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Children of William and Isabella McAdams

William McAdams Family Tree

Our line of the McAdams family goes back to William McAdams who was born in Ireland about 1778. In 1828, William departed from the port of Belfast on the Barque Elizabeth Ann [or maybe Elizabeth Allen]. William arrived in Philadelphia on May 19, 1828. With him were Isabella, 50 years old, Robert, 20, Ann, 18, John, 17 and William Joseph, 11 years 6 months. William and Isabella had seven known children:
  1. William and Isabella's oldest child was Thomas who was born about 1805. Thomas and his wife Ann Curran arrived in Philadelphia on the Brig Florida out of Belfast on June 20, 1825. Thomas and Ann had nine children. The third of their nine children, Robert C. McAdams, Sr. found his way to Pittsburgh and married Margaret Scott Craig. For more about Thomas McAdams, see Freed's Genealogy Home Page, a site maintained by Thomas' third great-grandson, Rick Freed.

  2. William and Isabella's second son was James McAdams who departed the port of Belfast on the ship Cerces at the age of age of 16 and arrived in Philadelphia on May 13, 1822. James had nine children by his wife Sarah Fagan.

  3. William and Isabella's third child was Rosa. Rosa came alone on July 9, 1827 on the ship Mary Ann from Belfast. She was 19 years old.

  4. William and Isabella's fourth child was Robert [1808 - 1888] whose first wife was Rebecca Keating, [1815 - 1882]. Robert and Rebecca's daughter Harriett [1841 - 1879] married Newton McClarran. After Rebecca Keating died, Robert married Margaret Simpson [1841 - 1917]. It seems that Robert's second wife was the same age as his daughter, Harriett. Robert and his two wives are buried in Section 16 of Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA.

  5. William and Isabella's fifth child was Ann, who arrived in Philadelphia with her parents in 1828.

  6. William and Isabella's sixth child was John, who immigrated with his parents in 1828. John died on June 27, 1835, and was buried in Section 16 of Allegheny Cemetery where he shares a headstone with his father. John and William's headstone can be seen on the McAdams in Pennsylvania Page.

  7. William and Isabella's youngest child was William Joseph who immigrated with his parents in 1828.

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