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The Tate Families of Elbert County, Georgia. Part Two


Tate and Allied Families of the South
Ethel S. Updike 1971

Published by The Hobby Press
Salt Lake City, Utah

NOTE: * Means that this person has information on him/her below.

Vol 1 ------- Pg 37

ZIMRI TATE, b. ca 1744, St. Paul's Parish, Louis Co., VA. His will 02 Oct. 1792 Elbert Co., GA prob. 27 Nov. 1801 wife Martha., ch: Thomas Tate, Nancy McGehee, Virginia currency and to each of my children as they come of age, ex. w. Martha, son Thomas and bro. James Tate wit. A Colson, William H. Tate and Richard McGehee.
Children Born: Louisa Co., VA.
Nancy Tate b 29 JUly 1769 md 12 Feb 1789 Samuel McGehee
Mayfield Tate b. ca. 1771 mentioned by his gt. uncle James Tate in 1776
* Thomas J. Tate b. ca. 1773 md 19 Oct 1793 Pamelia Yarbrough
* Zimri Tate Jr. b. ca. 1775 md 1st Claressa Mc Clendon
* Elizabeth Tate b. ca. 1777 md 1800 Archibald Riddle
* Enos Tate Jr. b 1781 md 8 Aug. 1806 Maray Jane TATE
Martha Tate 06 Aug 1782 chr. 19 May 1783 md 1801 James Hatcher
James Tate b. ca. 1784 mentioned 12 May 1800 but not mentioned 18 Nov 1801

pg 78

THOMAS J. TATE, son of Zimri Tate, b. ca. 1773 Louisa Co., VA. On 17 Oct 1776 Louisa Co., VA. James Tate will. "To Zimri Tate's three son's: Mayfield, Thomas and Zimri Tate. "Thomas J. Tate died intestate 8 June 1820 Elbert Co., GA. In 1827 the orphans of Thomas Tate dec'd had two draws for land allotment in Capt. Tate's Dist. He md Louisa Co., VA 19 Oct 1793 Permelia Yarbrough b. ca. 177. She died testate Apr 1841 Elbert Co., GA., dtr of William Yarbrough. In Sept 1830 Zimri W. Tate was adm. for Thomas J. Tate dec'd., James M., John W., Beatrice J.A., Augustine D. Statham and w. Lucy B., Paschal D. Klugh and w. Martha M., Tavernor W. Fortson and w. Katherine D., Thomas J. Tate and Sarah Y. Riddle. Permelia Tate will, 19 April 1841 Elbert Co., GA, prob. 3 May 1841, " my gr. dtr Permelia E. J. Fortson dtr of Catherine Fortson when age 21, my dtr. Sarah Riddle's ch: Thomas J. Archibald, Nathaniel W., Zimri O. and Anderson Riddle: my gr. dtr Permelia T. Statham, dtr of my dtr. Lucy B. Statham, gr. son Thomas Z. Tate son of my son Lawrence P.P. Tate., gr. children Beatrice and Indiana Tate, children of my son Zimri W. Tate., " the balance to my children Lawrence P.P., Martha M. Klugh and Lucy B. Statham. ex. Enos Tate and Mathias Perrin.
REF: Louisa Co., VA will bk. 2 pg 239, Elbert Co., GA adm and guardian bk N pg 240, 249, will bk. 1835-1860 p. 48, 113, mar. rec., Hist. Col. of GA. DAR Vol. 3 pg. 101, 103, 121, 122, 248: In 1800, Thomas and a family of thirteen p. 225.
Children Born: Louisa Co., VA or Elbert Co., GA
James M. Tate b. ca. 1794 d. intestate, inv. 27 April 1827, bachelor
John W. Tate b. ca. 1796 died single, intestate, inv. 1827
Sarah Y. Tate b. ca. 1797 md 21 Feb. 1815 Anderson Riddle
Major Zimri W. Tate 14 Jan 1799 md Margaret N. Harper
Thomas J. Tate b. ca. 1801. One draw as a single person in 1827. w. p. 2 Nov 1829, sis. Katherine D. Tate, bro. Lawrence P.P. eldest brother Zimri W. Tate ex. ref. Vol 2 pg. 158
Children Born:
Martha M. Tate b. 1801 md 8 June 1821 Paschal D. Klugh
Catherine D. b. ca. 1805 md 2 Dec 1824 Tavenor W. Fortson
Lucy B. Tate b. ca. 1807 md 10 Apr. 1828 Dr. Augustine D. Statham
Lawrence P. P. Tate b. 1814 md Amanda C.

pg. 79 - 80

ZIMRI TATE JR. , b. ca. 1775 Louisa Co., VA. His great uncle James Tate on 17 Oct 1776 mentioned Zimri Tate as a legatee. He died 1826 Elbert Co., GA md 1st Clarissa McClendon, b ca. 1779 dt of Isaac and Elizabeth (Stribling) McClendon, also spelled McLendon. He md. 2nd 28 Oct 1809 Elbert Co., GA Susan D. Tate, b. ca. 1791 Louisa Co., VA., a cousin, d. prior to 1817. She left four smal children to mourn her loss. in 1830 Enos Tate, his uncle, named the four children of Susan D. Tate dec'd. "Eliza., Jane, Milton and Madison Tate." He md 3rd 14 May 1817 Martha Owen. b 1800. In mar 1831, a receipt was written by Martha Tate for ten slaves willed me (Martha) by Zimri Tate dec'd. She md. 2nd 3 May 1827 Beverly Crenshaw Cook, b. 1780, died w. p. 7 Sep. 1835 Elbert Co., GA son of George and Martha Cook. She md. 3rd 26 Aug. 1839 Rice Ellington. Zimri Tate Jr. will 24 May 1823 Elbert Co., GA prob. 6 Nov. 1826 to w. Patsy estate including land adj. Permilia Tate. At her death equally among my ch: no names given. ex. John A. Heard, William Rich and Hugh McGehee. In the History of Texas and Texans the au. stated there were ten children and listed Elias Tate. In 1828 distrubution of slaves: To Isaac M Tate, Tavenah W. Fortson for w. Eliza. D. Tate now Eliz. D. Fortson, Beverly C. Cook guardian for: William M., Uriah M., Zimri M. and Martha J. Tate and William Rich for Jacob M. Tate. REF: Louisa Co., VA will kd 2 pg. 239: Early Rec. Of Georgia by Davidson Vol. 1 pg. 51, Elbert Co., GA by Davidson Vol. 3 pg. 43, 52, 108, 117, 122, 131, 138, Texas and Texans p. 2134, Betty G. Cook Cartwright, Elbert Co., GA will p. 161, 2, 3.
Children Born:
Elias Tate b. ca. 1798
Isaac M. Tate b. ca. 1800. In 1817 land allotment, single. Vol 3. p. 248
Jacob M. Tate b. ca. 1803 signed for his legacy 13 Nov 1832 md 7 Jan 1827 Anna A. Keys, ref. Vol. 3 p. 130
James Tate, b. ca. 1808 a minor in May 1828 return. Vol. 3 pg 108
Zimri M. Tate b. ca. 1808, a minor in May 1818 md 1833 Rebecca McKinley
Horatio M. Tate b. ca. 1809 a minor in May 1828
Elizabeth D. b. ca. 1810 md 13 Sep 1827 Tavna W. Fortson
Martha Jane Tate b. ca. 1812 md 29 Dec 1831 William A. Johnson
Uriah Milton Tate b. ca. 1814 (the last four named by their uncle Enos who was also their guardian)
William Madison Tate b. ca. 1816

Pg. 80

ELIZABETH TATE, b. ca. 1777 Louisa Co., VA. migrated with her parents to Elbert Co., Ga. She was named as a distributee in her fathers estate. She md. 1800 Archibald Riddle, b. ca. 1773 of Elbert Co., GA., he died intestate 1826. On 14 July 1826 Elbert Co., GA, Elizabeth, the wid., and son Anderson Riddlbe adm., Inv. 31 Oct 1826. On 6 Jan 1827 div. of slaves occurred, viz Eliz. the wid., Permelia E., Fannie and Anderson Riddle and Levi Parks w. Martha B. nee Riddle. Some of the children settled in Monroe Co., GA. REF: Elbert Co., GA. will bk B pg. 88, deed bk F pg. 75, bk. G p. 106, Louisa Co., VA. deed bk, J. 340
Children Born:
Anderson Riddle b. ca. 1801 md 21 Feb 1815 Sarah Y. Tate
Martha B. Riddle b. ca. 1803 md 29 Mar. 1821 Levi Parks
Permelia E. Riddle b. ca. 1805
Fannie Riddle b. ca. 1807

Pg. 80 - 81

ENOS TATE JR. b. 1781 Louisa Co., VA. He was mentioned in several deeds as a legatee of Zimri Tate dec'd. His uncle Enos Tate, on 12 June 1830, appointed his nephew Enos Tate Jr., son of Zimri Tate, ex. of his will. He md in Elbert Co., GA Mary Jane Tate, b. ca. 1785 Louisa Co., VA., died 1846 (dtr of Uriah and Eliz (Graves) Tate. They were cousins. The lived on the old Rembrant Plantation Elbert Co., GA. His will 6 Mar 1841 Elbert Co., GA, prob. 10 Feb 1845, to w. Mary, gr. son Enos Ashbury Tate but if he died before age 21 or s.p., then to Uriah O. Tate and Sarah S. Tate. d.i.l. Sarah S. Tate, "my interest in estate of my dec'd uncle Enos Tate's estate." ex. son Uriah O. Tate and Thomas J. Heard. wit. Richard Bennett, John A. Verdell and John Nunnulee. Her will 11 Feb 1846 Abbeville Co., prob. May 1846 Mary J. Tate wid. of Enos Tate gr. son Enos a. son of Uriah O. Tate. REFL Louisa Co., VA deed bk. F pg. 75, bk. G pg. 106, Elbert Co., will book pg. 161, 2, 3, bk 1835-1860 p. 94, Abbeville Co., pk. 93 ox 2306
Children Born:
Zimri Ashbury Tate, b. 28 Aug. 1807 md Sarah Sharp
Uriah Overton Tate b. 17 Feb 1810 md 2 July 1846 Rebecca Clark.

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Research was done by Ethel S. Updike, all credit goes to her and her family.
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