, about 1957


Researcher:        Thomas Tatum
Seeking:               George W. Tatum
Location:              Elbert and Glynn Counties, Georgia

Looking for any information concerning George W. Tatum, b. 1839 in Elbert County GA, d. 1913 in Brunswick, GA. He was married to Sarah Ann Dodd. Looking for family photos and any family information.


Researcher:            Dean McKinney 
Seeking:                    Wilkens Tatum
Location:                Haywood County, Tennessee

Searching for any information on Wilkens Tatum in the 1850-1860 Hayward County, Tennessee Census.

Researcher:             Sherry Collins
Seeking:                   Crease Lou Tatum
Location:                 Alabama, Florida

Am seeking info on CREASE LOU TATUM, born 1886 in Alabama, married LONZO HARVEY REEVES born 1880 Alabama. Crease Lou Tatum died unknown date in Blountstown, Florida. Her parents are believed to be Zacheriah TATUM and Appie O. HILSON, both born Alabama. Please reply to e-mail

Researcher:          Marti Tatum Gminski
Seeking:                Seth Tatum
Location:              Cartersville, Athens or Greene County, Georgia

Looking for Seth Tatum, from Cartersville, or Athens, or Green County (not sure). Born around the late 1700's or early 1800's. Had at least 2 children, Teman and Ryal.

Researcher:       Alice Lindsey
Seeking:             John Tatum
Location:           Spotsylvania County, VA;  Granville County, NC

I am looking for the parents of John Tatum, born 1762 in Spotsylvania Co, Virginia.   He married Mary Wright, born 1765, in Granville NC.


Researcher:     Sunny Marlow
Seeking:           John Wesley Tatum
Location:          San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas

Seeking any information on John Wesley Tatum, married to Sophie Tatom.  Both are buried in San Angelo, Texas. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Researcher:        Lori Jensen
Seeking:               Mary Jane Tatum
Location:            Alabama > Tennessee

I am looking for any information on Mary Jane Tatum that is available.  I do not have her parents, but believe that she was born about 1855. She married Thomas Breshears Ledbetter. Please e-mail me at

Researcher:        Daniel Burney
Seeking:               Henry Tatum
Location:              Guilford Co., NC;   McNairy Co., TN; Kerr Co., TX

Looking for any ties and information on Henry Tatum who was born in North Carolina 13 June 1810 and died 13 December 1872 in Kerr County, Texas. He was married to Elizabeth Rankin. She was born 17 September 1809 and died 29 December 1872 also in Kerr County, Texas. He migrated from Guilford County, N.C. through probably McNairy County, Tennessee to Texas.


Researcher:        Ola Tatum Vaughan
Seeking:              Ed L. Tatum
Location:            Tennessee - Lincoln, Williamson and Dickson Counties

I  am searching for the parents of Ed L Tatum, who was born 6 October 1831 in Lincoln County, Tennessee.  He married Martha E Childress on 5 November 1861 in Williamson County, Tennessee.   Ed L died 7 July 1910 and is buried in the Freeman Cemetery near Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee in the county of Dickson. Ed L and Martha's children were Edward Preston, Charley N and Lou. Ed L served in Wheeler's 6th Cavalry, Tennessee, Confederate. This unit was also called 1st Tennessee Batllion.  The 1850 census Hickman County, Tennessee lists an Edward, age 19 who was in the household of Edward Tatum age 55, This sounds  possible for the one I am looking for but need further proof.  If anyone has any information to help me it will be greatly appreciated.


Researcher:           Lee Roy Tatom
Seeking:                 John N. Tatum
Location:                Liberty County, Georgia

I am seeking information regarding the parents of John N. Tatum, born April 10, 1817 in Liberty Co. Georgia and regarding the parents of his wife, Nancy Copeland, born April 19, 1821 in Liberty Co. Georgia. Their children, Jesse b.1841, John b. 1843, Mary b. 1848, Joseph b. 1849, Caroline b. 1852, Jacob b. 1854 and Nancy b. 1858.    I would also be interested in corresponding with descendants of any of the above.


Researcher:            Walter Tatum
Seeking:                      John C. Tatom father of Nathaniel P. Tatom
Location:                Norfolk, Virginia;  Dyer County, Tennessee

Looking for the parents of John C. Tatom (d.1818 Norfolk, Virginia.).    He had a brother James. John married Ms Stokes in1817. Nathaniel P. Tatom moved to Dyer County, Tennessee in 1839.

Researcher:         Richard Young
Seeking:                Fountain Tatum
Location:               Ohio County, Kentucky

Looking for information Fountain Tatum, Ohio Co., Kentucky c. 1850's, wife. Cornelia Austin. Son Thomas H. Tatum b. 1875 m. 1901 d. 1928, wife Edna B. Laws.

Researcher:          Carl Tatum
Seeking:                 John Tatum
Location:                Yalobusha County, Mississippi

My grandfather was Guy Tatum born 1890 in Water Valley, Mississippi. His father was William Rezin Tatum born 1860 in Water Valley, Miss. I am told that his father ( my 2gr grandfather) was named John. possibly b. April 24, 1825, d: Dec. 6, 1906 married to Frances Roxanna Sperry. If anyone could give me other information about this John, other children etc. I would greatly appreciate it.

Researcher:         Sharon Tatum
Seeking:                William Tatum and William R. Tatum
Location:               Johnson County, Arkansas

I am looking for information on Willliam Tatom who died in Johnson County, Arkansas about 1844 , William R. Tatom who died in Johnson County, Arkansas about 1845, and James S. Tatom who died in Johnson County, Arkansas between 1849 and 1853. Any leads will be much appreciated.

Researcher:        Sandy T.
Seeking:               A. Tatem and C. U. Tatem
Location:            Norfolk and Prince George Counties, VA

Joseph R. Tatem married Lillian V. Land on June 15, 1887 in Norfolk, Virginia (Lic. 128, Book 2, Page 65).  His parents were listed as A. and C. U. Tatem. That he was born in Prince George, Va. Her parents were listed as H. & S. Land and she was born in Princess Anne, Va.  Seeking data on Joseph R. Tatem's parents. Who were A. and C. U. Tatem?


Researcher:         Billie Ford
Seeking:              Child of Harlan Tatom
Location:             England

I am seeking the name and location of a child born to a Harlan Tatom and I believe a lady of English descent.   This child would have been born in England around 1944-45.  I remember the mother writing to my Grandmother in Arizona and keeping her informed of the baby (I believe it was a male) and it's father, an uncle of mine.    He was killed in the last three weeks of the war in Germany and  is buried in Belguim.    10/27/98

Researcher:            Steve Mashburn
Seeking:                 Emily Tatum
Location:                North Carolina;  Habersham County, GA

Seeking the parents of Emily Tatum born in North Carolina in 1831.   She married Francis L. Daniel in Georgia, probably Habersham County.

Researcher:          David Light
Seeking:                Mahala Tatum
Location:              South Carolina;   Habersham County, Georgia

I am searching for Mahala Tatum born Oct. 5,1804 and died June 18, 1882 in Habersham County, Georgia.  She married Singleton Sisk May 3 ,1821 in South Carolina.   Children included John Calvin Sisk.


Researcher:        Joseph Sikes
Seeking:               Joe Tatum
Location:              Tatnall County, Georgia

Joe Tatum (born ca 1851) married Sara Ann Lynn and they had a son, Cleve Tatum.  Cleve married Altha Kicklighter.  Any information on Tatums from Tatnall County, Georgia would be a great help.


Researcher:        Ricky Tatum
Seeking:               William Tatum
Location:            Buncombe County, NC;  Commanche Co., TX

I am desperately looking for the parents and siblings of William Tatum born 13 October 1805 in Buncombe County, NC and died in Comanche Co. TX on Feb. 17, 1894. He married a Miss Barrett in SC and they had 2 sons Nathaniel and Riley. He later married Rebecca Douglas in Georgia and they had 3 sons: Thomas, Walter Marion and James K. Tatum. I am descended from James K. who ended up in Texas.

Researcher:               Patricia Pace
Seeking:                 Isham Tatum
Location:                Madison County, Virginia

I am seeking information on Isham Tatum, Sr., born 12 March 1756, married Rachel Garrett on 19 October 1756.  Anything on his parentage would be most appreciated.


Researcher:         Terra Reading
Seeking:                Owen Tatum
Location:               North Carolina;  Monroe County, Alabama

I am looking for information on Owen or Owens Tatum. He was originally from North Carolina. I beleive he was born around 1800 but I am not sure. He supposedly was kidnapped by horse thieves when he was about 12,  and brought to Monroe county, Alabama where he settled.  He was married to either Lizzie Tatum or Jane Ross (possibly Jane Elizabeth Ross). They had several children, among them, Monroe Tatum. Any information would be appreciated.

Researcher:            K. Hale
Seeking:                Jane Tatum
Location:               Georgia;   Independence County, Arkansas

I am seeking information on Jane Tatum who married a John Hale probably in the late 1850's or early l860's.   Jane was supposedly from Georgia and they settled in Independence County, Arkansas.

Researcher:        Wayne E. Tatum
Seeking:              Allen Tatum
Location:            Prince George or Sussex County, Virginia

Seeking information on Allen Tatum of Prince George or Sussex County, Virginia,  Late 1700s early 1800s


Researcher:         Jay Tatum
Seeking:               F. M. Tatum
Location:              Homer or Houma, Louisiana

Does anyone have information on F.M. Tatum He was a member of the Louisiana State National Guard (discharged in 1896).  He had four or five children; Francis Tatum MacNeil, Marie Tatum MacNeil (They married brothers), Leslie Tatum and Baker Tatum.

Researcher:        Dorinda McKnight
Seeking:               Martha Tatum
Location:            Talladega County, Alabama

I am trying to find information on the family/ancestors of Martha Tatum, b 1792, NC. She married Jacob Freeze, b 1776, NC. They moved to Talladega, AL to raise their family.


Researcher:         Jennifer Mastin
Seeking:             John Cabel Tatum

Location:            Henry County, Virginia

Looking for any sort of information on John Cabel Tatum born 16 Jul 1875 in Henry? Co., Virginia. He married a Leora Fuller 22 May 1898. Does anyone know anything about this family?   I think his parents may have been John T. Tatum and a Vqleria A. Fuller. If so John T. was born abtout 1836 in Virginia married 6 Oct 1855 and then died around 1906.

Researcher:       Lonnie Baird   
Seeking:             William H. G. Tatum
Location:            Prince George County, Virginia

I am seeking information on William H. G. TATUM and his wife Ann Elizabeth. They and a partner, W. H. SMITH, had a grocery store in Petersburg, VA. William died in 1865 in Prince George County, VA. Ann died about 1885. When and where were they born and married? Who were their parents? They had two daughters, Mary Ann and Emiline Agnes.           3/13/99

Researcher:       Maynard Calvin Tatem
Seeking:            Clifford Judson Tatem
Location:           Indiana

I am looking for ancestors of my father, Clifford Judson Tatem, Nov. 1897 - Aug. 1990. I have no other info on the history of his past.   Thank you for any help you can give me.            3/6/99

Researcher:          Dianne Schell
Location:               Bladen and Sampson Counties, North Carolina

I am looking for information on the following families: Nathaniel, the Immigrant, Richard Tatum and Susanna Trotter, Joshua Tatum and Sarah Sims, Laban Tatum and Sarah/Sookey , Love A. Tatum and Rebecca Peterson, George McDaniel Tatum and Sarah Robinson. (Bladen and Sampson Co., NC)

Researcher:             JoAnn Jackson
Seeking:                   J. H. Tatum
Location:                 Cumberland County, North Carolina

I am seeking information on a J. H. Tatum who was married to a Nancy Tuner (called Nannie or Nan). They had a son by the name of James William (called Willie, or J. W.) Census records of 1900 Cumberland County, Rockfish township, shows J. H. Tatum born July 1867, age 32 with wife Nancy born Nov. 1873 age 26. Children are listed as J. W. born August 1893, and Mary Emma born July 1896. One other child was born but not listed in this census. She was Mae. James Willie married Lillie Jane Danford of Brunswick County.   James Willie had a brother named Eddie Lee who lives in Temple Hill, Maryland.   I understand Eddie had two daughters, one called Elsie and one called Marlene. If anyone can share
information on this please contract me.

Researcher:          Sam Lawson
Seeking:                 Samuel Tatum
Location:                Madison and Knox County, Kentucky

I am looking for those interested or knowing of one Samuel TATUM, of Silver Creek, Madison County, Kentucky, born 9 September, 1821, in Knox County, Kentucky. He married to Amanda MOBERLY, a daughter of Jacob MOBERLY and Catherine TUDOR, in Madison County, Kentucky, on 27 May, 1850. Their children would be:
A. Matilda Catherine "Kate" TATUM, born in December, 1852, in Madison County, Kentucky. She married a man with the surname of HATTER.
B. William Bloomer TATUM, born 3 September, 1856, in Madison County, Kentucky. He is buried in the Gilead Church Cemetery near Kirksville, Madison County, Kentucky.
C. Joseph Alfred TATUM, born 8 February, 1860.
D. Mary Jane "Mollie" TATUM, who married John HAMMONS and then Timothy LAMB.
E. John Wesley TATUM, born in 1861 and married Sallie Belle HURT, a daughter of John Harrison HURT and Eliza Ann YATER.
F. Samuel J. TATUM, who died in Crab Orchard, Lincoln County, Kentucky.
Samuel TATUM died on 25 May, 1887 and is buried in the Gilead Church Cemetery in Madison County, Kentucky. Amanda moved to be near her son, Samuel J. TATUM, in Crab Orchard, Lincoln County, Kentucky, and died there in 1907. She is buried next to Samuel J. and his wife in the Crab Orchard Cemetery, on the hill...

Researcher:        Glenn Timmerman
Seeking:               William Alexander Tatom
Location:             Wilkes or Lincoln County, Georgia

I am seeking information on William Alexander Tatom (born abt. 1880, died 1931) from either Wilkes or Lincoln counties in Georgia. He married Harriet Alice Adelaid Caldwell on Feb 3, 1903. They had one daughter, Emma Kathryn, born Nov 3, 1903, died Dec 20, 1978.        1/27/98


Researcher:     Kristi Dawn (Lake) Gross
Seeking:           Parents of Edward Tatum
Location:         Brunswick County, Virginia and Jefferson County, Alabama

Seeking parentage of both 1st Lieutenant (Rev. War) Edward TATUM and his wife Martha DANIEL. He was supposedly b. abt 1740/1745 in Brunswick Co., Virginia and for death dates I have conflicting dates one being 1835 and the other as 14 Oct 1837 at Jefferson County, Alabama. He married Martha abt 1770 where? Edward and Martha are buried where? Edward & Martha the parents of:

1. John TATUM m. Priscilla BURGE
2. Jesse TATUM m. Sandall PARR
3. William TATUM m. Parthenia THURMOND
4. Elizabeth TATUM m. John HANBY
5. Nathaniel TATUM, never married
6. Martha TATUM m. William STOVALL
7. Sarah TATUM m. James MARTIN
8. Nancy M. TATUM m. William Hollingsworth WOFFORD
9. Jane TATUM m. James L. BAIRD
10. Susan TATUM m. Robert BAIRD


Researcher:            Charles Tatum
Seeking:                  Parents of T. B. Tatom
Location:                 Hillsboro, Texas;   Mississippi

Tony Tatom, known as "T.B", was born in 1867 and was the father of Lena, Lee, Hershel, Bruce and T. B. Tatum Jr.  His wife, Mable Cook, was an Indian.    His parents moved to Hillsboro, Texas from Mississippi(?).     Can anyone help me with the ancestry of T. B. Tatom?           1/16/99


Researcher:         Robert Parrish      
Seeking:                John Tatum, Jr.
Location:                 Ware County, Georgia

I'm trying to separate the confused John Tatums. My 4g gfather was named John Tatum. He is listed in the 1820 Ware Co., GA census as being 16-26 with a wife and three children (2 daughters and 1 son), all unnamed. Folks Huxford calls him John, Jr. and says he is the son of John, Sr., R.S. who served in NC. John, Jr's sons were Henry (1812), George J. (1823), George (1826, my 3rd great-grandfather). Can anyone straighten out this welter of similar names?    12/17/98

Researcher:             Becky Morgan
Seeking:                   James and Nathaniel Tatum
Location:                  Pickens County, South Carolina
                                Hall and Forsyth County, Georgia

Seeking information about James Tatum who was born ca 1832 in South Carolina.  His wife was Melinda born ca 1833 in Georgia.  James lived in Hall, Forsyth and Whitfield Counties, Georgia.  Nathaniel Tatum, assumed to be James' father, born ca 1780 in North Carolina, lived in Hall County, Georgia in 1850 and his children are listed as being born in South Carolina.   12/16/98


Researcher:         Martin Day      
Seeking:               Thomas Tatem
Location:              Currituck County, North Carolina

Looking for parents THOMAS TATEM who shows first in Currituck County, North Carolina on 1/10/1750 in the Will of HENRY SPRATTEN as his brother-in-law. My wifes ancestry runs from THOMAS TATEM in Currituck to a branch of the family who moved up to Norfolk County, Virginia. I have not been able to find how the TATEM family got to Currituck County, North Carolina,or where they came from.  I have been researching TATEMS from Currituck County, N.C. and Norfolk County, VA. for over twenty years and have 170 TATEMS in my files.


Researcher:       Martha Irwin
Seeking:            Elisha Tatum, Martha Tatum
Location:           Campbell and Coweta Counties, Georgia


Seeking information about Martha Tatum b. 1826 GA? and married 1841 Coweta, GA to James Lorenzo Irwin. Martha died 1878 Campbell County (no longer in existance), GA and is buried Ramah Church near Palmetto, Campbell (currently Fulton), GA. Elisha Tatum b. 1799 VA married 1-4-1832 to Mary Ballard and died 1856-1860 probably Coweta or Campbell, GA. Issue with Mary: Elizabeth b. 1834, Joseph b. 1846, Sarah J. b. 1848, Ellen B. b. 1856, David b. 1841, Robert and Tom.  I believe Elisha was married before he married Mary Ballard and that Martha may have been his daughter from a prior marriage. I believe that Elisha's son, David, may have been William David Tatum b. 1841 and shown on the 1880 Campbell Census. He states that his parents were born in SC, though Elisha has been commonly thought to have been born in VA. It could be that Elisha was born in VA and then his family (or he) moved to SC. William David Tatum lives very near James Irwin in 1880 (Martha has already died.)  Also, Mary Tatum, widow of Elisha is also near James Irwin in an earlier census. James and Martha named one of their sons William David.  Any information would be appreciated.   12/2/98

Researcher:             Carolyn Boyles
Seeking:                  Robert Crusoe Tatum
Location:                 Arkansas, Georgia

Robert Crusoe Tatum born Oct 29, 1868 in Georgia and died May 21, 1938 probably in Arkansas. His wife, Francis Elizabeth Hamilton, was born Nov 10, 1871 in Georgia and died April 19, 1963 in Izard Co. Ark?  I have no parents name or sibling names.  Thanks for any help.    12/2/98


Researcher:                 A. G. Cloud
Seeking:                     John Tatum/Tatom/Tateum
Location:                    Lawrence County, Ohio;  Saline County, Illinois

I am researching the John TATUM/TATOM/TATEUM family in Lawrence County, Ohio--1830 to 1850 and his family 1850 through 1900 in Saline County, Illinois. John TATUM was born in North Carolina about 1801.  Census indicates that John TATUM married Kezziah DUNFIELD as his 2nd wife in the 1840's in Lawrence County, Perry Twp., Ohio. John and his family left Lawrence County, Ohio about 1848 and headed for Illinois along the Ohio River by flatboat. John and his family are listed in the 1860 census of Saline County, Illinois but not in the 1850 census. Anyone having knowledge for John TATUM in the 1850 census of Illinois [County other than Saline], please contact me.          11/30/98

Researcher:    Ann Bergelt
Seeking:          Unknown Tatum
Location:         Walton County, Florida

I am trying to help a fellow researcher solve a family mystery. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.  A young lady named Victoria FOREHAND came into Walton County, Florida with her sister (name unknown) sometime either late in the Civil War or just afterward.  She may have been a Civil War widow.  Victoria settled somewhere near DeFuniak Springs, Florida and according to family story, began a long love affair with a married landowner for whom she worked. His name is believed to have been TATUM (or similar spelling). He is also believed to have been a Civil War vet. They had at least three children together. Victoria is buried in that area in Pine Log Cemetery.  The family researcher is trying to find out where Victoria originated. Please e-mail me if any of this is similar to a TATUM family story, or if you have further suggestions.


Researcher:       Bob Tatum
Seeking:             Stephen Birch Tatum
Location:            Tennessee; Glendale, Arizona

Looking for more information about Stephen Birch Tatum (b. 1879) and his wife, Stella Ann (Holland) Tatum (b. 1883).  Both were reportedly born in Tennessee and moved to Glendale, Arizona between 1910-1915.   Stephen was a teacher and reportedly a legislator of some sort in Tennessee.      8/29/98

Researcher:        Bill Lipton
Seeking:             Elizabeth Tatum
Location:            Indiana; Lawrence County, Indiana

Seeking information on the TATUM line associated with Elizabeth Tatum, who married Walter Maddox -- we believe in Indiana. They had a daughter America Maddox, who married Zachariah Baldwin Mallette, in Lawrence County, Indiana on March 29, 1846, America & Zachaniah died in Tupelo, Lee County, Mississippi.           11/14/98

Researcher:     Kevin & Kelli
Seeking:         Jesse Tatum
Location:        Cobb and Elbert Counties, Georgia

I am looking for information on Jesse TATUM born 1813 in Cobb County Georgia. He married Sarah E. Rawsan (born 1817 in Cobb County) on 9 April 1829 in Elbert County Georgia. They had a child, James Josephus TATUM, in 1839 in Cobb County. Information on his parents, occupation, death date/location, military service, etc. would be appreciated.     10/21/98

Researcher:    Linda Hunnell Johnston   
Seeking:          John B. Tatum
Location:        Surry, NC and Tazewell Co, Va

I am looking for a John B Tatum born circa 1841 probably in Surry NC. He married Sarah A Steele on 9 Sept 1863 in Tazewell Co Va. His marriage record lists his parents as John and Sarah Tatum of Surry NC and states that he is a soldier. Nothing more is known of his heritage other that this data. ~~ Family lore states that John was a soldier who met and married Sarah Steele while serving in Tazewell Co Va during the Civil War . And that immediately after the War Sarah's family found out that he was already married somewhere else and that he went home to his first family. I know that he left Tazewell Co , but do not know if the story of a first marriage is true. ~~ Does anyone have a John B Tatum who might fit this profile? Or can someone give me some hints where to look?     10/21/98


Researcher:         Wanda Lowery
Seeking:                 Absalom Tatom and dau. Mary Willett
Location:               Orange and Hillsborough County, North Carolina
                                  Williamson County, TN;  Marion County, AL

I am seeking information about Absalom Tatom b. abt.1748 d. Dec. 1802 whose will is included in the Tatom wills as well as the 1800 census.  I've seen him listed in both Orange Co. and Hillsborough Co., N.C.  I descend through his daughter Mary b. abt. 1776 who married  William Willett abt. 1799 and lived in Williamson Co., Tenn. Mary died in Marion Co., Al. after the 1850 census. She was living with her son Absalom Tatom Willet and his wife Lucinda Franks who moved to Marion Co., Al. in 1831.  Mary is the only child of Absalom that I'm aware of as she is the only child named in his will. Also, Absalom named his other siblings or descendents of his siblings as the other heirs in his will. There were brothers Abner, Abel, John, William and two sisters named.  Can anyone help with information about Absalom Tatom and his family?       8/13/98  

Researcher:            John Powell
Seeking:                  Edward Tatum, Julia Tatum
Location:                 Pickens District, South Carolina

In 1850 United States census, Pickens District - - - - - - --Enumeration begun on 19th of July 1850, F. N. Garvin Asst Marshall, House #441 lists Julia Brown, age 72, F, Estate 2000. born NC, with Lewis Griffin age 15, M, farming, of German descent.  Julia was the wife of Lewis Brown of Pickens Dist., SC. I would like to know if her father was EDWARD TATUM.        8/11/98

Researcher:         Todd Tatum
Seeking:               William Tatum
Location:              North Carolina;  Willard, Missouri
                             Wandel (Kingfisher County), Oklahoma

Seeking information about William Tatum born 13 January 1805 in North Carolina.  He died 15 October 1894 in Wandel (Kingfisher County, Oklahoma.  His wife was Prudence ?? born 20 June 1807 in North Carolina and died 18 May 1878 in Willard, Missouri.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.    10/8/98


Researcher:       Tommy Tatum
Seeking:             William Tatum, James K. Tatum
Location:            North Carolina, Georgia, Comanche County, TX

Looking for a William Tatum, born about 1805 in North Carolina...moved to Georgia prior to l848 where a son James K. Tatum was born.  The family then moved to Comanche county, Texas in the 1850's.         9/25/98


Researcher:      Glen B. Nicholas      
Seeking:            John Dickerson TATUM & Joel TATUM
Location:          Tallahatchie and Lafayette County, Mississippi

                          Morgan County, Alabama

My John Dickerson Tatum b. 1814 NC was listed in Tallachachie Co not Yalabusha Co. He patented 40.79 acres of land in Tallahatachie Co. and was listed in 1850 census as John D. with wife Carolyn Browning Tatum who he married on 14 Mar 1950 in Lafayette Co. They were in Lafayette Co in the 1860 Census and they remained there ( He d.11 Aug 1868). Believe his father could be Joel Tatum who was living with his daughter Nancy D. & her husband Denson Conway in 1850 Lafayette Co census. Joel (d.1856) lived in Morgan Co, AL at one time where Nancy Married Denson. Any help with Parents of John Dickerson & his relation to Joel would be appreciated.    9/17/98

Researcher:     Rebecca Lawrence Wingfield
Seeking:           Mary "Polly" Tatum
Location:         Watauga County, North Carolina

I am searching for any information on Mary 'Polly Tatum (1818 Ashe Co.-?) who married William Davenport (1815-?) about 1840. They are the parents of Sarah Davenport (1-1845 d/ca1878) who married my g-grandfather James Jeremiah Lawrence (1836-1912). William and Mary Tatum Davenport were last listed in the Watauga Co. Census of 1860.  They were not listed in 1870 but their children. were listed. Does anyone have any information on what may have happend to this couple after 1860? Would appreciate any information.    9/14/98

Researcher:        Randy Tatum
Seeking:             Dabney Tatum, Barnett Tatum
Location:            Wilson County, Tennessee; Granville County, North Carolina

I have spent almost 35 yrs. researching part time on my Tatum family from Wilson Co., Tn. and have accumulatd information back to Dabney Tatum b.1780.  I have a considerable amount of evidence that leads me to believe his father was Barnett(or Barnard) Tatum who moved to Wilson Co. via York Co.,S.C. from Granville Co., N.C. Barnard was listed in Vol. IV of Southern Kith and Kin by Jewel D. Scarborough. Her research follows a Tatum line back to Samuel and Nathaniel Tatum that arrived in Virginia via tha Bermuda Islands around the 1620'S. If anyone has any information on Dabney or Barnard or his family line I would appreciate your help.     9/8/98

Researcher:   Randall Tatum
Seeking:          Seth Tatum
Location:        Lawrence County, Indiana

I'm looking for the ancestors of Seth Tatum b. Aug 11 1821 North Carolina d. Oct. 11 1892 Lawrence county Indiana. His father was (?) Jonathan, birth date and place unknown. Seth was my g g grandfather.    8/29/98

Researcher:    Pat Vincent
Seeking:          Joshua Tatum
Location:        Surry, Sussex, Virginia; Halifax County, NC

Of Christopher Tatum's children:  (1) would like to know more about JOSHUA TATUM who married Amy Chappell and had children Thomas and Howell. Was Amy Joshua's second wife?   Did he have children by a first wife? Amy married second James Smith and died in Halifax Co NC.  (2) would like to know more about Thomas Tatum who married Ann Clark. (3) Did Nathaniel and Emelia Tatum's daughter Amelia m. John Vincent?

Researcher:    Elmer Tatum, Jr
Seeking:         James Joshua Tatum
Location:        Hickory, Mississippi; South Carolina

I am looking to find ancestors of James Joshua Tatum (Hickory, Mississippi, born 1896) son of Christopher Columbus Tatum (born in South Carolina date ?).         8/16/98

     Sally Viada
Seeking:            Edmond Beech Tatum
Location:          Tatumville, Alabama

Looking for place of birth, parents, etc of EDMOND BEECH TATUM. Lived in Bay Minette area of Alabama early 1800's ,in a town called Tatumville., located between Fairhope and Battles Wharf. Thought to be decended from Tatum family in England who owned a cutlery business there.    8/5/98

Researcher:        Mimi
          Bertha Tatum
Location:            Autauga County, Alabama

I am trying to find information about my husbands family. His grandfather, Alfred Hubbard, married BERTHA TATUM, on Sept. 23, 1900, in Autauga County, Alabama. If there is any relation to your Tatums please let me know.      8/2/98


Researcher:    Pattie Knighton
Seeking:             Ann Baker Tatum, Stephen Tatum
Location:          Georgia; Fayette Co., TN; Lafayette Co., Arkansas

Does anyone have information about ANN BAKER TATUM, born 13 May 1798 in Georgia.  She married STEPHEN TATUM who was born 23 November 1797 in Tennessee and died 2 August 1841 in Fayette County, Tennessee.  ANN BAKER TATUM died after 1880 in Lafayette County, Arkansas             7/31/98

Researcher:    Sharon Tatom
Seeking:            Elias G. Tatom, Marve Tatom
Location:         Johnson County, Arkansas; Tennessee

Seeking relatives of Elias G. Tatom (b.1855 in Johnson County, AR.)  He is my husband's grandfather. According to family stories he was raised by relatives when his father went off to the Civil War. We find him first in the 1870 census, a boy of 15 living with Julia Fritts(his maternal grandmother?  She being b.about 1812 in NC.)  Her daughter, Sarah Fritts, was born about 1834 in AR and is probably Elias' mother. A family letter names his father as Marve Tatom. We have found him in the 1850 census of Johnson County,AR census living with Elizabeth Tatom(his mother?, a native of NC.) He was 17 then, just a year older than Sarah. Marve was born in TN.    8/30/98

Researcher:    John Benjamin Tatum
Seeking:          Ancestry of Benjamin C. Tatum
Location:        North Carolina

I am John Benjamin Tatum and I was born  22-July-1968 in Anaheim, California.  My mother was Joan "Joni" (Bayorek) Tatum, born 13-May-1939 died 24-February-1996.  My mother was born in Charleroi, PA, I believe but I am uncertain.  My father is James William Tatum, was born in Allegheny County, PA. 24-June-1937 and his current whereabouts unknown.  His parents were Benjamin C. Tatum (age 54 at my father's birth) and he was born in North Carolina. His mother was Margaret Duffy (age 27 at my father's birth) born in Scotland.  I am just beginning to research my family roots, and  I am disabled and on Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income... so I am unable to afford to do much in the way of research (no money to hire someone, and my disability keeps me stuck at home most of the time). So any assistance would be greatly appreciated.   PS: To find out a little bit about me, please feel free to visit our homepage at:       8/30/98

Researcher:   Karen Tatum Ternes
Seeking:         William Tatum
Location:        Stewart County, Georgia
Seeking parents of William Tatum, born Jan 16, 1815 in NC? died Jan 29, 1877 in Stewart County,GA. married first Mary Ann Flinn (1817- 1870) and second Mary Ann Terry (1845- 1881) in Stewart County, GA         7/25/98

Researcher:   Karen Tatum Ternes

Seeking:         Dr. William H. Tatum
Location:        Stewart County, Georgia
Seeking parents of Dr. WILLIAM H. TATUM born circa. 1827, died Feb. 17, 1905, at 88 years of age, second husband of Lucy (Lou) Ann Bussey (Porter) after whom Louvale, GA in Stewart county Georgia is named. They had no children.    7/25/98

Researcher:   Martina Barker Aldred
Seeking:         Nancy Tatum, Peter Tatum, Ami Jane Tatum
Location:        Sussex County, Wavely Station, Virginia
Does anyone have information on NANCY TATUM , daughter of PETER TATUM and Mary Epps.?    Nancy , married Alaxander Barker, parents of two children. After death of Nancy, Alex married her sister AMI JANE TATUM. 24 Dec. 1839 in Sussex Co. VA. They were parents of Four Children. Alex was in the War of 1812. Last known address,Wavely Station, VA.     7/19/98

Researcher:   Lori Haden
Seeking:         William H. Tatum
Location:      Richmond; Petersburg; Prince George County, Virginia
WILLIAM H. TATUM married Melissa B. ( no dates) and had two (2) known children: REBECCA S. TATUM, who married a ? Blow, and MALISSIA ADELAIDE TATUM.  Malissia was born 24 Nov 1854 in Prince George County, Virginia, died 8 September 1926 Richmond, Virginia and is buried in Blandford cemetery, Petersburg, Virginia.   She married a Joseph Miles from Petersburg.  I am looking for information on William H. Tatum whose will was probated in Prince George County, Virginia.   I would like to find William H. Tatum's Father.

Researcher:    Karon Ratliff
Seeking:          John H. Tatum's siblings
Location:        Kentucky, Missouri

John H. Tatum was born 5 May 1811 in Kentucky, He married Casandra Graham Robinson, 26 September 1836 in Ky. John's father was William Tatum born 24 September 1783 Guilford Co., NC. Married Pheobe Barham 4 April 1807. I would like to find brother's and sister's of John, if there were any.  I have info on John and Casandra's children. P.S John and Casandra moved to Mo. where their children were born.       7/13/98

Researcher:     Maureen Higgins Seifert
Seeking:        Jerry Tatum, Mattie Tatum
Location:      West Point, Georgia; Prattville, Alabama

I am looking for Jerry TATUM and Emma IVORY. They had a daughter Mattie E. (nee Tatum) CABIL who has recently died. Mattie E. TATUM was born in West Point, GA on July 8, 1924. Mattie moved from Prattville, AL in January 1998 and died in June of this year (1998).   Before Mattie died, she related that she had a grandmother who was a slave.  She said she came from the Watusi tribe. (I don't know if I spelled "Watusi" correctly). Her daughter, Ida, and I are most anxious to find out about this family. Can you give me any help on this line?


Researcher:   Bill Brinkley
Seeking:         Samuel Tatum, William Tatum
Location:      Culpepper County, Virginia

Looking for the parents of Samuel Tatum b 1740, Culpepper Co., VA who m Sarah Seawood/Seward 1768 VA.   I have a speculation it may be William Tatum b 26 June 1719 VA s/o Samuel and Elizabeth Tatum. This line goes back to the original immigrant, Nathaniel Tatum b 1599 ENG.    7/3/98


Researcher:    Pat Lemonds
Seeking:          Rebecca Barker
Location:        Marion County, Tennessee

I am searching for REBECCA BARKER who married a Tatum (Tatom?), born 1798.  She married as a second husband, ELIJAH HUDSON.  They were probably married in Marion County, Tennessee.   7/2/98

Researcher:    Chuck Morgan
Seeking:          John Tatum, Henry Tatum, Georgia Tatum
Location:         Pierce County, Georgia

I am researching the genealogy of my grandmother, GEORGIA TATUM, born 1866 in Pierce County. Georgia.  Her father was HENRY J. TATUM, born 1835, her mother was Aroline Gainey, born ca 1836, Pierce County. Henry was the son of John TATUM Jr. who was the son of JOHN TATUM, Sr. (Revolutionary War Soldier).  I would welcome any help you could give me.

Researcher:    Bill Tatom
Seeking:          John Tatum
Location:        Lunenburg and King William County, Virginia

I am seeking proof that the father of BENJAMIN TATUM (C. 1730-1813), of Lunenburg County, Virginia, was or was not JOHN TATUM son of ABEL TATUM (c. 1643-c. 1704) of King William County, Virginia. Benjamin's brothers and sisters were: SUSSANA TATUM FULLILOVE (D. 1774), JOHN TATUM (bef 1720-1794), STEPHEN TATUM (C. 1721-C.1789), NANCY TATUM GRAVES, JEMIMA TATUM CARRINGTON (d. bef 1796), and SARAH TATUM CHANDLER.                      6/2/98

Researcher:      Todd Tatum
Seeking:          William Tatum
Location:         North Carolina

I am looking for information about WILLIAM TATUM born 13 January 1805 in North Carolina.  He married Prudence (maiden name unknown) born 20 June 1807 in North Carolina.  I have more information on their children if needed.                          5/23/98                     

Researcher:    Debbie Hendricks
Seeking:          Catherine Tatum
Location:        Tyrrell, North Carolina; Madison, Illinois

I am seeking information on CATHERINE TATUM born about 1805.   She married WILLIAM BEST on 16 March 1826 in Madison, Illinois.  Their children were, Berry, Michael, Olly, Juliet, Mary, Demsey, Holland Jessie.            5/23/98

Researcher:    Rose M. Spencer
Seeking:          Jesse Tatum
Location:         Yalabusha County, Mississippi;  South Carolina

I am seeking information on JESSE TATUM, born about 1798 in South Carolina and died after 1850 in Yalabusha County, Mississippi.  He married Nancy _____, and had son JOHN TATUM born about 1825 in Alabama.  John Tatum married Frances _____, and their daughter FRANCES ELIZABETH TATUM was born in 1854 and married Robert Washington Gore in 1872 in Yalabusha County, Mississippi.

Researcher:    Mike Taylor
Seeking:          S. A. Tatum
Location:        Ohio County, Kentucky; Stephens County, Texas

I am seeking information on S. A. TATUM who married Sarah "Sallie" Peay 4 November 1863 in Ohio County, Kentucky.  By the 1870 Ohio County, Kentucky census he was no longer with the family.  His wife was in the household of William Peay, her father, and was listed as TATUM.  Two Tatum children were living with her.  By 1880, Sarah had remarried to Milburn Ash and was living in Stephens County, Texas.

Researcher:    Julie Buckman
Seeking:          Alpha Moore Champion Tatom
Location:        Daleville, (near Ozark) Dale County, Alabama

I am seeking information on Alpha Moore Champion Tatom born 21 November 1840 in Daleville, Alabama.  He married Annie Jane Adams.  I have photos of him, his father-in-law, Mr. Adams, and a family Bible.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Researcher:    Roya Singleton
Seeking:            Charles Bailey Tatum
Location:         Paris, Texas;   Meridian, Mississippi;  Musctine, Iowa

I am seeking information about CHARLES BAILEY TATUM who was reportedly born about 1848 and disappeared near Paris, Texas in 1897.  Charles is believed to have been married in Texas about 1885.  I have been told that his father was killed in the Civil War.  The family says that he had two brothers and a sister:   WILLIAM TATUM who lived in Meridian, Mississippi; ANDREW TATUM in Tennessee; and a sister who lived in Musctine, Iowa.  Any information would be appreciated.

Researcher:    Harvey Causey
Seeking:         Elizabeth Tatum
Location:        Georgia;  Autauga County, Alabama

I am trying to verify that Elizabeth Tatum, supposedly a daughter of HOWELL TATUM, married Eli Eley.  Eli was in Autauga County, Alabama, at the same time as the Tatums.  He later moved to Tallapoosa County, Alabama, where he died in 1843.   After his death his family moved to Georgia.  An Eley researcher first told me that Eli's wife was a Tatum, but I have been unable to find any other reference to support this.  I would like to share information with anyone interested in this family.

Researcher:    Dianne Tatum
Seeking:         Oscar Tatum
Location:        Hohenwald, Tennessee

I am seeking my husband's ancestors and the only information that I have are his grandmother and grandfather lived in Hohenwald, Tennessee in the early 1900's.  His grandfather's name was Oscar Tatum and his wife's name was Minnie.   Both died before 1960. 

Researcher:   Brian Tatum
Seeking:          Isham Tatum
Location:        Culpepper, Virginia

I am seeking information about ISHAM TATUM born 12 March 1756 in Culpepper, Virginia.  He married Rachel Garrett who was born 10 October 1754.   Any information would be appreciated.

Researcher:    Betty Terrell Owens
Seeking:          Howell Tatum
Location:        Virginia Autauga County, Alabama

HOWELL TATUM is listed in the DAR Index, his service is confused with CAPT. HOWELL TATUM of Tennessee.  In the May 1995, Vol 129, #5, copy of the DAR magazine, it states that future applicants must prove correct service (of the Howell Tatum who married Henrica Organ).  I would like to get this record clear.  Is there anyone who has done this already?  I would like to submit lineage papers for Howell Tatum

Researcher:    Patsy New
Seeking:          Joseph H. Tatum
Location:        Rutherford County, Tennessee

I am seeking the parents of JOSEPH H. TATUM born 1816 in Rutherford County, TN.  I have a copy of JESSE TATUM's will from 1821 in Rutherford County, TN.   It lists a son Joseph....I need to know if these are the same person.

Researcher:    Mary Jane Tatum Stafford
Seeking:          Albert Tatum
Location:        Georgia; Chambers County, AL and Tatum, Texas

I am seeking the parents of ALBERT TATUM who was born in Georgia about 1810.  He lived in Chambers County, Alabama before moving to Tatum, Texas.   He had a brother JUDSON TATUM and a sister, PHELLA TATUM who married Tatum Manifee in Chambers County.  (Note:  Hershel Walker on the Researcher's Page is working this same family.)

Researcher:    Gail Neff
Seeking:          Reuben Elec Tatum
Location:         Cohutta and Tunnel Hill, Georgia

My father was JAMES ALBERT TATUM born in Cohutta, Georgia in 1921.   His parents were REUBEN ELEC TATUM and Eula Beatrice Wolfe.  I don't know where they were born but they lived in Tunnel Hill, Georgia at the time of their death and are buried in the Mt. Oliviet Cemetery in Cohutta, Georgia.  Can anyone help with this family?

Researcher:    Trudy Inman
Seeking:          Anna Tatum
Location:         Virginia; Sumner County, TN

ANNA TATUM born approximately 1800 in Virginia married Jacob Cantral Brown on 16 Jan 1823 in Sumner County, TN.  They had the following children:   Andrew Jackson (b 29 Jan 1824; m. Martha Ann Harp), Robert C. (b 30 Sept 1825; m. Sarah Christian Hendricks) and Mary Ann (b. ca 1827; m. Phillip Martin).  It is supposed that Anna quite probably died ca. 1828 as her husband, Jacob, married Nancy Miller on 2 Jan 1830 and subsequently had several more children.  Seeking any information regarding Anna Tatum and her family/ancestry.

Researcher:    Kristin Robinson
Seeking:          Samuel Tatum
Location:        Madison County, Kentucky;   Jefferson County, Indiana

Seeking information on SAMUEL TATUM of Madison County, Kentucky.   I find Samuel in the 1820 census for Madison County, Kentucky.  I find him next in the 1830 census for Jefferson County, Indiana along side his daughter, LUCRETIA TATUM, born 1807 in Kentucky and her husband, Joseph Margeson of Kentucky.  He is listed as a 60-70 year old male in the census with a 60-70 female (wife) and a 20-30 male and a 20-30 female as well.

Researcher:    Kim Tatum
Seeking:          William Tatum
Location:         Logan County, Kentucky;   Kansas

I am searching for WILLIAM TATUM who married Amanda Grisham (b 3 Feb 1847 in Kentucky).  They had a son, WILLIAM V. TATUM, born 1 October 1867 in Logan County, Kentucky.  When William V. Tatum was three, his mother and he came to Kansas alone.  William V. Tatum married Myrtle Harned and had two children:  WILLIAM LEE TATUM and BEULAH TATUM.  I would appreciate any assistance with our search.

Researcher:       Andrea Tatum
Seeking:             Henry Griffon Tatum
Location:           Georgia; Montgomery County, AL; LA

Searching for any information on a Henry Griffon Tatum b. 1802 Ga. married to Martha McDade....Thanks     11/15/98

Researcher:    Darlene (Tatum) Swenson
Seeking:          Parents of Henry Griffon Tatum
Location:         Georgia; Montgomery Co., Alabama; Sabine Parish, LA

I am seeking the parents of HENRY GRIFFON TATUM.  Henry was born in 1802 in Georgia, died in 1861.  He married Martha McDade who was born in 1812 in Montgomery County, Alabama and died in 1884 in Sabine Parish, Louisiana.  Their children were:  MARTHA TATUM, VIENNA TATUM, JAMES A. TATUM (b. 1829, d. 1913, married Virginia Jackson), PETER LAFAYETTE TATUM, VICTOR S. TATUM (b. 1846, d. 1924), SION SMITH TATUM (b. 1853, d. 1928, married Sallie Jane Tanner in 1875).


Researcher:    Pat Mill
Seeking:         Jesse Tatum b. abt 1750-1760    
Location:        Elbert County, Georgia

Our first Jesse was born between 1750-1760.  He died after 1830.  His son Jesse was born between 1802-1805 in South Carolina .  He died after 1880 and was buried in an unmarked grave in the Roswell Methodist Church Cemetery in Roswell , Ga.   He married Sarah E. Rawson ( Rowee ) on April 9, 1829 in Elbert County , GA.   Sarah was born Dec., 1811 in Virginia and died after 1900.  Jesse #2 and Sarah had nine children:  Martha Ann (b. 9/17/1833 in Elbert County , GA. ); Lucinda A. (b. 1834 in Elbert County ); Francis A (b. 1836 in Elbert County. known as Frank.  Missing in action in CSA); James Josephus (b. 1838 in Elbert County known as Jim enlisted in Confederate Army Co. 1, 18th Georgia Infantry in 1865); George W. (b. 3/15/1839 in Elbert County Served in CSA); Mary F. (b. 1/02/1846 in Cobb County, GA); Sarah Jane (b. 1848 in Cobb County, GA); Jesse Alphus (my great grandfather b. 1853 in Cobb County, GA.) and William M. (b. Mar. 1856 in Cobb County, GA. known as Bill Married Sam Ella Morton.)


Researcher:   Kathy
Seeking:         Martha Tatum  
Location:        Texas, Oklahoma.

Have been researching the ancestors of Martha Tatum my gggrandmother. She married James Phillip Padier. Their daughter was Jeanette Padier my mothers grandmother. They are believed to have lived in the Texas/Oklahoma area.



Location Index

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        Lafayette County
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        Morgan County
        Talladega County
        Tatumville (Fairhope, Battles Wharf, Bay Minette)


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