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By Tiffany Van Hoosan Pourner

The following pages are a transcription of  STANLEY AND KINDRED FAMILIES” which was compiled by: Florence and John Guttery Jasper, Alabama, 1964. Joe Dickson painstakingly transcribed this family genealogy and posted it in the hopes of helping other Stanley Family researchers.  It is posted here with the permission of Joe Dickson. My ancestor was Mary J Salyer Stanley.  I have included an Ancestor Report of Mary J Stanley at the end after the index. Please note that the index is not complete. It is much better to use your browser’s find function, or the onsite search engine.  I have kept the transcription as I received it except where noted. I do not have any other information on the Stanley family.

Enjoy!  Tiffany Van Hoosan Pourner


 By Joe Dickson

Note: If you do not find the individual in the index, try using your browser’s "FIND" option.

I received this book as a gift from my wife in the early 1960’s.

I have attempted to copy the book exactly as it was printed. Partway through I began to correct some obvious errors, such as changing Mch to Mar or March

Not wanting to make changes that would lose the original text, I still wanted to point out obvious errors or any additions to my family that were not in the original book. I put these changes in italics to indicate that these were my comments. Quite often, the authors would have their own notes and comments. This will not appear in italics.

I also wanted to keep track of the original page numbers. This was so that I could reference any questions by going back to the original page number. The setup of the page numbers however, and because of the smaller type font used, when printed on 8.5 x 11 inch standard paper, would only fill half a sheet. So therefore, I inserted the original page numbers in a different font, in a larger size and BOLD such as this: 12 I know this might be an annoyance while reading the data, but so be it.

There is not a copyright printed in the book and it is not my intention to take any credit for anything here. This was merely done to provide a history of the Stanley family as was supplied to the Gutterys and to make this information available to researchers looking for family ties. While most genealogy programs will not print birth dates of living individuals, I have no way of knowing who is alive and who is not. It could be presumed that anyone born before 1900 would be deceased, but this is not necessarily so. Since the book is in the public domain and has been for over 30 years. In the interest of genealogical research I have left the dates alone, that is as they were in the original book. I know that this book is in several different libraries, and copies are in the hands of many researchers all over the country. Many sincere researchers are not interested in embarrassing anyone by making their private affairs public

Also, while I have made an effort to check my entries for accuracy against the book, it is impossible to "catch" every one of them. Typos are bound to occur. especially in the dates and some name spellings. There are a lot of names with unusual spellings and I have tried to maintain the spellings exactly as they are in the original book. A lot of this information came from early census and Bible records and a lot of the recorders of this information had little schooling and would spell names as they sounded to them.

Another concern is the various Word Processors that various people have. This document was created using Microsoft WORD 6.0. When using other word processors such as WORD PERFECT - You may lose some formatting. WORD 6.0 does allow me to save the document in different formats. If you have Windows-95, you should be able to open the document in WORDPAD. If however, you cannot process the data, I will be happy to try a different format for you.

I hope anyone who benefits from this copy of the Stanley and Kindred Families will use proper discretion.    

 Thank you.      Joe Dickson



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