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Part One -A. W. through John
This was abstracted and compiled from the Ill. State Genealogical Society Listings and they should be given the credit for the compilation of marriages records from the entire state.  This is not complete listing of all counties.

A.W. Crow, M.J. Saline 07-31-1893
Aaron Stanfield, Clara A Macoupin 06-28-1893
Abraham L Barney, Alice Coles 12-24-1883
Absolom M Williams, Sarah E Jefferson 01-20-1881
Adam N Brown, Sarah Jane Mercer 10-08-1857
Adam N McBride, Nancy J Mercer 05-27-1869
Alfred  Fortner,. Nancy E Shelby 06-15-1889
Alfred S Edwards, Georgia Gallatin 07-23-1890
Allen E Sorrick, Rachael Aurangdt Macoupin 06-21-1894
Allen K Williams, Mary J Jasper 08-08-1878
Amos  B Mooney, Harriet J Jefferson 10-01-1891
Andrew J Ryder, Catherine Carroll 08-31-1871
Arch B Scott. Catherine Pope 11-04-1882
Armstrong Popenoe, Martha J Sagamon 08-03-1853
Augustus L Young, Lora M Adams 03-02-1885
C. R. Swain, G Franklin 07-16-1872
Charles Harrison, Sarah A Fayette 03-09-1865
Charles Howard, Leacia St.Clair 121-17-1902
Charles  Clanton, Mary I Macoupin 1-15-1884
Charles A Hawkins, Talitha Jefferson 04-03-1873
Charles A Clayborn, Mrs Ada V Jefferson 06-05-1886
Charles A Telford, Mary E Marion 11-28-1871
Charles C Albright, Jennie Cass 06-24-1887
Charles F Hubbard, Rebecca Bond 12-18-1838
Charles Heber Bucher, Fannie L Carroll 11-16-1896
Charles L Utter, Fannie G Cook 11-26-1885
Charles M Heiden, Gertrude Cook 01-10-1894
Charles S Brown, Mollie Gallatin 01-17-1892
Charles V Telly, Annie Warren 10-06-1870
Charles W Allen, Mattie A White 06-15-1887
Charles W McCormick, Susan M Saline 01-14-1891
Charley Storey, Mary P White 07-18-1896
Clarence A Ward, Mary E Jefferson 12-02-1886
Daniel Vinson, Adeline Warren 11-10-1862
Daniel B Carter, Sarah A Saline 12-26-1886
Daniel F Mathews, Hattie E Sagamon 03-22-1891
David Bundy, Anna Saline 11=-05=1874
David Wallace, Mrs. Susan Jefferson 04-22-1876
David Englin. Sarah Marion 08-01-1838
David B Shaw, Sarah Saline 11-06-1873
David B Shaw, Sophina Saline 08-11-1892
David L Hollingshead, Martha L Fayette 12-12-1896
David M Wortenberry, Sarah L Franklin 09-26-1882
David M Wallace, Susan Jefferson 04-26-1884
David M Shelton, Mrs. Harriet M Franklin 12-28-1884
David M Davis, Mrs Mary Franklin 08-31-1896
David M., Jr. Carr, Phoebe M St. Clair 05-21-1846
David Steel Blair Butler, Mary Jane Cook 06-03-1878
E.C. Gholson, Elza Frances Saline 12-22-1895
Edward Crane, Nola Marion 10-6-1889
Edward Stuntz, Levina St. Clair 04-23-1823
Edward Crowe, Ida B Cass 09-13-1888
Edward Burgess. Lula Franklin 01-12-1900
Edward A Johnson, Esther Knox 10-09-1895
Edward L Harlow, Rena Jefferson 12-24-1882
Elmer A Myers, Gerusha Jefferson 09-09-1897
Ezekiel Fields, Sarah Jefferson 06-25-1829
Ezekiel Miller, Bethsheba St. Clair 01-27-1841
Ezesolick[sic] Badgett, Juretta F Jefferson 01-01-1880
F. M. Finch, Georgia Ann Saline 11-15-1891
Francis Brandon, Emily Jane Jasper 03-29-1866
Francis Andrews, Elizabeth C Jasper 09-23-1860
Francis  E Hawkins, Laura P Jefferson 03-14-1897
Francis W Wages, Rachel Fulton 09-08-1842
Frank Hutchison, Anita Perry 01-21-1896
Frank Mobley, Florence White 03-27-1890
Frank A Rogers, Addie Ogle 05-06-1894
Frank E Plough, Effie L Cook 06-12-1892
Frank L Carpenter, Lula Franklin 03-14-1914
Frank M Wallace, Silver Belle Knox 02-21-1899
Frank W Steffey, Bertha J Richland 01-19-1905
Fred F Damron, Gussie N Gallatin 05-26-1895
Gabriel B Martin, Hester Gallatin 02-26-1848
Garrison McCartney, Mrs. Elizabeth Coles 09-29-1875
George Smith, Sarah St. Clair 11-22-1866
George Vaughn, Jennie C Morgan 05-21-1885
George Elliott, Martha Morgan 11-30-1862
George Woolsey. Phoebe A Greene 04-14-1880
George A Rogers, Emma Rock Island 11-08-1866
George A Durant, Jessie Kane 06-10-1866
George C Hughews, alice E Cook 07-24-1872
George E Ward, Agnes Jefferson 03-17-1889
George F Jones, Anna Saline 06-20-1888
George Francis Angelo, Nina Macoupin 07-05-1896
George Jackson Ferril, Margaret St. Clair 05-05-1859
George M D Armour, Lydia M Macoupin 09-13-1893
George W Miller, Mary St. Clair 11-21-1839
George W Boldin, Amanda E Sa;ine 12-16-1880
George W White LAice Franklin 09-06-1882
Geroge W Huff, Mary Jane McDonough 04-23-18/68
George W Dawson, Martha Jasper 04-16-1866
George W Purcell, Artie Fayette 03-31-1887
George W Holly, Martha Fayette 02-02-1869
George W White, ALice Franklin 09-06-1882
George William Fleming, Addie Laura Jackson 06-13-1881
Guy Thompson, Virginia Cook 04-23-1887
H A [Harvy] Gholson, Martha H Saline 08-09-1896
Harry L Seehorn, Eva G Adams 09-02-1890
Harvey Proctor Lydia E Cass 08-23-1848
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Henry Phillips, Ella Adams 12-23-1884
Henry Bond, Judith Gallatin 01-20-1842
Henry Harris, Dolly C Saline 12-19-18/7
Henry E McCoy, Mary Jane perry 12-17-1891
Henry H Moore, Clara J Brady Iroquois 03-04-1884
Henry T Hill, Augusta L Cook 12-01-1891
Horm Nevill Kays, Julia Florence Franklin 07-26-1899
Issac E Whitlock, Lena S Jefferson 12-23-1894
James Tate.Adaline Knox 03-21-1867
James Pendell, Judith Saline 01-07-1850
James Marshall, Mary Jackson 08-16-1862
James Ernest, Lena Rock Island 03-29-1895
James Williams, Sarah Gallatin 07-18-1882
James Melvin, Lucinda Frnaklin 03-22-1876
James A Patterson, Mrs.Laura F. Jefferson 08-19-1895
James A Hawkins, Susan F Jefferson 04-01-1875
James Abner Allison, Susan Coles 08-23-1859
James Abner Love, Elizabeth Jane Coles 02-21-1854
James C Worden, Bertha Knox 05-18-1893
James E Forbes, Annie E Cook 07-09-1868
James H Sutton, Nancy Jasper 08-24-1854
James J Allen, Josephine Jefferson 01-26-1960
James L Bruce, Mary Estella Jefferson 03-22-1896
James M Alexander, Eleanor M Edgar 04-27-1852
James M Glen, Sarah Franklin 02-17-1863
James M House, Mary C Jefferson 03-01-1877
James M Williams, Alice A Stark 12-28-1873
James M Eckert, Mrs Laura E Cook 05-28-1887
James Rush Taylor, Martha Etta Edgar 09-13-1893
James T Johnson, Isabel Union 08-12-1869
James W Wade, Sarah Shelby 10-07-1893
James W Wert, Sarah A Saline 06-01-1879
Jermiah G W Scoggons, Polly McDonough 10-1301831
Jerry M Epping, Emma Adams 12-26-1893
Jerry M Klemme, Bertha F Adams 04-14-1897
Jesse Pierce, Nellie C Rock island 09-27-1877
Jesse Leathers,  Ollie Fayette 01-14-1894
Jesse L Lewis, Melinda J Henderson 07-25-1867
Jesse L Kemp. Amanda E Henderson 02-07-1900
Jesse M Johnson, Charity Crawford 08-18-1853
John Winfrey, Mrs Eliza Franklin 11-04-1886
John McDonald, Charlotte E St. Clair 12-21-1872
John Reynolds, Martha St.Clair 11-34-1886
John Baity, Martha Franklin 06-07-1894
John Coleman, Nellie St. Clair 10-13-1903
John Taylor, Jane Franklin 10-02-1870
John Humphrey, Nancy Schuyler 09-16-1869
John Stoudt, Martha J Jackson 10-06-1894
John O'Bryan, Emeline St. Clair 01-09-1860
John Badgley, Rhoda St.Clair 11-30-1828
John Monger, Sarah E McDonough 09-10-1871
John Branson, Angeline Franklin 06-18-1854
Johjn Johnson,  Jane White 04-12-1827
John Scott, Agnes Knox 11-06-1856
John Heart, Franky Crawford 12-31-1829
John Norman, Sarah Saline 11-25-1856
John Tate, Mrs.Marthaq Saline 10-28-1863
John Jones, Catherine Greene 08-28-1829



End of part One- A. W. Tate  through John  Tate
Part two starts with John  B. Tate and ends with  Yager Tate
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