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The Swope Family

Copies of clippings from "The Astoria, Illinois Argus Newspaper."

These were sent to Eva Kittell Kent, (a distant cousin of ours) by a distant cousin.

December 24, 1891 "Sad death of a former resident"

The following letter from Edward Swope of Stella, Nebraska to his mother in this city, gives an account of the death of his wife, who was a sister of Abram Brown of this township. Mr. & Mrs. Swope at one time lived here but went to Nebraska about fourteen years ago. Mr. Swope and the children have the sympathy of a large circle of friends and relatives in south Fulton (County) in their sad bereavement: Stella, Nebraska December 18, 1891

     Dear Mother:

      With a sad heart I send you sad news. My dear Frances is dead. Yes, last Sunday at 11:30 a.m. she was taken away from me. On Tuesday following at 3:00 o'clock she was laid to rest in the Prairie Union Cemetery.

     She was not feeling well for a few weeks before she was taken down, had the grippe or a cold. On Friday morning she went about her work, had breakfast nearly ready when her right foot became partially paralyzed. I then got her to lie down on the couch and in less than one hour her right hand became paralyzed, she lie still and talked till about 12:30 when she fell into a deep sleep or stupor from which she could not be aroused. She remained so for 47 hours before she breathed her last.
(This was our Grandmother - Papa - W. C. Swope's mother)

March 17, 1892:

Jacob Swope and Frances Ambrose will be married this Thursday evening by the Rev. S. A. Cecil.
(Jacob Swope was Papa Swope's uncle)

June 9, 1892:

Ross Swope of Frankfort, Indiana is here for a months visit.

October 27, 1898:

Ross Swope, son of Jacob Swope married Blanche Southern in Indianapolis, Id. where he works for American Express Co.
(Papa Swope's first cousin).

December 29, 1898:

Edward Swope of Walnut Grove, Ill. spent Christmas with his parents here in Astoria, Ill.
(Ross Swope's brother, another first cousin of Papa Swope's).

February 2, 1899:

We are under obligation to our esteemed friend, Edward F. Swope of Stella, Neb. for a copy of "The Grainger" containing the obituary of Mrs. Sylvia Hall Horn who may have kin here in this city. Mrs. Horn died at Auburn, Neb. January 10, 1899. Age about 86. She, when a girl, lived at Beardstown, Ill., prior to that time she was taken prisoner by the Indians and the reminder of her family killed, except one or two.

October 5, 1899:

Edward Swope and his brother of Stella, Nebr. came Wednesday to visit their Mother and friends and relatives in this locality. It has been a great many years since they have visited their home of boyhood and both are greatly pleased to meet their old friends whom they have not seen for so long.

April 12, 1900:

Forty-three years ago the 11th of this month, a party of 41 persons landed at Sheldon's Grove, Ill. from Pennsylvania. Among them were Samuel Moose the Swoops and Danners.

August 9, 1900:

Methodist church notes: Several old persons occupied rocking chairs in services, the oldest present was Grandma Swope, age 81. (age should be 87)

April 18, 1901:

Ross Swope and wife of Vincennes, Indiana came for a visit with his father Jacob Swope who is quite ill, at his home in Astoria, from dropsey and heart trouble.

April 25, 1901:

Jacob W. Swope died at his home in this city Saturday, April 30, 1901 of a complication of heart trouble and dropsey. The funeral was held at the Christian Church conducted by the Rev. Carpenter. He was an old and highly respected settler of this area. Jacob Swope was born in the state of Pennsylvania Oct. 20, 1843 and first married Amanda Davis who bore him three sons. He later married Frances Ambrose. He leaves his wife, a mother who is 86 years old, three sisters and five brothers to mourn him.

April 25, 1901:

George Trone and father of Woodland attended the funeral of Jacob Swope. (Probably Papa's uncle Adam Throne & Son) John H. Swope of Beardstown, Ill. attended the funeral of his brother Jacob Swope.

July 11, 1901:

Mrs. George Swope (Rosa Parrish) died in Astoria July 5, 1901. She was born at Flatwoods, Fulton Co., Ill. July 2, 1876. She married George Swope Nov 25, 1896 and has two children, Leo and Heldred ages 4 and 2. She also leaves her parents, two brothers and one sister. She will be buried in the Salem Cemetery. Edward Swope of Walnut Grove attended the funeral of Mrs. George Swope.

September 27, 1901:

G. W. Swope returned from Farmington Sunday

October 3, 1901:

Dr. S. D. Smith comes to trial for the fatal abortion that he performed on Mrs. George Swope of Astoria

October 24, 1901:

Mrs. Catherine Swope sold her town property through the Derry Reality Co. to Leo Bain

Thanks to Gini Hagen for these family documents.


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