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The Pyers Family

Samuel Pyers married Sarah Johnson on Norfolk Island on the 2nd November 1801, both were convicts.

Sarah Johnson, aged fourteen, had been sentenced at the Old Bailey to transportation for seven years
The Old Bailey Session Papers state:
"Sarah Johnson was indicted, for feloniously stealing, on the 19th of October, a linen shirt, value 6/-. a linen shift, value 2/-. a check linen apron, value 10p. a black silk bonnet, value 3/-. and a scarlet cloak value 6p. the property of Philip Baldwin."

Sarah's plea was "I did it out of necessity and want."
Sarah arrived in Sydney aboard the "Britannia" on the 18th July 1798.

Samuel had been sentenced at Clerkenwell to transportation for seven years. No record of his trial has been located, however he appealed on the grounds that it was "a minor assault of an official, of no consequence to the public." The act under which this appeal was lodged suggests that Samuel's crime was against property, trespass, poaching etc.
Samuel was transported aboard the "Active" and arrived in Sydney on the 26th September 1791, and was transferred to Norfolk Island aboard the "Atlantic" 26th August 1792.

Three children were born to Samuel and Sarah Pyers before they were relocated to Van Diemens Land from Norfolk Island aboard the "City of Edinburgh" on the 2nd October 1808.

Samuel and his family were granted land at Black Snake Rivulet as compensation for the land they had been forced to surrender on Norfolk Island. They settled on this land and five more children were born to this family whilst living here.
On the 26th July 1824 four bushrangers were arraigned in the Supreme Court of Van Diemens Land for burglary of the house of Samuel Pyers and that of Samuel's eldest son, Richard, who lived at the time on an adjacent grant at Black Snake.

Richard Pyers married Jane Osborne. On the 10th October 1831 Richard, Jane and their two children, Thomas and Sarah, arrived at Port Phillip aboard the "Britomart" from Hobart. Richard worked for the Henty's in Portland. He died in Adelaide on the 27th November 1859.

Mary Pyers married George Rayner, the Norfolk Island born son of William Rayner and Elizabeth Goldsmith. They settled at Fairydale Point, near Ellendale. George Rayner died in 1839 and Mary remarried William Spicer. Mary died 7th December 1842 and is buried at St. Peter's, Hamilton.

Sarah Pyers married William Jarvis.

Maria Pyers died at Black Snake Rivulet on the 27th March 1812.

Hannah Pyers married Joseph Shaw at New Norfolk on the 17th November 1831. This couple had two children, John and Mary. After Joseph's death Hannah married Charles Gregson, she died at New Town on the 26th January 1887.

Samuel Pyers jnr. married Amelia Smyth on 2nd March 1842. He moved to Banyenong in Victoria and became M.H.R. for that district in the 1850s. Samuel died in Charlton Victoria on the 19th June 1891.

Susannah Pyers married James Cook and travelled to Victoria aboard the "Minerva" from Launceston around 1850. She died in Portland, Victoria in 1901.

George Pyers sailed from Launceston to Victoria in 1840. He settled in the St. Arnaud district where he occupied Lawler Station. He married Celia King Carroll on 17th November 1841, they had eight children. Celia died on 18th June 1878 and on 28th June 1879, in Avoca, George married Annis Sanderson.  He was M.H.R. for St. Arnaud and died in Minyup, Victoria in 1896.

By 1840 Samuel and Sarah Pyers were living at Fairydale Point with their daughter, Mary Rayner. Sarah died at Fairydale Point on the 11th May 1840 and Samuel died 13th August 1850. Both are buried at St. Peter's Hamilton.