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Hardy Lafayette Tatum


Born:         15 April 1831        North Carolina

Married:    Mary Forester          28 August 1851

                        Born:      23 January 1834
                        Death:     27 March 1903
                                       Cedar Grove, Walker County, Georgia

Death:         9 February 1905
                    Cedar Grove, Walker County, Georgia


Parents:    Hardy Coates Tatum and Lavica Ann Roberts



Alijah Clayton Tatum


          Born:         26 August 1852       Alabama
        Married:     Lucy McBrayer     22 January 1873    Dade County, Georgia
        Death:         July 1924       Walker County, Georgia
        Buried:        Antioch Cemetery, Cedar Grove, Walker County, Georgia

William Hardy Tatum

          Born:         11 November 1855     Dade County, Georgia
        Married:     Mary Carolyn Head    11 December 1887     Walker County, Georgia
        Death:         20 July 1923

Elisha S. Tatum

          Born:          About 1859
        Married:     Mary P. Slayton     31 August 1879   Dade County, Georgia
        Death:        unknown

Robert P. Tatum

          Born:          about 1861
        Married:     Nancy H. Henson      10 July 1883     Walker County, Georgia
        Death:        unknown

Elizabeth Tatum

          Born:          about 1869
        Married:     J. W. Bailey     25 May 1898    Walker County, Georgia
        Death:         unknown

Levisa Ann Tatum

          Born:            11 September 1870
         Died:            23 May 1942
         Buried:        Antioch Baptist Cemetery, Cedar Grove, Georgia
        Married:     John V. Pierce    26 December 1897   Walker County, Georgia
                                Born:    15 February 1873
                                Died:     8 July 1918



1860 Dade County, Georgia, 1129 District, family 117

Lafayette Tatum            29 M     Farmer         North Carolina
Mary                              26 F                         North Carolina
Alijah C.                        7 M                          Georgia
William H.                      5 M                          Georgia
Elisha S.                         1 M                          Georgia
Eveline Foster                22 F                          Georgia


1870 Dade County, Georgia, Smith P. O., Rising Fawn, Family 10

Hardy L. Tatum            37 M     Farmer                 Tennessee
Mary                             36 F     Keeping House    Georgia
Abijah                          18 M                                Alabama
William W.                   14 M                                 Alabama
Elisha S.                       11 M                                 Georgia
Robert P.                       9 M                                 Georgia
Elizabeth                         1 F                                  Georgia


1900 Walker County, Georgia, Cedar Grove, page 288A, family 188

Hardy Tatum               April 1831      69          GA       NC     NC
Mary                           Jan     1833    67            GA     TN       TN      married 48 years
Pierce, John V.                      1874    26           GA                             son-in-law
Levisa A. Pierce         Sept   1872    27           GA       GA     GA       married l year
Ruth Pierce                  July     1899                   GA       GA      GA      grand daughter



This information supplied by Patricia Worth


Last Will and Testament of Hardy L. Tatum

In the name of God, Amen.  I, Hardy L. Tatum, being of said state and county being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all wills heretofore made by me.

Item 1st - I desire first to be decently buried in a proper and appropriate manner in keeping with my mode of living and financial circumstances and that so much of my estate as may be necessary be used to defray the expenses of same.

Item 2nd - I wish second that my executor as soon as possible after my death to pay all my just debts.  If a sale of property should be necessary to do this, that these be sold for this proper purpose, such property as be his judgement call be most advantageously disposed of either at private or public sale.

Item 3 - I give to my two beloved daughters, Bettie Bailey and Lavicie Ann Pierce all of my household and kitchen furniture, wash pots, tubs and such other house furnishing as I may own at the day of my death, share and share alike, they to divide said among themselves in a fair and equitable way.

Item 4th - In addition to the property mentioned in Item three of this will I give to my two daughters mentioned in said Item one hundred ($100.00) dollars each, to be paid to them as soon as practicable after my death.

Item 5th - I will that all the residue of my property both real and personal be equally divided among my six children, to wit:  Clayton, William H., Elisha, Robert P., Bettie Bailey and Lavicie Ann Pierce, share and share alike.  They to make an equal and equitable division of all of said property mentioned in this item and to have inherited control of each of these several shares of xxxxx as they may see fit and proper.

Item 6th - I do hereby appoint my son, Robert P. Tatum, executor of this my will and that he have such compensation for this services as such as may be reasonable and just.

In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand this 30th day of April 1904.

                                                                                                                                 Hardy L. X Tatum
                                                                                                                                               his mark


Signed and published by Hardy L. Tatum, as his last will and testament in the presence of the under signed, who subscribe our names hereto as witnesses at the insistance and request of said testator and in his presence and in the presence of each other, this April 30, 1904

                                                                                                             John W. Bale,  N. C. Napier,  R. S. Gurmany