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The information presented here is in a variety of formats, although a "self generating" file from a GEDCOM is the easiest to peruse.  Sharing your Tatum Family with others allows you to find more information about your family.  Please share your family in any manner you desire.  Please feel free to ask for assistance, this is not hard to do!


Jesse Tatum b. abt 1750-1760
Information provided by Pat Mill
  Description: Information on the family of Jesse Tatum
  Locations: South Carolina; Elbert County, Georgia
  Format: Text File
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Stephen Tatom (1721 - 1789)
Information provided by Arvis Tatom
  Description: Information on the life and family of Stephen Tatom
  Locations: Norfolk County, Virginia;  Spotsylvania County, Virginia; 
Orange County, North Carolina
  Format: Text File
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George Washington Tatum (1802 - 1880)
This Information provided by Dianne Tatum
  Description: Descendants of George Washington Tatum
concentrates on the family of Sublett Allen Tatum
  Locations: Dickson, Lewis, Hickman and Perry Counties, Tennessee
  Format: Gedpage
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Henry Tatum (1800-       )
This information provided by Paul Tatum
  Description: Descendants of Henry Tatum of Autauga County, Alabama
  Locations: Autauga County, Alabama
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Thomas Tatum                 (Orangeburgh District, South Carolina)
Information provided by Georgia Tatum
  Locations: Orangeburgh District, South Carolina; Lee County, Alabama; 
Macon County, Alabama;  Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana;
Henderson County, Texas
  Format: Gedpage


Thomas Tatum (1785 - 1853)
This information provided by Alice Ohlsson Tatum
  Description: Descendants of Thomas Tatum
  Locations: Orangeburg County, South Carolina
  Format: Gedpage


Edward Tatum   (1700 - 1744)
This information is part of Ronnie Tatum's Webpage
  Description: Descendants of Edward Tatum of Brunswick County, Virginia
There is an entire webpage devoted to Edward Tatum maintained by
Ronnie Tatum.  Please visit this site.
  Locations: Virginia:  Brunswick, Henry
North Carolina:   Guilford, Stokes
Kentucky:  Logan
Missouri, Texas
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Edward Tatum, Revolutionary War Soldier
This information provided by Sara Hill, a descendant of Jesse Tatum
A descendant of Elizabeth Tatum Hanby - Jane Nickles
A descendant of Susan Tatum Baird and Jane Tatum Baird - Bruce Baird
Bruce Baird's page on Susan and Jane Tatum
  Description: Descendants of Edward Tatum, Revolutionary War Soldier, from Brunswick County, Virginia.  Edward Tatum died in Jefferson County, Alabama
  Locations: Virginia Counties:  Brunswick, Patrick
Alabama Counties:  Jefferson, Tuscaloosa
Georgia:   Franklin County
Tennessee:  Lincoln County
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Early Virginia Tatum's               Contributed by William Gaulding
  Description: A file of the very earliest Tatum family in Virginia - descendants of Nathaniel Tatum who arrived in Jamestown, Virginia on the "George" in 1619
  Locations: Virginia:  Charles City; Brunswick County
  Format: GEDPAGE


Currituck County, North Carolina                 Contributed by Martin Day
  Description: A collection of information on the Currituck County, North Carolina Tatem family
  Locations: Currituck County, North Carolina
  Format: Text File; and GEDPAGE file
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The Tatum Narrative
  Description: This is extracted from the book, The Tatum Narrative, published in Philadelphia by Richard P. Tatum in 1925
  Locations: Bermuda,
Long Island, New York
Gloucester County, New Jersey
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Gloucester County, New Jersey Tatum's
Contributed by Bill Gertz
  Description: This file is the same family as in The Tatum Narrative above.  This family is related to Nathaniel Tatem who arrived in Norfolk County, Virginia in the early 1700's.  John Tatum, the immigrant of the family, arrived in Gloucester County, New Jersey prior to 1689 and was a Quaker.
  Locations: Gloucester County, New Jersey
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  Format: GED2HTML
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Lynda (Tatum) Veal       
Description: Family information contributed by Lynda (Tatum) Veal on her family traced from Bermuda to Virginia, North Carolina and eventually into Georgia
Locations: Bermuda
Virginia:   Norfolk County
North Carolina:  Halifax and Bladen Counties
Georgia:   Lincoln and Troup Counties
Format: Text
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The Tatom (Tatum) Family
  Description: Extracted from a booklet found in the Miami, Florida library written in 1976.  Author is not noted, but is possibly G. Spencer Beasley.  THIS BOOKLET DOES CONTAIN ERRORS - John Tatom is not the son of Nathaniel Tatom the immigrant and Absolom Tatom had a daughter, Mary Willott, who is mentioned in his will.
  Locations: North Carolina:  Granville County
Virginia:  Norfolk County
Georgia: Wilkes, Lincoln, Monroe, and Troup Counties
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Contributed by Randy Lewis
  Description: This Tatum family is the descendants of George Tatum from Brunswick County, Virginia who migrated to Rowan County, North Carolina in the late 1700's.   The focus is on the children of George's son, Haley Tatum, who died in Rowan County in 1820.  The children migrated into Georgia in the early 1800's.
  Locations: Virginia:  Brunswick County
North Carolina:   Rowan and Buncombe Counties
Tennessee:   Monroe County
Georgia:   Dade, Walker, Habersham Counties
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A File by by Ken Crouse
  Description: The file contains the same family as above, but focuses on James Tatum, son of George Tatum.  James was a Revolutionary War soldier who died in Ashe County, North Carolina.  The cabin he lived in still exists in a park in North Carolina.
  Locations: Virginia:  Brunswick County
North Carolina:   Rowan and Ashe Counties
Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas
  Format: GEDCOM converted to GEDPAGE
  View File This file is not stored at this site....this is a link to another site.   You should use "back" on your browser to return to The Tatum Archives.
  View Article An article published in the Canton Register, Canton, Illinois in 1907 describing this family's life in Fulton County, Illinois. 


A File by Royce Culpepper
  Description: The family of James Herbert Tatum of Iredell County, North Carolina
  Location: Iredell County, North Carolina
  Format: GED2HTML
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Contributed by Alice Ohlsson Tatum and Roger Tatum
  Description: The family and descendants of Richard Tatum of Bladen County, North Carolina.  There are pictures of some of these Tatum family members and Bible Records at the Bladen County Web Page.
  Location: Bladen County, North Carolina
  Format: GEDCOM converted to GEDPAGE
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Contributed by Tay Aston
  Description: The family and descendants of Eaton Tatum
  Location: Sebastian County, Arkansas
South Carolina and Tennessee
  Format: GEDCOM converted to GEDPAGE
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A copy of this book is available for those related to this family - contact Randy Lewis
  Description: This is a file created from a book "The Brockman Scrapbook" by William Everett Brockman, 1952.  It contains information on descendants of Isham Tatum, a Methodist Minister from North Carolina, who lived and died in Madison County, Virginia.
  Location: Missouri:   Howard and Boone Counties
Virginia:     Madison
  Format: GEDPAGE
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Billie Ford
  Description: The family of John Tatum of Marion County, Tennessee and Missouri
  Location: Tennessee:   Marion County
  Format: Text
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