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Locust St.
Braddock, PA 15104-4876
(412) 271-6375

Section B Section 2 Section D Veteran's Hillside Slope Monument Rear Harper Post Monument Fraternal Section 1 Section 1 Flagpole End Section 1 Zuerner End Section 3 Angel Section

Map of Braddock Cemetery

F = Flagpole Section / C = Circular Area / Z = Zuerner Section / M = A. M. Harper Post 181 Monument

Section 1 has a circular arrangement in the center flanked by two triangular sections.
The plot map of Section 1 looks like a drawing of an eye. <O>

The flagpole end (F) is near the front gate. The far end is by the A. M. Harper Post 181 monument where the middle and right roads meet and can be identified by the Zuerner family monument (Z).

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May 13, 2000
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