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Records of the Ancestors and Descendants of John Calhoun Tatum Sr. 

These records are provided by Dave Tatum Jr. a descendant of John C Tatum Sr. with permission.

 These are copyrighted and no copies are to be reprinted without his permission.

A special thanks to Dave for taking the time to share these records.

These records may not be chronically in the order that the records should be, but all efforts have been made to place them in order.


Note from the Tatum Archives: These are notes written in a family book, they are not official state or county records. The accuracies of names and dates should be documented with official records. The information in this record is a treasure to the family of Dave Tatum Jr. and it is my opinion that I shouldn't censor the data.  It is my opinion that we have no documented data to connect Nathaniel Tatum the immigrant in Jamestown, Va. in 1619 to Captain Nathaniel Tatum of Bermuda. It has been thought that there is a connection between these families in Virginia, Bermuda and Barbados. Having said that, this is a treasure chest for the descendants of Josiah Tatum to help in the documentation of their family lineage. He is possibly the son of Henry Tatum the grandson of Nathaniel Tatum the immigrant. Hopefully, DNA testing will prove the connections of this family in the Tatum families of Virginia.