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Rowan County, North Carolina

See a Manuscript by James Orval Tatum about this family.

Biography of Jesse Tatum

Thanks to Patricia Worth for providing this information.


1815 Rowan County, NC Tax List





Haley Tatum


Captain March’s Co. 1000 acres
Jesse Tatum


Captain Tabb’s Co. 158 adjacent Dedman



Deeds Rowan County


Book 12
Page 369, 6 April 1790
Benjamin (X) Kelly, planter, to Haley Tatum for 100 Specie, 207 A on Dutchman’s Creek adjacent Joseph Garrowood, Elijah Owens, Edward Howard, John March, and Jessy Bucner. Witness: Robert Foster, Elija Owengs, Bezabel Owengs. Proved by Foster at May Court 1791

Book 13
Page 950, 9 May 1795
Gabriel Enochs Sr to Haley Tatom for 60.10 gold and silver, 63 acres in forks of Yadkin River on Bryans Mill Creek adjacent Arthur Smith, Morgan Linville and Enoch Enoch; part of a 500 acre tract.  Witnesses:  John Enochs, Enoch Enoch.  Proved by Enoch Enoch at May Court 1795

Book 13
Page 951, 25 January 1795
Joseph Garwood to Isaac Garwood for 1 sh sterling, 75 acres on Dutchman's Creek.  Witnesses:  Benjm Buckner, Haley Tatum, James Foster.  Proved by Tatum at May Court 1795

Book 13
Page 952, 2 February 1791
Joseph Garwood to Leah Garwood during her lifetime and upon her death to James Garwood, for 1 sh sterling, 32 acres on Dutchman's Creek adjacent Buckner.  witnesses:  Banjamin Buckner, Haley Tatom, James Foster.  proved by Tatom at May Court 1795

Book 13
Page 954, 2 February 1791
Joseph Garwood to Leah Garwood during her lifetime and upon her death to Thomas Garwood, for 1 sh sterling, 40 acres on Dutchman's Creek.  Witnesses:  Benjamin Buckner, Haley Tatom, James Foster.  Proved by Tatom at May Court 1795

Book 15
Page 485, 19 Sept 1796
James LaFoy and wife Sarah (X) to Edmond Howard for L45, 40 acres on Dutchman’s Creek. Witnesses: Haley Tatom, John (X) Buckner, Rebeckah Tatom. Proved by Haley Tatom at November Court 1797

Book 16
Page 427, 7 Dec 1797
State Grant #2521 @ 50 Sh per 100 acres to Haley Tatum, 15 acres on Bryan’s Mill Creek Adjacent Arthur Smith. Entered 22 May 1795

Book 19
Page 464, 14 Oct 1805
William Butler, Sr. to Haley Tatum for L200, 228 Acres on Peelers Creek in Forks of Yadkin River adjacent James Foster, Benjamin Buckner, Jesse Buckner, Whitaker, William Roberts, and Zachariah Adams. Witnesses: Buckner Caudell, Avery Buckner Proved by Caudell at February Court 1806

Deed Book 21
Page 97, 9 January 1807
Hailey/Haley Tatum
to Avery Buckner for $90, 45 acres on west side of Peelers Creek adjacent Benjamin Buckner, Jesse Buckner and Whitaker.  Witnesses:  Britian J. Haymoore, Joshua Howard, Nathan Howard.  Proved by Joshua Howard at August Court 1807

Deed Book 21
Page 294, 8 September 1807
Avery Buckner to Haley Tatum for $157, 78 acres on west side of North Yadkin River adjacent Jesse Tatum, Edward Yarbrough deceased, Atkinson, John Poyer, and Hendricks.  It was half of a conveyance from Humphrey Marshal to James Miller.  Witnesses:  Benjamin Buckner, Solomon Banks.   Proved by Banks at August Court 1808

Deed Book 21
Page 297, 4 March 1808
Abraham Hawkins to Haley Tatum for 50, 50 acres on Carters Creek adjacent William Arnold.  Witnesses:  Isaac Linster, Joshua Howard, Benjamin Veatch   Proved by Howard at August Court 1808

Deed Book 21
Page 301, 12 September 1807
James Field Thomson to Haley Tatum for $100, 146 acres on Mill Creek adjacent Elijah Veatch, James Harwood, John March, Phillip Dowel and Jeremiah Toll.  Witnesses:  John Stinchcomb, William Howard   proved by Howard at August Court 1808

Deed Book 21
Page 425, 30 August 1806
Haley Tatum
to William Grace for $100, 50 acres on South prong of Peelers Creek adjacent this grantee, Nicholas Click and Benjamin Buckner.   Witnesses:  Britain J. Haymoore, Benjamin Buckner   Proved by Buckner at February Court 1809

Deed Book 21
Page 429, 8 December 1808
William Grace to Solomon Banks for $52, 25 acres on Peelers Creek adjacent Haley Tatum.  Witnesses: (German Name), Nicholas Click, Jr   Acknowledged at February Court 1809

Deed Book 21
Page 430, 8 December 1808
William Grace to Nicholas Click, Sr for $200, 97 acres on Peelers Creek adjacent this Grantee and Haley Tatum.  Witnesses:  Solomon Banks, Nicholas Click, Jr   Acknowledged at February Court 1809

Deed Book 21
Page 522, 10 September 1808
Joshua Howard to Haley Tatum for 200, 145 acres on East side of No Creek adjacent John March.  Witnesses:  John Stinchcomb, Jacob March, Edmond Howard    Proved by Stinchcomb at May Court 1809

Deed Book 22
Page 492, 29 February 1812
Henry Beck to Jesse Tatum for $150, 69 acres on Andrews Mill Creek in the Forks of Yadkin River adjacent Jesse Knighten, Sarah Denman, James Andrews and Humphrey Marshall.  Anney Beck also signed.  Witnesses:  Ph Beck, Thomas Deadman   Proved by Deadman at May Court 1812

Deed Book 22
Page 515, 4 October 1811
Haley Tatum to Anderson Hendrix for 50, 50 acres on Carters Creek adjacent William Arnol.  Witnesses:  William Pack, Jacob Sheets, John Buckner, Hardy Tatum   Proved by Pack at May Court 1812



Jesse Tatum of Rown (now Davie) County, N.C. and His Descendants 1777-1961

excepted from a book written by Pink Elizabeth Tatum

Provided by Julie Tatum

Jessie Tatum was born about 1777. The exact  place of his birth is not known, however, it is generally believed that to have been born in or around Petersburg, Va.  In the federal Census of 1850 he is listed as having been born in Virginia. and as being 73 years old.  When Jesse came to N.C. is not known.  

During the period of 1785 to 1800 records show that there were several men by the name of Tatum who owned land along the banks of the Yadkin River, and in the Forks of the Yadkin River, along Dutchman creek, on Andrews Creek and on Peelers Creek in that part of Rowan County which became Davie Co. in 1836.  We know that these men were closely related in their daily life but of the actual relationship of Joseph, Hailey, James and Jesse we have no actual proof.  It seems that descendants of Hailey and James called each other "cousin" as did the descendants of James and Jesse.

On March 10, 1810, Jesse Tatum and Leah Owen, daughter of Elijah and Hannah Owen (Owings) of Rowan county were granted a marriage license (bond) in Rowan County.  Barnett Wiatt and John Giles, clerk of court were bondsmen. Leah Owen was born about 1777 in Rowan County.  He father Elijah had sold his land in Baltimore County, Maryland in 1766 and removed to Rowan County where he purchased on Sept. 26, 1766, 520 acres of land on No creek in what is now Davie county.  Leah died Oct. 9, 1847.

On Feb. 12, l812, Henry Beal sold to Jesse Tatum 69 acres in the forks of the Yadkin River on Andrews Mill Creek next to Jesse Knight,Sarah Denmin, James Andrews and Humphrey Marshall.

Jesse Tatum and Richmond Pearson were granted the administration of the estate of Hailey Tatum (deceased) on Aug. 20, 1820.  On the same day Jesse was appointed guardian of Hailey's minor sons Samuel and Haley Tatum.   In 1821, Jesse bought of Andrew Merrill 78 3/4 acres of the land which HaileyTatum had willed to his daughter Millie Merrill.  This land bordered land which Jesse owned on the west side of the North Yadkin River.  In 1825 Anthony 'Frayley sold to Jesse Tatum 100 acres next to James Andrews. In 1831 Jesse bought two plots of land from Thomas Smoot.  One plot of 50 acres included the Smoot homeplace on the north bank of the South Yadkin River between Williams and Joseph Hall at the road and down to the ford of the river.  The other plot of 15 acres lay between Richard and Cherry Hill, next to Rich Williams. In Nov. 1837 Roland Crump sold to Jesse Tatum 18 3/4 acres on Dutchman's creek and in 1845 Jesse purchased 200 acres from Jesse Hodgins and Ira Fitzgerald and Marshall Olds which is known as the Thomas Hendricks Place.  Just 5 years prior to his death, Jesse bought 200 acres for John Ford which
was known and recorded as "The Cherry Hill Place".  Ford had bought this land
from Joseph Pearson's estate.

Both Jesse and Leah were members of the Fork Baptist Church.  Leah was a member as early as 1833 when the Church procured a new book to replace the Church record book which had been lost.  A new Church Covenant was adopted and Leah was among the members who signed.

Jesse and Leah Tatum had two sons and two daughters:
Lucy Tatum married Benjamin Fox Eaton
Elizabeth(Betsy) Tatum married Benjamin Harbin Eaton
Ezra Washington married Sophia Catherine Click
Samuel Owen married Mary Rich

The Federal Census of 1850 shows that Jesse was still head of his household and that his wife having died in 1847, his eldest son Ezra Washington and Sophia,his wife, were making their home with him. Jesse and Leah are buried in a small plot on the land known as "Teeny Miller" place at Cherry Hill, Davie County N.C..  Their birthdates and not shown on the tombstones,  Jesse's age is given as 80 years of age while that of Leah is given as 70 years.