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Born:          20 September 1793      Rowan County, North Carolina

Married:    about 1816

Spouse:     Lavica Ann Roberts

Death:       6 June 1863                 Dade County, Georgia

Buried:      Baptist Cemetery, North of Trenton, Georgia


Parents:      Haley Tatum


Spouse:      Lavica Ann Roberts

                  Born:     about 1799, probably Buncombe County,
                                North Carolina
                  Death:    12 July 1855, Cherokee County, Alabama
                  Buried:    unknown
                  Parents:   Robert Roberts and Nancy Cody,
                                  Buncombe County, NC


Children:      follow this link


Census Records


1830   Page 106, Monroe County, Tennessee

            Hardy C. Tatum     122001-000011

1840    Dade County, Georgia

            H. C. Tatum            1201201-1100001

1850    Page 14, 21st District, Dade County, Georgia

            Hardy C. Tatum        59    North Carolina
            Lavica                       51     North Carolina
           Casper                       21     Tennessee
           Ann                           26      Georgia
           Nancy                        12     Georgia
           Charles                        9     Georgia
           Rebecca                      5     Georgia
            Mary                       3/12    Georgia
           (Mary is Nancy L., daughter of Casper)


Court Records


Rowan County, North Carolina Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions

Volume 9,  1813-1817, page 400

        State versus Hardy Tatum - Bastardy

        defendant came into court and gave bond with Haley Tatum and William Butler to indemnify the county          for a child begot on the body of Peggy Coon.

Buncombe County, NC     Deed Book 25, pages 454-455      14 Jan 1851

Hardy C. Tatum of Monroe County, Tennessee, to Gabriel Coats of Buncombe County, North Carolina, $300 land in Buncombe County, North Carolina, on the south side of Big Ivy joining Robt Roberts and others - bebinning on a white walnut William Anderson's corner running south 100 A.  Witnesses:  Robert Robers, Alfred Roberts, Wm R. Roberts.  Pvd January Term 1855 by Pearce Roberts who swears to the signature of the subscribing witnesses.  (This transaction must have occurred in the 1830's and only have been recorded in the 1850's.  H. C. Tatum lived in Dade County, Georgia in the 1850's)

Monroe County, Tennessee

Land Records  

        Book A, page 652  11 May 1831       Henry C. Tatum from Thomas F. Bible

        Book A, page 862  29 Dec 1835        H. C. Tatum to Samuel Dunkin

        (This record states that H. C. Tatum of Lumpkin County, Ga)

        Book A, page 862    11 Nov 1831      H. C. Tatum to Joel Hulsey

        (This record states that H. C. Tatum of Hall County, Ga)

Circuit Court......May 1831

        H. C. Tatum mentioned in divorce proceedings of an Elenor and

        Jesse Melton

Lumpkin County, Georgia

Gold was discovered in Lumpkin County, Georgia in the late 1820's.  This prompted a gold rush that Hardy C. Tatum participated in.  The court house where the words, "There is gold in those hills", was spoken is in Dahlonega, Ga.  H. C. Tatum was one of the bondmen to build the court house.  The original contractor did not fulfill the contract and H. C. Tatum was called on  to make the bond  good.  The court house was built in 1836 and there is a gold museum in the court house today.  H. C. Tatum's signature appears on some of the papers displayed in the museum.   There is a book about Lumpkin County and the gold rush that is available from the Reprint Publishing Company of Spartanburg, South Carolina.  (History of Lumpkin County for the First Hundred Years by Andrew Cain)  H. C. Tatum and the circumstances of the building of the court house are discussed in the book.

Superior Court Minutes   22 August 1833   (Georgia Archives roll 81-19)

          Hardy C. Tatum on petit jury

Hall County, Georgia

Land Records

Book C, page 488, 20 July 1831    
Roswell Hall sells l acre to Hardy C. Tatum  and Morgan H. Snow    $140.00

Book C, page 670, 21 January 1832   
Joel Hulsey, of Monroe County, TN, sells Hardy C. Tatum lot 152 (125 acres), lot 153 (106 acres) and lot 154 (150 acres) of the 11th District for $2,000.  This land is also listed as  437A.

Book C, page 671,  23 June 1832      
Hardy C. Tatum sells lots 152, 153 and 154 except for 10 acres around the house to Alexander McGehee and Richard Ghlunlap.

Book D, page 363, 3 December 1835, 
Jacob Eberhart, Sheriff , seizes the land of  H. C. Tatum (lot 153) and sells it on the court house steps to John W. Thomas

Book E, page 457, 15 March 1842,  
H. C. Tatums sells to Terry Couch lot 156 in  the 11th District


Military Records

He was a 4th Sargeant in Captain Fariss' Company, Highland Battalion, Georgia Mounted Volunteer Militia for three months in 1836. He enrolled 4 July 1836 at Lesley Ferry, (Does anyone know where that is?) and was mustered out at Camp Scott, Georgia 1 October 1836. (Where is Camp Scott?)

That is the only information provided except under remarks it says "Lost 1 Bayonet Scabbord"

If anyone has any idea of the geography of these places, I would like to know. In 1836 he could still be at the Gold Rush or could already be in Dade County....If we knew where these places were, we could probably answer the question.