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Brunswick County, Virginia

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Will of Paul Tatum

Revolutionary War Claims

Excerpts from Deed Records

Excerpts from Will Records

Brunswick Court Orders (1732 - 1737)

Births Brunswick County


Abstract of Will of Paul Tatum
Will Book 5, Page 87
Brunswick County, Virginia
Signed:  9 August 1784    Probated:  22 October 1787

Of St Andrews Parish "very low and weak at present"

To my son Batts - 5 Virginia
To my sons Paul and Henry - all my land when they arrive to age 21, Henry to have the home plantation
To my wife Elenor - the use of all my lands until my 2 sons Paul and Henry arrive to age 21
To my daughter Mary Tatum - negro Jack, negro Cate, at her marriage or the death of my wife Elenor
To my daughter Dolly Tatum - negro Dick, negro Susanna, at her marriage or the death of my wife Elenor
To my son Paul - negro Sam, Negro Dilce, at his marriage or the death of my wife Elenor
To my son Henry - negro George, negro Ephraim, at his marriage or the death of my wife Elenor
To my wife Elenor - lend to her negro Amey, negro Hannah, negro Will, during her life and at her death I give the said 3 negroes to my son Henry;  leave to my said wife the remainder of my estate udring her life and at her death I give the remainder of my estate to my son Henry.
Should either of my 4 children Mary, Dolly, Paul or Henry die without heir, then their estate to be divided among the surviving number of them.
Executors:  my wife Elenor Tatum, Modica Jones
Witnesses:  John Baptist Goldsberry, Benjamin Bass, Elizabeth Jones
Probate indicates the said executrix qualified.


Brunswick County Court Booklet

Claims for Property taken during the Revolutionary War (1779-1781)

Virginia State Library and Archives, Public Service Claims, Record Group 48

page 20 Nathaniel Tatum 275 lbs beef
page 26     Paul Tatum  600 lbs beef
page 32 Jesse Tatum        250 lbs beef
page 34 Paul Tatum    6 1/2 bushels corn
page 35 Nathaniel Tatum
1 gun for militia that joined General Green per certificate Major Joseph Peebles
page 38 Edward Tatum  
1 gun for militia that joined General Green per certificate Major Joseph Peebles
page 48 Hezekiah Tatum   
for 3 1/2 bushels salt taken by Thomas Claiborne commissioner 1st  provision law for continental Recruits at Brunswick Court House


Excerpts from Wills of Brunswick County


Wills 1739-1750, page 88, 6 June 1744
Estate of William Jackson, 1742 debts include mention of:  Joseph Tatum, Peter Tatum

Wills 1739-1750, page 30, 13 January 1740/1
Will of William Jackson, wife:  Lucia;  son:  Peter Jackson;   Brother-in-Law:  Joseph Tatum;  Witnesses:  Edward Tatum, Peter Tatum

Wills 1739-1750, page 33, 7 May 1741
Appraisal of estate of William Jackson;  signed:  Joseph Tatum, Edward Tatum

Wills 1739-1750, page 41, 6 August 1741
Edward Tatum
appraiser of estate of John Macklane

Will Book 3, Page 533

1751 account of estate of Sterling Clack names Paul Tatum

Will Book 3, page 496, 25 February 1755
Appraisal of estate of Peter Tatum, deceased.   Administrator:  Nathaniell Tatum
Appraisers:  Edward Robinson, Thomas Jackson, Robert Hix

Will Book 3, page 768, 27 February 1769
Will of John Weaver.  Securities:  Chaney Tatum, Jesse Tatum

Will Book 2, page 212, 22 March 1784
Edward Tatum
and wife Susanna of Brunswick County to Thomas Jones of Sussex, 200 acres on Reedy Creek joining Baugh, Broadnax, Clack, said Jones.  Witnesses:   Mordicai Jones, William Rideout, Robert Rivers

Will Book 2, Page 257, 10 April 1784
James Lanier of Dinwiddie County to Randol Daniel of same, 86 acres which Shepherd Lanier bought from Caleb Vaughn joining Crablouse Run, George Tatum, Tatum's Cart Path, Isaia House, Isham House

Will Book 2, Page 362, 28 February 1785
George Tatum and his wife Lucrecia of Brunswick County to Lewis Lanier of same.  28 February 1785   131 acres, beginning at the fish hole on Crablouse Creek, Grassy Branch, Buckner Lanier, John Birdsong, the great path from George Tatum's to James Tatum's, Isaac House, Avery, Nat Gregory.   Witnesses:  Buckner Lanier, Aristotle Eldridge, Buckner Daniel.  Proved 28 February 1785


Excerpts from Deed Records - Brunswick County, Virginia


Deed Book 2, page 30, 3 July 1740
lease and release William Shandes of Surry County and Hubbard Farril of Brunswick.  Witnesses:  Joseph Tatum, Edward Tatum

Deed Book 2, page 78, 4 June 1741
Deed John Duke to William More.  Witness:  Richard Tatum

Deed Book 2, page 192, 4 November 1742
lease and release John Jackson of Brunswick and Robert Hicks of Surry County.   Witnesses:  Edward Tatum, Jesse Tatum

Deed Book 6, page 215, 23 January 1759
Peter Daniel and his wife Sarah of St Andrew Parish in Brunswick County to George Tatum of Bath Parish in Dinwiddie County 13 December 1758.  136 acres on the south side of Nottoway River, joining Crab Louse Run, John Avery, Isaac Howze, Short, Grasse Branch.  Witnesses:  John Daniel, Thos Simmons, Randol Daniel, James Harwell.  Proved 23 January 1759.  Archd Wager CC

Deed Book 6, page 361, 28 July 1760
John Daniel of Brunswick County to John Pearson of same.  7 July 1760   100 acres in St Andrew Parish, joining Crablouse Run, Isham Daniel, William Eppes, sd Pearson.  Witnesses:  Thomas Hour, George Tatum, John Tillman.  Proved 28 July 1760.  Mary the wife of sd John Daniel relinquished her right of dower.  John Robinson CC

Deed Book 7, page 529, 26 April 1762
Hugh Edwards and his wife, Sarah, of Halifax County, North Carolina, to Wm Snipes of Dinwiddie County.  30 December 1761   86 acres in St Andrew Parish on the south side of Crablouse Run, joining Isaac Howze, Grassy Branch, George Tatum.   Witnesses:  William Edwards, John Howze, George Tatum.   Proved 26 April 1762.  John Robinson CC

Deed Book 7, page 804, 26 March 1764
Isham Daniel and his wife Martha and John Jones of St Andrews Parish in Brunswick County to Thomas Harvey of said parish.  22 August 1764   100 acres, joining John Bounshire, myself, George Tatum, Grasse Branch, Williams Epps' former land.  Witnesses omitted

Deed Book 9, page 620, 27 November 1769
William Snipes and his wife Sarah of St Andrew Parish in Brunswick County to Buckner Lanier of said county.  27 November 1769   86 acres on the south side of Crablouse Run, joining Isaac House, Grassey Branch, George Tatum;   also 100 acres which had belonged to Isham Daniel who conveyed it to John Jones gentleman who conveyed to the said Snipes, joining George Tatum, John Bounsher, Eppes, and also joining the land where said Snipes now lives.  Witnesses:   William Lanier, Nathl Harrison, Benjamin Simmons, John B. Goldsberry.  Proved 27 November 1769.  Edward Fisher DCC

Deed Book 11, page 462, 24 May 1773
List of Tithables:
Chaney Tatum
Edward Tatum
F. Tatum
George Tatum
Jos. Tatum
Nathaniel Tatum


Brunwick Court Orders
1732 - 1737

Page 4, 1 June 1732 -  Edward Tatum to clear roads

Page 14, 2 November 1732 - Peter Tatum acknowledges his deed to Edward Tatum

Page 14, 2 November 1732 - Edward Tatum is appointed surveyor of the highways from Reedy Creek below Jackson's Mill the nearest way to the chur.  All male laboring tithables on Reedy and Rocky Creek to assist.

Page 18, 1 March 1732/33 - Charles Kimball and John Rose are ordered to assist Edward Tatum and his gang in clearing bridle way from Ready Creek below Jackson's Mill to most convenient way into the road that leads from this court house to Surry County.

Page 24, 6 April 1733 - In the case between Thelphilus Field, plaintiff, and Peter Tatum, defendant, the plantiff not prosecuting, the same is dismissed.

Page 101, 7 August 1735 - Edward Tatum and Peter Tatum appointed to appraise estate of John Bartholomew

Page 102, 7 August 1735 - In the action between Robert Bolling, esquire, plaintiff, and Peter Tatum, defendant, the plantiff not prosecuting, case dismissed and defendant to pay no costs.

Page 123, 6 February 1735/36 - Lewis Parham granted permission to build a mill on Reedy Creek "opposite to a parcel of land appertaining to Edward Tatum" land bought from John Watson

Page 125, 1 April 1736 - Peter Tatum secruity on Administration of estate of Elizabeth Urvin

Page 139, 3 November 1736 - payments:  William Maclin gent (for an inquistion on the body of Nathaniel Tatum)


Free Blacks
Brunswick County, Virginia - 1840

Henry Tatum - 2 males under 10, 3 males 10 - 24, 1 male 24 - 36, 1 male 36 - 55;  1 female under 10, 2 females 10 - 24, 1 female 24 - 36

Births Brunswick County, Virginia

Name Birth Date Race Sex Father Mother
Frances Tatum 30 Oct 1869 W F William Louisa
James Tatum March 1876 W M William Louisa
James Tatum 12 May 1879 W M William Louisa
Joseph Tatum Aug 1853 C M not given Eliza
Martha Tatum 1 Oct 1867 W F William Lucinda
William Tatum Dec 1873 W M. William Louisa
unnamed Tatum 1 Nov 1871 W F W. B. Louisa