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*Note*Please remember that it's your responsibility to prove your line of descent. Additions and corrections are always welcome but please cite your sources. This is a work in progress and some lines are only "tenative." You are welcome to use what you find, and please email me should you find any errors, or can add to our tree. Thanks!!!

For my particular Tanner line, the earliest proven Tanner that I can locate is Edward Tanner SR. Although there are many descendants of the Henrico Co, VA Tanner Family, I have no proven connections. This area of interest would be my focal point for any new information. Although I am in possession of information (leads and clues) about family connections, for my family information listed, I will only include those ancestors who I can reasonably prove should be placed where they are. Anyone with additional sources or information please feel free to email me so that I may expand upon my research.

My information picks up with Edward Tanner SR said to be living in the South Branch of the Potomac River,VA by at least 1763(*1*)(Birth year of Edward Tanner JR). The South Branch of the Potomac River is located between two Appalachian ridges, between Moorefield and Romney, West Virginia, and winds its way thru a narrow and dangerous wooded canyon called the Trough. This particular area of land was under ownership of Lord Fairfax. Before this time in the year 1748, George Washington at the young age of 16 was sent by Lord Fairfax to assist with mapping out the vast amount of land (approx. 5 million acres!)that he had inherited from ties to King Charles II of England. Over time,many families had already staked claim to Eastern portions of this vast amount of land,thru authorized land land grants and "squatting". These grants were issued by the Virginia Colonial Government. The problem basically, was that the King issued land grants as well as the Virginian Government creating much confusion. Lord Fairfax had originally intended to sell much of his land, however the American Revolution ruined those plans. Being a British Loyalist and "Subject of the Crown" he was stripped of his lands by the Virginia Act of 1779. Eventually the pre-existing owners of the land that was already released, were given clear titles. The remainder of the vast territory was auctioned, bringing in nearly 200,000 settlers by the year 1810. At some time during this process Edward Tanner SR laid claim to land in the South Branch Potomac River area.

Edward Tanner SR born CA 1763, VA married UNKNOWN. Edward Tanner SR died before 1791 in VA(*2*).

Edward Tanner between 1773 and 1776 obtained land certificates for 300-700 acres on the Buckhannon River (Located in the Hacker's Valley area), near the bottom called "Granary Bottom", which also included a previous settlement/improvement made in 1773.(*3*)

1774: Edward Tanner was a Colonial Virginia Militia Private who served with Capt. William Lowther's Company was credited with 132 days service(*4*) during Lord Dunmore's War AKA "The Battle of Kenawha."

1782 Census; Mongongalia Co,VA; Edward Tanner, 6 people listed in household.


On 01 Jan 1782, Edward Tanner was granted rights to 1000 acres in Harrison, Co,VA. (Many boundaries were drawn, and re-drawn, causing people to be affiliated with more than one county at the same time. This is likely a consolidated accounting of the previous land he had acquired thru both Monongalia Co and Harrison Co.(*5*)

Indian Raids...

Hostilities between encroaching settlers and the various Native American Tribes continued and several more notable events occurred such as"The Moravian Massacre". Native American Tribes sought retaliation against settlers for various violations, and as a result of this and other conflicts sent out war parties. On or about the same day of the massacre (08 Mar 1782), a small group of settlers were attacked within eye sight of Fort Buckhannon by a group of Shawnee. Several settlers were killed and the infamous Timothy Dorman and wife were captured. Fort Buckhannon was subsequently abandoned due to this incident, and the remaining settlers attempting to seek refuge in the Tygart's Valley area at various forts. It was during this same time period that Edward Tanner JR, son of Edward Tanner SR, was captured by a group of Indians. "...Edward Tanner a mere youth was soon taken prisoner, and as he was being taken to their towns, met between twenty and thirty savages, headed by Timothy Dorman, proceeding to attack Buchannon Fort. Learning from him that the inhabitants were moving from it, and that it would be abandoned in a few days, the Indians pursued their journey with so much haste, that Dorman had well nigh failed from fatique. They arrived however too late, for the accomplishment of their bloody purpose...other fortresses."(*6*)

1788; Harrison Co, VA Sim's Land Grant Index, Book 3, page 134 lists Edward Tanner, Harrison Co,1,000 acres; West Fork River.

1790; Edward Tanner is listed as deceased by an itemized appraisement of his estate. The following items are recorded:

1 cow (300),1 hoe (60),1 drawing knife (26), 1 broad axe (100),1 small harrow (16),1 jack plane & inch chisel (30), 1 small morter*mortar* (16), 1 iron wedge (20), 1 wooden bole (26), 1 long how (30), 1 mill pick (30), 1 hachel*hatchet* (90), 1 small box with Sundays (10), 1 pot & hooks (120), 1 stone hammer (50), 2 augers (30), Edward Tanner Juner (*Junior*) (1,100),Benjamin Sills Dsar (120), one bible (50). /s/ Alexander Sleeth,/s/William Sims,/s/John Sims, Jesse Hughes Adm (*=signee*)(*7*).

Edward Tanner SR and UNKNOWN had the following children:

1. Samuel Tanner born 15 May 1759 in Augusta Co, VA(*8*), married Sudney Carpenter on 15 Dec 1791 in Harrison Co, VA(*9*). The consent for Samuel to marry was signed by his father Edward Tanner SR.

1800 Census; Kanawha Co, VA - Samuel Tanner; 1 White male; 4 horses.

1825; Harrison Co,VA; Sims' Land Grant Index - Samuel Tanner, Harrison County; 380 acres;Spring Crest.

Samuel died UNKNOWN

2. Edward Tanner JR born 1763(*10*),South Branch of the Potomac River, VA and died 14 Mar 1831 in Falls Twp,Muskingum Co, OH(*11*), married Sarah Brown B. 1775, on 23 Jul 1792 in Harrison Co, VA(*12*). Sarah Brown died in 1855(*13*) in Muskingum Co, OH. A marriage bond was issued for Sarah to marry Edward JR on 23 Jul 1792(*14*), and her father was listed as John Brown.

Continuing on the story above, Edward Tanner JR was eventually released by the Indians. From the book "History of Muskingum County Ohio 1882, J.F. Everhart & Co" we know the following:..."Tradition informs us that Edward Tanner, who was born on the South Branch of the Potomoc, when about sixteen years old was captured by Indians and taken to Upper Sandusky, Ohio, and kept prisoner for three years and a half, and then released, when he returned to Virginia, and, after becoming a man, married and soon after migrated to the place where he built his cabin as stated."..."In view of his capture and release, we may suppose that he was not maltreated during that captivity, and that he had found favor at their hands, and as he subsequently was willing to venture with his wife into the wilderness over which red men roamed and held dominion, he evidently had acquired faith in their integrity and fair dealing, when met by the same traits in the white man. At any rate, he settled in their midst and remained unmolested."
Another book "Timmons & Tanner Building an American Heritage by William Morgan Brown,P.E." cites another source "History of Edward Tanner family by Helen Harworth" (private records) that has some more pieces of information. "In his wanderings with the Indians, Edward Tanner was struck with the beauty and fertility of the soil on the Muskingum Valley."..."A year later he started down the Muskingum with his family and household goods. He purchased from the government five hundred acres six and one half miles from Zanesville and here built a cabin which was the first ever erected in that part of the country."

1790; Edward built his cabin near the south bank of the Licking River making him the first white settler in Muskingum County, Ohio. In 1800, Edward Tanner later built a log house to live in. This log house was the first hewed log house in the entire area. Edward Tanner was also a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church which consisted of a congregation initially involving the Tanner family, Simpson family, and Flesher Family.

15 Jul 1806; Edward purchased approximately 475 acres from William Robinson in Muskingum County for fifty dollars. Edward Tanner is listed as living next to "Baulson Flesher" (Balser Flesher). Balser Flesher b. abt 1760 married Mary Brown sister to Sarah Brown (Edward Tanner's wife). Basically the Tanner and Flesher families were related.

11 Aug 1825;Muskingum Co, OH Case #1013, Wills Book lists the following:

"In the name of God Amen. I Edward Tanner of Falls Township Muskingum County being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory blessed be almighty God for the same do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form Following (that is to say) First I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Sarah Tanner all my personal and real estate after paying my just debts during her natural life and at her decease I will and order that all my personal Este that is left shall be equally divided between my five daughters Rachael Simpson Polly Simpson Sarah Burgess Harriett Tanner and Cosiah Tanner and the two last named daughters if they are not married at the death of my wife they are to be supported off my Real Estate or by my five sons until they are married and no longer, also will order that my real estate shall be equally divided between my five sons John Tanner James Tanner Samuel Tanner Edward Tanner Jun and William Tanner once the real estate to be so divided so that my son William will have my dwelling house that I now live in, and I do hereby appoint my wife Sarah Tanner sole executor of my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills made by me made, In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the eleventh day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty five. (Mark of Edward Tanner) Signed sealed and delivered by the above named Edward Tanner to be his last will and testament in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses in the presence of the testator. Wesley L. Turner, B. Flesher mark, John Roberts

Edward Tanner's Grave, Brushy Knob Cemetary, Muskingum Co, OH.

Photo Credit: Rhonda Yocom Gryspos via Find A

Edward Tanner and Sarah Brown had the following children:

1. Samuel Tanner (Edward,Edward Tanner) was born in 1792. He married Susan Burgess on 28 Feb 1822 in Muskingum Co, OH. Susan was born 30 Dec 1803 and died 11 Oct 1856 in Muskingum Co, OH. Susan was buried in Brushy Knob Cemetary, Falls Twp, Muskingum Co, OH.

Samuel and Susan had the following children:

A: George Tanner b. abt 1830

B: William E. Tanner (Edward, Edward, Samuel Tanner) b. abt 1833, d. 1908, Union Co, OH, married Catherine A. Kirby. Catherine was born 1834 and died 1910 in Union Co, OH.

William E. and Catherine had the following children:

B1: Daniel M. Tanner (Edward, Edward, Samuel, William E. Tanner) b. 1859, d. 1928, Union Co, OH, married Jessie J. Graham b. 5 Mar 1862, Richwood, Union Co, Ohio d. 1930 Columbus, Franklin Co, Ohio, buried at Claibourne cemetery Union Co, OH. Daniel M. and Jessie J. had the following children:

B1A: Edna V. Tanner (Edward, Edward, Samuel, William E., Daniel Tanner) b. 1889, d.14 Nov 1940, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, OH, Buried at Claibourne Cemetery, Union Co, OH

B1B: Mabel C. Tanner b. 1886, d. 1918, Union Co, OH

B1C: Glenna J. Tanner b. 1884, d. 1916, Union Co, OH

B1D: Is buried on same plot, likely isn't child due to sharing last name of mother W. Graham b. 1891, d. 1913, Union Co, OH

B1E:Daniel Eugene Tanner b.24 Mar 1896, Toronto, Canada, d. 10 May 1970, Columbus, Franklin Co, Ohio - Married Mary E. Sloop, b. 19 Sep 1896, Delaware Co, Ohio, d. 23 Dec 1977, Toledo, Lucas Co, Ohio

b1F: Donald L. Tanner b. 1907 d. unknown married Vada J. b. bt 1906, d. 1987. The above information was pieced together using a combination of obituaries, headstones, and census data.

C: Elizabeth Tanner b. abt 1835

D: Delila Tanner b. abt 1837

E: Lusanna Tanner b. abt 1844

The above Samuel Tanner children are listed in the 1850 Census of District 112, Falls Twp, Muskingum Co, OH along with a Lewis Friner age 21 from Germany, trade: potter who was living with them.

2. James Tanner (Edward, Edward Tanner) born 4 Feb 1798, died 8 Apr 1877 Muskingum Co, OH. James married Delilah Simpson who was born 17 Mar 1799 and died 15 Mar 1868. James and Delilah were buried at Brushy Knob Cemetary, Falls Twp, Muskingum Co, OH.

1850 Census; District 112, Falls Twp, Muskingum Co, OH, lists James Tanner age 52, OH, Delila age 52, OH, Sarah E. age 31, OH, Rachel age 27, OH, George W. age 25, OH, William Simpson age 16, OH, Manerva Williams age 3, OH.

1860 Census; Falls Twp, Muskingum Co, OH p 137 lists James Tanner age 64, VA, Delilah age 62,VA, Sarah E. A. age 41, OH, Rachel age 38, OH, Minverva Williams age 12, OH.

1870 Census Falls Twp, Muskingum Co, OH p 26 lists James Tanner age 73, VA (retired farmer), Sarah A. age 51, Minverva age 22, OH.

3. Mary (Polly) Tanner (Edward, Edward Tanner) was born abt 1799 in VA. Mary married Phillip A. Simpson on 17 Feb 1830 in Muskingum Co, OH. Phillip was born abt 1797 in VA.

Mary Tanner and Phillip Simpson had the following children:

John W. Simpson b. abt 1825

Deborah Simpson b. abt 1830

Philip A. Simpson b. abt 1840

4. Sarah Tanner (Edward, Edward Tanner) born 16 Aug 1806 in Muskingum Co, OH and died 26 Sep 1875 in Indianola, Warren Co, IA. Sarah married Thornton Burgess (brother to Susan and Elizabeth Burgess) on 12 Jun 1823 in Muskingum Co, OH. Thornton was born abt 1801 in VA.

Sarah and Thornton are known to have the following children:

Edward Burgess b. abt 1828

Washington Burgess b. abt 1837

Samuel Burgess b. abt 1843

5. Edward Tanner II (Edward, Edward Tanner) was born 04 Sep 1809 in Falls Twp, Muskingum Co, OH and died 15 Nov 1858 in Zanesville, OH. Edward was buried at Brushy Knob Cemetary, Falls Twp, Muskingum Co, OH. Edward married Elizabeth Ramey who was born 19 Nov 1815 and died 29 Sep 1891 in Holton, Jackson Co, KS. Edward and Elizabeth married on 24 Jun 1838 In Zanesville, Muskingum Co, OH.

Based upon the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 Census of Falls Twp, Muskingum Co, OH Edward and Elizabeth had the following children:

Alexander Tanner b. abt 1839

James Tanner b. abt 1842

John Tanner b. abt 1844

Albert Tanner b. abt 1847

Julia Ann Tanner b. abt 1849

Joseph Tanner b. abt 1852

Edith Tanner b. abt 1854

Kezia Tanner b. abt 1859.

All above children were born in Ohio.

6. Harriett Tanner (Edward, Edward Tanner) (UNKNOWN -NOT RESEARCHED YET)

7. Rachael Tanner (Edward, Edward Tanner) (Married:Simpson) (UNKNOWN-NOT RESEARCHED YET)

8. William C. Tanner (Edward, Edward Tanner) b. 1816 d. 1894, William remained on the old Tanner Farm following his father Edward's death and built his own house around 1840. This house is known as the "Wiliam C. Tanner House", which is a registered Ohio State Historical Landmark.

William C. Tanner was said to be "One of the most substantial and thoroughgoing farmers in Muskingum County."

9. Keziah Tanner (Edward, Edward Tanner) was born Abt. 1810 in Muskingum County, Ohio, and died Bet. 1880 - 1900 in Muskingum County, Ohio. She married Silvester D. Search on July 05, 1839 in Muskingum co., Ohio. (*NOTE*I have not researched further for their children).

10. John Tanner (Edward,Edward Tanner) was born 11 Jan 1793 in Virginia, and died 24 Jun 1859 in Muskingum Co, OH. He was buried in Brushy Knob Cemetary,Falls Twp, Muskingum Co, OH. John Tanner married Elizabeth Burgess b.abt1893,VA d. 17 Aug 1876, Union Co, Ohio, sister to Susan Burgess (Samuel Tanner), and Thornton Burgess (Sarah Tanner). Elizabeth is buried at Claiborne Cemetary, Union Co, OH. John and Elizabeth married on 21 Aug 1817 in Muskingum Co, OH.

1850 Census, District 112,Falls Twp, Muskingum Co, OH:

Allen Holley (Head) age 50,NY

John Tanner age 56, VA

Elizabett, age 57, VA

David, age 25, OH

James, age 21, OH

Kasiah, age 17, OH

Sarah E., age 17, OH

George W., age 14, OH

Susan Burgess, age 76,VA

1860 Census, Falls Twp, Muskingum Co, OH p.137 lists Elizabeth age 64, David, age 32, Sarah C. age 7, John age 4, Kezia Pierson age 27, John Wesley Pierson age 6, Almeda A. age 4, Harriet Van Duyn age 13 all from OH. (*Was obviously a census error for Elizabeth*). The record mentions that "undivided real estate belonging to heirs of John Tanner, dec'd." Additionally Shows they had $3,000 in real estate and $1,000 in personal property.

From observing record similarities between the offspring of John and Elizabeth I realized that a number of their children to include Elizabeth moved Northwest toward Union Co, OH by at least the mid 1860s (Various census information Union Co, OH). Union county was a county freshly established with various townships and towns still young in age. Land was up for grabs and many people pushed this direction to settle from the Muskingum area as well as other locations. Elizabeth and several of her offspring, together with their families made the trek north to Union County.

Claiborne Cemetery near Richwood, OH

Photo Credit: Larry Hileman

A Side Note...Enter the Baker Family...

A family known as the Baker's resided in Knox Co, OH (William Baker b. 1806 d. 25 Jul 1849 married Lucy Rowely d. 1849 and children: Sereana A. Baker b. 1835, Henry H. Baker b. 1830, Franklin B. Baker b. abt 1832, Diana Baker b. abt 1836, Phebe Baker b. 1837 d. 1849, Lyman Baker b. 01 Aug 1839 d. 20 Mar 1906, Union Co, Claiborne Twp, Claiborne Cemetary, Arminda Baker d. _______.) William, Lucy, and Phebe Baker all are said to have died from typhoid fever (source needed). Subsequently the remaining children were dispersed to other homes to be looked after. Armeda (*Arminda, Census inconsistency), Serena, and William for instance resided in William Marriott's home (Knox Co) during the 1850 Census. At some point in time these siblings ended up along a similar path toward Union County, OH. Serena, Henry, and Franklin all married Tanner children of John and Elizabeth listed below. Arminda mothered a child with her sister's husband James for whatever reason (See Charles Lincoln Tanner).

John and Elizabeth had the following children:

1. George W. Tanner (Edward, Edward, John Tanner) b. abt 1836 (UNKNOWN INFORMATION).

2. Sarah Ellen Tanner (Edward, Edward, John Tanner) born 08 Apr 1835, Sarah married Henry Baker on 15 Aug 1853 in Muskingum Co, OH. (There is information that I haven't proven yet that suggest she may have had a prior marriage to a John Hammel w/ Children *Vina & Emma) Sarah Tanner died 01 Nov 1900 in Marysville, Union Co, OH.

1850 Census; above

1880 Census; Mt. Victory, Hardin Co, OH has Sarah and Henry together with children:

Samuel Baker, Webster Baker, Walter Baker, Otta Baker, Olla Baker.

1870 Census; Leesburg Twp, Union Co, OH lists Henry Baker, Sarah Baker and children: Samuel, Emma, Mary, Ida, and Marion.

1900 Census; Paris Twp, Marysville Village Ward 3-4, Union Co, OH lists the family with children Otte, Ollie Baker.

3. David Tanner (Edward,Edward, John Tanner) b. 1828 married Caroline Flesher 12 May 1853, Muskingum Co, OH. David Tanner married Louisa Redman 05 Apr 1866, Muskingum Co, OH. David's daughter Blanche Tanner-Miller's death certificate lists the following info: b.24 Jul 1869, Union Co, OH. (This tells me that David traveled to Union Co with the others in his family). Blanche married John T. Miller.

David is recorded in the above 1850 Census as well as the 1860 Census in which he still resided in Muskingum Co, Falls Twp, OH with his mother Elizabeth as widow to John Tanner.

4. Keziah Tanner (Edward, Edward, John Tanner) born 1834 in Muskingum Co, OH died UNKNOWN and first married James Pierson on 17 Jun 1852 in Union Co, OH. The 1860 Census then lists her as Keziah Pierson with children Almeda A. age 4 and Wesley age 6.

1870 Census, Leesburg Twp, Union Co, OH p. 13 lists Keziah Tanner as her name again and John W. (Wesley?) age 15, Almeda age 13, head of household; retired grocer occupation.

On 03 Oct 1877, in Union Co, OH Keziah married Franklin B. Baker. The document lists that her former married name was Keziah Pearson.

5. James Tanner (Edward, Edward, John Tanner) born abt 1829 in Muskingum Co, OH died abt 1893, married Serena Adeline Baker on 21 Aug 1852 in Union Co, OH died 27 Jan 1913 at Richwood, OH.

Census 1860, Claiborne Twp, Union Co, OH lists: James with "Adeline" (Serena), John age 7, Frank age 5, Wm W. Tanner 6 months, and Arminda Baker age 18.

Census 1870, Leesburg Twp, Union Co, OH; lists James with Serena and children: John, Franklin, Harvey, Russell, Elizabeth along with Arminda Baker (occupation: domestic servant) age 24 (sister to Serena).

1880 Census, Claiborne Twp, Union Co, OH lists James as a Farmer with wife "Susana" and children John, Frank, Harrey (Harvey), Russell, Leona, Emma, and an "other" Charles Tanner.

The death certificates of Russell, Harvey W. , Frank, Leona, and birth certificate of daughter Minnie E. Tanner all confirm that both James and Serena are parents to these children. Charles Lincoln Tanner's death certificate states that he is the son of James Tanner and Arminda Darling. I have constructed the following brief timeline to kind of put this into perspective:

A. Charles Lincoln Tanner b. 22 Mar 1864 to James Tanner and Arminda Baker (sister in law).

B. 1870 Census lists Arminda Baker as a domestic servant in James and Serena's household. Charles is no where to be found...I have located x1 record in Mcconnelsville, OH in a possible Townsend School of a Charles Tanner. Info on this would be great.

C. 08 Jan 1873, Arminda married Henry Darling who was the nearest neighbor to James and Serena (Census reflects this).

Serena Adeline Baker upon James' death in 1893 was again captured in the following two Census:

1900 Census; Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH lists Serena A. Tanner as head of household and the only one living in house. She is living next to her son Frank and family in Richwood, Union Co, OH.

1910 Census; Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH lists Sirenia A. Tanner now living with her son Frank Tanner and family at the age of 74. A little gem that I found was the last man mentioned living in the Frank Tanner household. That person is "Fairfield DeBolt" who happens to be my grandmother Wilma Jane DeBolt's grandfather. Serena Tanner was my grandfather's great grandmother. Who would have guessed that the Tanner's and DeBolts had already known each other? This is the kind of stuff that I love about researching!

James and Serena had the following children:

1. Minnie E. Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James Tanner) born 17 Jul 1872, Leesburg Twp, Union Co, OH. Died UNKNOWN Married UNKNOWN

2. Leona Elizabeth Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James Tanner) born in 1868 married Joseph E. Brown b. 1861 d. 1937 on 07 Sep 1886 in Union Co, OH. Both Leona and Joseph are buried at Claiborne Cemetary, Union Co, OH.

1910 Census; Claiborne Twp, Union Co, OH lists Leona and Joseph with daughters Edna P. Brown and Ada Brown.

1920 Census; Claiborne Twp, Union Co, OH lists Leona together with Joseph.

1930 Census; Claiborne Twp, Union Co, OH lists Leona together with Joseph.

3. Emma Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James Tanner) married UNKNOWN Beightman? and died 01 May 1859?

4. John Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James Tanner) born 19 Oct 1853 died 28 Apr 1929 in Richwood Village, Claiborne Twp, Union Co, OH married Martha Eila Wilson on UNKNOWN.

1900 Census; Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH is listed as living with wife Martha E. and sons James A. Tanner age 20 and William T. Tanner age 16.

1910 Census; Claiborne Twp, Union Co, OH lists John with wife Martha E. and an Adam Ritter.

1920 Census; Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH lists John together with wife Martha E.

Death Index for John Tanner states he was a cement worker and had heart issues which lead to death. Lists Adeline Baker b. Knox Co, as his mother, and James Tanner b. Muskingum Co, as his father. Martha Tanner is shown living at 36 Lyn Street, Richwood Village, Claiborne Twp, Union Co, OH at time of death.

John and Martha had the following children:

A. John Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James, John, James) b. 24 Jan 1902, d.21 Nov 1962, married Elma Doss in 1924.

5. William W. Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James Tanner) born 1860 died 06 Sep 1862 at 2y,9 mo, 6d.

William W. Tanner is listed on the 1860 Census, Claiborne Twp, Union Co, OH page 116 with his family as 6 months old.

6. Franklin Tanner (Edward, Edward, John , James Tanner) born 1856, died 28 Feb 1931 married Ida Fout b.1869 d. 1945.

1900 Census; Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH lists Franklin with wife Ida age 31, and sons Harry L. Tanner (Harvey) age 9, and Frank F. Tanner age 4.

1910 Census; Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH lists Franklin with wife Ida, sons Harry G. (Mispelling of Harvey L.) age 18, Freeman Tanner, Arthur Tanner, Theodore Tanner age 6, and his mother "Sirenia A. Tanner". Additionally living with family is Fairfield DeBolt age 45.

1930 Census; Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH lists Franklin with wife Ida age 59, and son Harvey Tanner age 48.

Ohio Death Index for Franklin Tanner states he died at 74y,3m,3d of a cerebral hemmorage. Spouse Ida Fout, Father James Tanner, Mother Adeline "Bigger" *Mispelling.

7. Charles Lincoln Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James Tanner) (HIS MOTHER IS NOT SERENA A.; MOTHER IS ARMINDA BAKER DARLING) born 22 Mar 1864 in Coshocton Co, OH, died 15 Dec 1934 at 217 Carhart Street, Marion Co, Marion, OH married Martha Rosenna Mcintire.

1900 Census; Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH lists Charles and wife Rosie with son Pearl Tanner b. 1892, and daughter Lottie Tanner b. 1897

1910 Census; Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH lists Charles and wife Rosie with son Pearl Tanner and daughter Lottie Tanner.

Ohio Death Index lists above birth death info and wife maiden name/ confirms that Arminda Darling is his mother. Father is James Tanner. Retired tile mill laborer. Died of cerebral hemmorage due to hardening of arteries

1920 Census; Union Co, OH lists Charles living with wife Rosie age 45.

8. Russell C. Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James Tanner) born 27 Mar 1865 at Leesburg Twp, Magnetic Springs, Union Co, OH died 02 Mar 1938 at Claiborne Twp, 143 Pearl Street, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH, buried 05 Mar 1938, married Sadie Straw b. 1867 d. 1945.

1900 Census; Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH lists Russell and Sadie with children Nettie Tanner age 14, and Clarence Tanner age 9, along with "boarder" Sarah Straw age 73, born Maryland.

1910 Census; Claiborne Twp, Union Co, OH lists Russell and Sadie together with son Clarence Tanner age 18.

1920 Census; Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH lists Russell together with wife Sadie age 53.

1930 Census, Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH lists Russell age 65 together with wife Sadie age 63.

Ohio Death Index lists that Russell was a retired laborer.

9. Harvey W. Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James Tanner) born 19 Nov 1862, OH died 12 Sep 1928 at 232 Oak Street, Marion, Marion Co, OH, buried Claiborne Cemetary, Union Co, OH married Almeda Anna "Annie" Lloyd born 1865, died 1946.

1900 Census; Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH at Bomford Street lists Harvey age 37 with wife Almeda A. age 36 together with children LeRoy Tanner age 9, and Mary J. Tanner age 5.

1910 Census; Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH lists Harvey with wife "Anna" and children LeRoy JE Tanner age 18, Mary J. Tanner age 15. and John Lloyd, Almeda's father born in Ireland.

1920 Census; Marion Ward 3, Marion Co, OH lists Harvey age 56, Almedia and daughter Mary Jane Tanner.

Ohio Death Index for Harvey W. Tanner lists death at 65y,9m,24d, and son to James Tanner and Adeline Baker, Spouse Annie A. Tanner, died of prostate cancer.

1940 Census; York Twp, York Center, Union Co, OH lists "Anna" living with her son LeRoy's family.

Harvey W. Tanner and Almeda A. Lloyd had the following children:

1. (Edward, Edward, John, James, Harvey W. Tanner) Mary J. Tanner born abt 1895, died UNKNOWN, buried UNKNOWN

17 Apr 1915, Marion Co, OH married Alonzo A. Synder.

1920 Census; Same as above, living with parents and is "Divorced" in Marion Co, OH.

10 Nov 1921 Mary married Welcome Wesley Knickle a farmer.

2. LeRoy Eugene Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James, Harvey W. Tanner) born 30 Aug 1891, OH died 10 Jul 1987 in Marion, Marion Co, OH married Eva Potts born 12 Jun 1890, died 26 Aug 1952, Union Co, OH.

LeRoy later married Georgia Kheune Brady on 15 Jul 1954.

1920 Census; Marion Ward 3, Marion Co, OH, lists LeRoy with wife Eva and children Clifford Tanner, Ray Tanner, and Helen Tanner.

1930 Census; York Twp, Union Co, OH; lists LeRoy and wife Eva with children Clifford Tanner, Ray Tanner, Helen Tanner, Harvey Tanner, and Louis Tanner.

1940 Census; York Twp, York Center, Union Co, OH; lists LeRoy and Eva with son Harvey Tanner age 18, Louis Tanner age 15, and LeRoy's mother Anna Lloyd-Tanner age 75.

World War I Draft Registration Form: Date 05 Jun 1917 Precinct # 3, 338 F___ Ave, Marion, Marion Co, OH lists LeRoy had 2 children, worked at Marion Steam Shovel and bears his signature.

World War II Draft Registration Form: Serial # 1605, lists LeRoy as self employed farmer and living at Rural Route # 2, Richwood, Union Co, OH.

LeRoy and Eva Potts had the following children:

1. Ray Elwood Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James, Harvey W., LeRoy Tanner) born 1915, died 2006 in Jacksonville, FL buried in Jacksonville, Duval Co, FL at Chapel Hills Memory Gardens first married Avanall Elizabeth Fisher (born abt 1920) on 12 Oct 1936 in Union County Ohio.p>

Census 1940; York Twp, York Center, Union Co, OH & Harris and Hull Rd. lists Ray as a used auto repairman with wife Avanall age 19, son PROTECTED Tanner age 1, and daughter PROTECTED Tanner age 2.

Ray later married Edith Marie Wade (born abt 1920) on 6 June 1944 in Marion County Ohio.

The following information was submitted for update on 01 Mar 2015 by Ray's son Harold Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James, Harvey W., Leroy, Ray Tanner):

After Ray divorced Avanall he married Edith Marie Wade born April 1920, Died May 1983 and they had a son Harold Ray Tanner born March 17, 1946 and a daughter Shirley Ann Tanner born August 18, 1947. Harold married Kathern Marie Blaksley in 1967 they had a daughter Chanda Kay Tanner born May 4,1972. He divorced Kathern and married Melissa Lynn Johnston in 1972 they had a son Christopher Ross Tanner on March 4, 1973. Harold divorced Melissa in 1989. He married Donna Marie Poynter in 2003. They currently reside in Lehigh Acres, Florida.

Christopher Ross Tanner married Whitney Lynn Seaburn and they had two daughters Mareesa Renee Tanner born June 17,1995,Sarah Elizabeth Tanner born January 22, 1999. Mareesa married Samuel Allen Frank December 26,2012 and they have two sons Mason Cater Frank born April 1,2013 and Conner Allen Frank born August 26,2014. Information/names were added by permission from Harold Tanner, although it is normally not my policy to allow current living people to be displayed. If anyone related the above information objects at any time, please send an email, and I will remove the data.

*Note* Ray later changed his name to Richard E. Turner after leaving Ohio for Florida.

2. Clifford Allen Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James, Harvey W., LeRoy Tanner) born 24 Mar 1912, died 20 Sep 2005 married Margery Hellen Hitt born 05 Aug 1918, died 28 Oct 1940, buried Claiborne Cemetary, Union Co, OH. Clifford later married Vera Pauline Erwin born 04 Jan 1919, died 26 Feb 1987, buried Claiborne Cemetary, Union Co, OH.

Census 1940; Marion Twp, Ward 3, Marion Co, OH; lists Clifford together with wife Helen age 21 and daughter PROTECTED Tanner.

Approximately 6 months after the Census, Helen died of Typhoid Fever. The Tanner's were then living at 358 Nye Street, Marion, Marion Co, OH.

3. Helen Lucille Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James, Harvey W., LeRoy Tanner) born 17 Oct 1917, OH died 04 Aug 2005 buried Claiborne Cemetary, Union Co, OH, married James Erwin born 17 Jan 1917, died 16 Jul 1982, buried York Cemetary, York Twp, York Center, Union Co, OH. Helen later married Howard L. May born 15 Mar 1915, died 08 Nov 1992, buried Claiborne Cemetary, Union Co, OH on 04 Oct 1946.

1940 Census; Claiborne Twp, Union Co, OH lists Helen wife to James Erwin age 22, with daughter PROTECTED, and son PROTECTED.

4. Louis Edward Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James, Harvey W., LeRoy Tanner) born 02 Jan 1925, Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH died 22 Jan 2006, Claiborne Twp, Richwood Village, Union Co, OH, married Frances Dilsaver. Louis later married PROTECTED.

Army Enlistment Records 1938-1946: Enlistment Date 29 Oct 1945, Utah, Army Air Corps, Private First Class, one year enlistment, married.

US Veterans Gravesites 1775-2006: Corporal US Army WWII.

5. Harvey Samuel Tanner (Edward, Edward, John, James, Harvey W., LeRoy Tanner) born 06 Oct 1922, Marion Co, OH died 27 Jun 2002, Marysville, Union Co, OH buried Claiborne Cemetery Union Co, OH married Geogie Fogle. Harvey Tanner later married Wilma Jane DeBolt born 01 Jul 1928, died 08 May 2000, buried Claiborne Cemetery, Union Co, OH.

Army Enlistment Records 1938-1946: Enlistment Date 31 Mar 1943, US Army, Private, Ft. Benjamin Harrison, IN Occupation: Farm Hand, Grammar School.

US Veterans Gravesites 1775-2006: Private First Class US Army WWII.


*Note* Please see my "working page" to see the unproven information that I have pertaining to other children, spouses etc.

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