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Books Containing information about Tatum Families

If you are aware of other books containing information about the Tatum family, please forward that information to me.  

I have copies of the pages, or in some cases entire books.   If you would like a copy, please let me know.


The Tatum's of Autauga County, Alabama
by Ralph Mills, Jr

The Tatum family in Autauga County, Alabama, are descendants of Peter Tatum.  This book describes those descendants passing through Autauga County.   It is currently 147 pages, plus a surname index.   The cost is $25.00 to cover the cost of copying and mailing.  Contact the author, Ralph Mills, Jr, to purchase a copy.

The Tatums of Okefinokee
by J. Luther Thrift,  Brantley Publishing Company,  1993

George Tatum, born 1826 in Ware County, Georgia, was the grandson of John Tatum of North Carolina.  This book outlines the descendants of George Tatum.   Each year in Ware County there is a reunion of the descendants of George Tatum.   This reunion was featured in an article in National Geographic magazine a few years ago.  Each year over 500 descendants of George gather for a reunion in Waycross, Georgia.   The book is still available from the author  ($15 which includes shipping costs).  You can order it from J. Luther Thrift, 2606 Swamp Road, Waycross, Georgia 31503.  If you are a descendant of George Tatum, I suggest you drop Mr Thrift a note.  He knows much more about this family than is included in the book.


Tidewater Virginia Families:  Generations Beyond
by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1998, pp 194-196

This is an update of Tidewater Virginia Families by the same author.   It questions whether the Nathaniel Tatum who arrived on the George in 1619 can the be same Nathaniel Tatum listed as a Bridewell Orphan.  The author lists the following as the children of Nathaniel:  Mary, Samuel, John, Nathaniel and Isaac.  More information is included on the descendants of Samuel, the eldest son.

Tatum Narrative  1626-1925
by Richard P. Tatum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1925

The story of one branch of the Tatum family from Bermuda to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   John Tatum arrived in Gloucester County,  New Jersey before 1689 and his brother, Samuel Tatum, lived on Long Island, New York.  An extremely well documented book with lots of history of this family.  A GEDPAGE file created from this book is available.

Lest We Forget Our Melvins and Kin
Media, Incorporated, Greensboro, North Carolina, 1979

A very useful book related to the Bladen County, North Carolina Tatum family.     Information provided by Roger Tatum


Tidewater Virginia Families
by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1989, pp 690 - 695

This book begins with Nathaniel Tatum who arrived at Jamestown, Virginia, on the George in 1619 and describes his descendants for two (2) generations.


Southside Virginia Families, Volume 1
by John Bennett Boddie, Clearfield Company, reprinted 1991, pp 100 - 103

The lineage of the Boyce, Scott and Tatum families of Prince George County, Virginia, focusing on the line of Christopher Tatum.  This book is believed to contain errors.

Historical Southern Families, Volume XIX
by Mrs John Bennett Boddie, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1974

More information on Nathaniel Tatum and his early descendants in Southeastern Virginia are included in this book.

An Unpublished Manuscript
believed to be by James Roosevelt Tatum, published originally in 1959, but updated

The descendants of John Tatum....Hugh, William and probably Edward Tatum.....who lived in Pendleton District, Pickens County, South Carolina.  Part of this family migrated to Habersham, White, Dawson and Pickens County, Georgia.

South Colonial Families, Volume 1
By David A. Avant, Jr, L'Avant Studios, 1983

This text contains extensive information on the ancestry and descendants of Joshua Tatum of Edgecombe County, South Carolina, including branches in Florida and Jasper County, Mississippi.

Southern Colonial Families, Volume 3
by David A. Avant, Jr, L'Avant Studios, 1989, pp, 113 - 146,  pp 1103 - 1118

Contains extensive information on the London ancestry of Nathaniel Tatum who arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619.  This material also contains information on the Tatum family of Rowan County, North Carolina, the family of Christopher Tatum of Orangeburg, South Carolina and the early Tatum's in Florida.  If you were to choose to purchase any book, I would recommend this one.

Florida Pioneers and their Alabama, Georgia, Carolina, Maryland and Virginia Ancestors
David A Avant, Jr. 

It contains five chapters on the Tatum family, one each for Florida, Missippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia. It does trace Christopher Tatum very well from Virginia to North Carolina


Dinwiddie County, Carrefour of the Commonwealth
by Richard L. Jones, pp 13 - 20

Unfortunately, I did not write down the publisher of this book.  I found it in the McClung Collection, a library in Knoxville, Tennessee.  It contains a description of where the lands owned by Nathaniel Tatum were located.


Red River Settlers - Records of the Settlers of Northern Montgomery, Robertson and Sumner Counties of Tennessee
By Edythe Rucker Whitley, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc, 1980, pp 73 - 75

This book also has a great deal of Tatum information, especially in regards to a Nathaniel Tatum and Christopher Tatum.

Bermuda Settlers of the 17th Century
by Julia E. Mercer, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1982

Many researchers feel that Nathaniel Tatum's brothers in London migrated to Bermuda.   This book contains information on the early settlers of Bermuda, including the Tatum families that may be related to Nathaniel.

The Tatum (New Mexico) Story
by F. Stanley

Rising in The West:  The True Story of an "Okie" Family from the Great Depression Through the Reagan Years.
by Dan Morgan, Knopf, 1992

The life of the family of Walter and Cora Tatham from Carroll County, Missouri, to Oklahoma and their transition in life.  Walter Tatham was born in Carroll County, Missouri in 1881, the son of James Oliver Tatham (1850-1924).


The Descendants of Cheney Boyce, "Ancient Planter", and of Richard Craven for Seven Generations.
by John A. Brayton