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This information was sent to us by a member of the Tate Family Research Club and is presented as such. The compiler is unknown, but our Thanks to the submitter. Due to time and space constraints, only the pertinent parts will be shown here.It is quoted verbatim. The first 4 generations are as follows:

[note: the numbering does NOT follow the Updike book, this is the way it was given to us, for comparison to the "Tate Families of the South" numbers, please consult the index on line] also, no claims are made as to accuracy of this imformation. Shown in the order of the page number.

JAMES TATE [I] born 1618 England-died 1665, York County, Virginia

JAMES TATE [II] born 1638 York County, Va., died after 1662

JAMES TATE [III] born 1662, New Kent County, Va., died 1727 New Kent county.

JAMES TATE [IV} born circa 1718, died 1776 Louisa County, Virginia

JAMES TATE [V] born circa 1848- 1818

JAMES TATE [VI] born circa 1774-died young

JAMES TATE [VII] born circa 1786 Louisa Co., Va. - died Holmes Co., Ms. circa 1854-[brother to James VI]

JAMES TATE [VIII] born about 1837-Holmes Co., Ms.

James Tate[VIII]James Madison Tate born 06 June 1871, died 30 Nov 1964 in Holmes Co

James Tate [X] James Lewis Tate, born 1904 Holmes Co., MS, died 1949


"James Tate [IV}, who lived in Louisa County is believed to be the grandfather of James Tate [VII]. In his will dated 17 October 1776 he lists 6 children.[his wife's will listed one more]. 1 son in law with the last name of Tate, 6 grandchildren, 2 brothers, one nephew, 2 nieces, and Zimry Tate [also a nephew]. There are a lot of Tates on the Louisa County area at this time is history and they are all probably closely related."

"James was married to Abigal ? , although she was probably his second wife, since her will only shows three children, stated as "my three children".

"James' widow Abigal protested her husband's will in Louisa County Courtin 1792. The court records show that sons John and nathan had entered the Continental Army before James died, but had not been heard from since. Also that his daughter Rachel Hester had died prior to James death."

Willl of James Tate [IV] abstracted: [complete will was listed].

Heirs listed as listed in will:

[the following is land items]

"my grandson, John Tate, son of Uriah Tate..... if he should die without issue, then the land is to be sold and the money divided equally between his two sisters Ann and Agnys".

"my grandson, James Tate the son of James description.. if he dies without isse then land is to be divided equally between Zimry Tate's three sons, to wit: Mayfield, Thomas and Zimry".

my son in law-Enos Tate- if he dies without issue [from my daughter] the said land to fall to my brother Robert Tate's son, Robert Tate".

All the rest of estate, including slaves, stock, household and kitchen furniture to be sold and the money arising from the sale to be disposed of, after just debts:

My lovng wife, Abagail Tate- One Hundred Pounds

My son Uriah Tate One Hundred Pounds

My son James Tate One Hundred Pounds

My Daughter Cicily Gardner One Hundred Pounds

My daughter Elizabeth Tate One Hundred Pounds

My daughter Abigail Tate One Hundred Pounds

Mt daughter Margaret Tate One Hundred Pounds

The remainder of the money, if any, to be equally divided between all my grandchildren and Cicily Gardner Charles Hester excepted. [sic]

Give to my executors Twenty Pounds for their services....any [money] left to be equally divided bewtween my brother John Tate's daughter.....appoint my worthy friends William Gardner and Enos Tate Executors....signed 17 October 1776. Probated 11 November 1776.

Children of James Tate [IV] and first?? unknown wife:

1, Rachel Tate, b. ca. 1742-married ? Hester, died prior to Oct 1776.

2. Cicily Tate, b. ca 1744. married William Gardner

3. Uriah Tate, b. ca. 1746, married 12 Oct 1772 Louisa Co., Va to Elizabeth Graves

4. James Tate, b. ca. 1748, married Frances Hutson, died 1818 Louisa Co., Va.

5. ELizabeth Tate, b. ca. 1750, married 09 Sept 1772 to Enos Tate [cousin]

Children of James Tate and Abigail ??.

6. Robert Tate, b. 23 Aug 1752-Louisa co., Va. married 21 De 1780 to Susannah Bibb; no death date.

7. John Tate, b. ca 1754.

8. Nathan Tate, b. ca 1756.

9. Margaret Tate, b. 09 Oct 1858, married 25 Dec 1779 to William M. Tate- died 11818 Louisa Co., Va.

10. Abigail Tate, b. ca 1760, married 5 May 1784 to David McAllister.


James Tate [V] =[IV-4] born ca 1748 and died 1818 was married to Frances Hutson, born ca 1753. died after 1818.No record of this marriage has been found yet, but they mau have been married in Hanover County whose records of this period are missing. The DOUGLAS REGISTER, a record kept by Rev. William Douglas, pastor of Trinity Parish, lists baptismal records for six of the children of James Tate and Frances Hutson. The will of James [V] lists 9 children making a total of fifteen known children. Updike lists one more, another James that died young. This all we know of this family at this time. Their children were:

1. James [VI] b ca 1774-Louisa Co., died young

2. Joshua ca 1776- Louisa Co., married 12 May 1800 in Louisa Co., to Sally Yancey

3. Elizabeth bn ca 1778-Louisa Co.

4. Mary A. b. ca 1780- Louisa Co.

5. John b. 08 May 1781-Louisa Co., Va

6. Abigail b. 22 Dec 1782- Louisa Co., Va

7. Mathilda 23 Jul;y 1784-Louisa Co., Va., married 16 June 1802 to William T Nelson

8. James [VII] b 05 March 1786-Louisa Co., Va. married 02 Oct 1819 to Mary Ward, died Holmes Vo., MS ca 1854

9. Euphan** b. 25 October 1787- Louisa Co., Va.

10. Bobbie b. 15 July 1789 Louisa Co., Va.

11. Hutson b. ca 1791 Louisa Co., Va.

12 Amelia b. ca 1793-Louisa Co., Va.

13 Uriah b. ca 1795-Louisa Co., Va. married 12 May 1823 to Ann C. Wade

14 Lucy b. ca 1797-Louisa Co., Va. married 20 April 1815 to Carr McGehes

15 Martha [Patsy] b. ca 1799-Louisa Co., Va. married 10 Feb 1817 to William Tally

16 Jefferson. b. ca 1800-Louisa Co., Va.

** The name of Upham is of very ancient Irish origin, and was anglicised from the ancient Irish Uppain; a family descended from IR, one of the sons of Milesius of Spain, a quo the Milesion Irish Nation. Upham, Uphan or Ufan is invariably called Fannie. It is first found as a daughter of James Tate III [1662-1727] [Name of Euphan, Euphemia, Upham and various spellings are found in other Tate families].


James' [V] will is dated 18 Feb 1817 and probated 14 Sept 1818.

Will of James Tate [V] Abstracted

James Tate of Louisa beloved wife Frances three youngest sons, vis: Hudson, Uriah and Jefferson, as I have given all to my other children that I intend to give except to Joshua the chance of a colt which the grey mare is now in foal with and to ELizabeth, Mathilda, James, Amelia, Lucy, Martha and Mary I give 5 shillings each at my wife's decease..... signed 18th Feb. 1817. Appointed Hutson and Uriah executors with no security required....


James [VI] we know nothing about except for the mention in the will of James [IV]. He was alive when this will was written in 1776 bu thtere is no further record of him. In the Tate Families of the South, ewthel Updike states that the grandson James listed in the will of James [IV] died young and the son listed there is the man we designate as James [V]. After the death of his son James [VI] James and Frances then named another son James, the one we designate as [VII]


James Tate [VII] was born 5 March 1786 in Louisa County, Virginia and christened 26 June 1786 by Rev. William Douglas. We believe this to be the James Tate that settled in Holmes County, MS. for several reasons. The 1850 census shows his age as 65, in an era when many people did not know how old they were, this age is very close to that shown by Rev. Douglas. We also know that he was born in Virginia, from this census and he had a daughter named Uphan.**

Except for the reference in the DOUGLAS REGISTER and a mention in his father's will we know nothing of James {VII] until his marriage to Mary Ward on 2 Oct 1819 in Marion Co., MS. Mary Ward, born ca. 1800 Roberson Co., NC, died after 1860 Holmes Co., Ms., daughter of ??James and Mary Ward are shown in the 1820 census in Covington County. James is shown in this area the last time when he receives money for Mary from her father's estate in 1829 in Marion County.

James and mary moved to what was then Yazoo County about 1830. Although the tax rolls for that year show them with only one poll tax, the census for 1830 shows them with five slaves. It does not show any landm and we could not find evidence of his having owned land except for the tax rolls of 1841 for Holmes County which showed him with 80 acres.

Mary was a charter member of Ebenezer Baptist Church. This will be discussed later with the other churches that played a part in the lives of this family.

James and Mary had twelve known children:

01. Robert born 1821 Covington Co., MS., married 16 July 1845 to Mary Weeks.

02. Enoch born 1822/23 Covington Co., MS., married Charlotte Grantham, died April 1906- Holmes Co., MS.

03. Thomas Jefferson born 09 March 1824, married 28 october 1848 to Mary Jane Carnathan, died 12 Sept 1902-Holmes Co., MS. Buried at Pleasant Ridge Cem.

04. Ottopher Uphan born 1827 Covington Co., MS

05. Stephen born 1828 Holmes Co., MS. married after 1850, died circa 1895 Holmes Co., MS

06. Uriah born 07 July 1832-Holmes Co., MS. married Susan__ died 01 jan 1892-Holmes Co., Ms. Buried Plesant Ridge Cem.

07. Helen Saphira born 1834, burial Weston Cemetery

08. Minnie Maria born 1834, died young Holmes Co., MS.

09. Louisa born 29 jan 1835 Holmes Co., MS, married [1] Thomas Rogers, died 06 Jan 1910, Holmes Co.,Ms. buried Peasant Ridge Cem.

10.Charlotte born 1836 Holmes Co., MS

11.James born 1837 Holmes Co., MS [VIII]

12. Mary born 1840 Hlomes Co., MS

James died circa 1854. he is shown on the 1853 tax rolls but not after 1855. We do not know where he is buried. Mary died after 1860 since she is listed in the census for that year. In some ways we know less about these two than some of the earlier Tates because the Holmes County courthouse burned taking so many of the old records with it. We do not have the advantage of the old parish register as we do with earlier family members.

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ROBERT TATE [James Tate VII-child 1]

Robert was born ca 1821 in Covington Co., Ms. and on July 16, 1845 he married Mary? Weeks?. Mary [born 1829-died 13 April 1866] is supposed to be the sister of Elizabeth Adeline Weeks, wife of Stephen Tate. Elizabeth is shown in the 1850 census with James Weeks and his wife Mary [Ellis?], so these should be the parents of Mary also and we shall threat them as such. Katie Grantham stated that her granddmother was Polly Ellis to several people. Since Polly is a nickname for Mary, this may mean that Robert's wife was named Mary Ellis Weeks. Miss Irene Siddons records show that Mary's mother was Zilpha Ellis.

Robert and Mary had at least four children: all born in Holmes County, MS

1. Frances Roberts Tate born 02 Oct 1846- died 14 Nov 1912-Holmes Co., married 1866 to Otho Grantham

2.Steven Edwin Tate born 07 Sept 1848 -died 14 August 1928 Holmes Co., married 16 Dec 1886 to Anna Nabors, buried Bethesda Cemetery

3. George Washington Tate born 05 May 1859 died in Holmes Co., married Rosa Ellis

4. Daniel Weeks Tate born 06 April 1866, [no further information] The last, Daniel was born only a few days before the death of Mary on 13 April 1866.

Robert then married Eliza Jane Siddon [Bailey], born 21 July 1831 MS., died 12 April 1912, Holmes Co., MS., widow of Albert Bailey. They had three children, all born Holmes Co., MS

5. William Robert Tate born 12 Aug 1869-died 04 Jan 1931 in Holmes Co., , buried at Lexington Cemetery, married 08 Frb 1894 to Sophronia Eubanks

6. James Madison Tate born 06 June 1871, died 30 Nov 1964 in Holmes Co., married 10 Jan 1904 to [1] Lummie D. McNeer, married [2] to Minnie Kealhoffer

7. Annie Catherine Tate born 06 June 1871- died 26 August 1873 Holmes Co., MS. [Must be a twin to James Madison].

According to family stories, Robert left Eliza Jane and lived with Ann Grantham, daughter of Howell Grantham and Abeline [Apeline] Gore, by whom he had a son,

8.Robert A. Tate. SEE BELOW

The Chancery Clerk records in Holmes Co. shows Robert served with Company K, 29th Mississippi Infantry and Company B, 1st Mississippi Battalion Sharp Shooters.

Robert died some time after 1873. We do not know where he is buried, although it may be at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery since so many family members are buried there.


Steven Edward Tate, born 7 Spet 1848 Homes Co., MS, died 14 Aug 1928, Holmes Co., MS. buried at Bethesda Cemetery, married Willis Anna Nabors who was born 25 May 1867, Holmes Co., and died 01 May 1941, Holmes Co. buried at Bethesda. Their children-all born Homes Co., MS.

1. George Wilson Tate, born June 1887, died 1966, married 05 October 1907 in Holmes Co., to Dixie Mae Rodgers.

2. Mattie B. Tate born March 1890, died 1972. married to Ernest Bryant.

3.Sallie Mae Tate born August 1892, died 1955, married Fred Scroggins

4. Ezemes Tate born August 1894, married 07 Feb 1912 to Eugene Thomas, no death date.

5. Leni O. Tate born October 1900, married Wilson Felton Tate

6. Lida Tate born 1902, died 1963, buried at Bethesad Cemetery, married Herbert True

7. Rowena Tate born 13 Nov 1909, died 1963, burial at Bethesda Cemetery, married Robert Felton Beville

WILLIAM ROBERT TATE [Robert-5- son of 2nd wife]

William Robert Tate, born 12 Aug 1869-died 04 Jan 1931-burial at Lexington Cemetery Holmes Co., MS. Married 08 Feb 1894 to Sophronia Eubanks who was born 31 July 1873 Holmes Co., died 30 Mar 1949, burial at Lexington Cemetery.

Their children all born in Holmes Co., MS.

1. Mabel Tate born Nov 1874, died 1955 Holmes Co., married 24 Nov 1912 to John Cleveland Donald

2. William Felton Tate born April 1897, died 1974 Holmes Co., mqrried 28 July 1922 to [1st] Annie Denham, married [2nd ] to Leni O. Tate. [See Steven Edward Tate child # 5].

3. Crisline Tate born May 1900, died 1955, no spouse listed

4. James Bailey Tate born 1903, died 1949, married Geraldine Davis

5. Gladys Wilna Tate married Dr. David E. Davidson

6. Noreen Tate married 02 Aug 1919 to L. B. Conde

7. Clifton A. Tate married Rachel Lowery


James M. Tate born 06 June 1871-Holmes Co.,MS. died 30 Nov 1974-Holmes Co., buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. Married 10 jan 1904 to Lummie Driscilla McNeer who was born 21 Feb 1879 in Holmes Co., died 06 Feb 1918 with burial in Bethesda Cemetery. Their children:

1. James Lewis Tate, born 1904 Holmes Co., MS, died 1949, burial at Lexington Cemetery. Married Berdis Frankie Heard


Robert A. Tate, born 19 Dec 1873 in Holmes County, MS., died 26 April 1918, Holmes Co., burial at Bethesda Cemetery, married 25 August 1897 to Clara Cornelia McNeer who was born 30 May 1878 Homes Co., and died 07 April 1921, Holmes Co., burial at Bethseda Cem. Their children born in Holmes County, MS.

1. Estelle Tate born May 1898 died 1966, married Chester Moore

2. Victor Tate born 1900, died 1956 Holmes Co., married 05 June 1920 to Louisa Taylor

3. Willis Parham Tate born [not listed] married 22 Feb 1920 to Joe Ervin Taylor

4. Mabel Tate born 17 April 1906 died 31 Dec 1946 Holmes Co., burial at Bethesda Cem.

5. Henry Hudson Tate born ??, died 25 August 1980

6. Robert A. Tate, Jr. no birth or death, married Jewell Shepard

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Enoch, the second child of James and Mary, born 1822/23 Covington Co., MS., married Charlotte Grantham, died April 1906- Holmes Co., MS.

He served in the 38th Mississippi Calvary, Company A, like so many other men from Holmes Co., MS. Around 1850, he married Chralotte Grantham, born ca 1836 Holmes Co., MS., died ??, buried ?? Weston Cem??, daughter of Howell Grantham and Abeline [ Apaline] Gore. [Adeline??]

Enoch first shows up on the tax records of 1847 with one poll tax. In 1851 he was sent to Parchman. We do not know why because there are no courthouse records since the courthouse burned, but there is an old story that some Tate man was sent to jail for chicken theft.

Enoch died ca 1888 [ note: another page [A-19] gives his death date as April 1906-Holmes Co., suspect this was a typo on earlier page and the 1888 date is correct, probably death date of wife] and is buried at Weston Cemetery where he has a tombstone placed by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.Two of Enoch and Lottie's children, Frances and thomas, took care of their cousin, Rosa Tate, after her parents, George W. Tate and Rosa Ellis died. George W. Tate was the son of Robert Tate [VII-1]and Mary Weeks

Enoch Tate and "Lottie" Grantham had at least eight children: All born Holmes Co., MS

1. Sarah Elizabeth b. ca 1851 no death date, buried Shiloh Cemetery, Carroll Co., MS. Married Thomas James Siddon

2. Alice J.born ca 1857-no b or d date, no spouse

3. Mary Alphia born ca 1859 no death date, married Thomas Ashley Mixon

4. Frances Corine born ca 1863 died 22 Dec 1`949, buried at Mt Pleasant Cem., no spouse

5. Enoch R. Tate [Bud] b. May 1864, noe death date, married 15 Jan 1895 to Margery R. Grantham

6. Tabitha Tate born ca 1868, no b or d dates, married Hugh Kelvin

7. Thomas Jefferson born ca 1870, died 11 Juine 1949, buried Mt. Pleasnat Cem., Holmes Co., no spouse

7. Caroline LeNora born 10 April 1872, died 21 January 1923, buried Westonn Cem., Holmes Co., married [1st [ to Thomas Wood, [2nd] to Frank P. McClellan.

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03. Thomas Jefferson born 09 March 1824, married 28 October 1848 to Mary Jane Carnathan, died 12 Sept 1902-Holmes Co., MS. Both are buried at Pleasant Ridge Cem. Mary Jane Carnathan born 22 October 1827, died 03 Jun 1904, Holmes Co., Ms. Their children, all born Holmes Co., MS.

1. Nancy E. Tate born ca 1847 no other information

2. Mary Elizabeth tate born 23 Jan 1848, died 23 March 1897, buried at Bethesda Cem., married John Louis McNeer

3. William H. Tate born ca 1849 no more information

4. Frances C. Tate born ca 1852, no informaiton

5. George Adam Tate born 7 March 1854, died 21 August 1915, Holmes Co. buried Plesanr Ridge Cem. Married ca 1`875 to Clara O. McGarrity

6. Paris Tate born ca 1856, married 23 January 1896 to L. alec Williams, no death date

7 Martha Ann {Mattie] Tate born ca 1859, married Jim Shine

8. Thomas Tate born ca 1861 no other information.

9. Theresa [Trust] tate born 2 Nov 1861, died 18 Sept 1896, buried Pleasant Ridge Cem., married ca 1`880 to James A. Tate

10. Virginia born ca 1864 no other information

11. Allen Tate born 14 Dec 1866, died 17 May 1910, buried West Cemetery. Married [1st] Mattie M. Ellis

12. Caroline [Callie] Tate born 15 Sept 1869, died 25 Oct 1952 at Oxnard, California, married 3 Jane 1888 to M. W. Reedy

13. Alma Tate born 11 May 1874, died 1 January 1921, buried Pleasant Ridge Cem., married 14 Dec 1890 toWilliam E. McLellan.

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2. Mary Elizabeth Tate born 23 Jan 1848, died 23 March 1897, buried at Bethesda Cem., married John L McNear.John Louis [Nick] McNear born 27 July 1845, Holmes Co., MS. died 27 Sept 1918, burial Bethesda Cem. Holmes Co., MS. Son of James William McNear and Drucilla Nabors. Marriage date unknown. Their children-all born Holmes Co., MS. Their children

01. Martha Lavinia McNeer born 12 April 1865, died 30 May 1944, burial Bethesda Cem., married John H. Grantham

02. Issac Martin [Ike] McNeer born ca 1868, died 1836[typo should be 1936?] buried at Bethesda Cem. Married 25 Dec. 188 to spouse [1] Dora Aldridge

03. Mary Elizabeth D. McNeer born 07 June 1873, died 23 Oct. 1930, burial Bethesda Cem. Married 04 July 1893 to James Irvin McLellan.

04. Sarah Annie McNeer born **09 Nov 1875, died 23 Mar 1921, married 28 Nov 1899 to Rueben Marshall Smith.

05. Frances Rebecca McNeer born **09 Nov 1875, died 09 May 1902, burial Bethesda Cem, married 01 Mar 1894 to Lawrence F. Williamson.

06.Clara Cornelai McNeer born 10 May 1878, died 09 April 1921, burial Bethesda Cem., married 25 aug 1897 to Robert A. Tate. [See above].

7. John Thomas McNeer born 08 Sept 1881, died 08 Mar 1921, burial Bethesda Cem., married ___ to Florence Morgan.

08. Alma McNeer born 01 Feb 1884, died 15 July 1973, burial Bethesada Cem., married 14 Dec. 1902 to Lawrence Williamson. [brother in law, see # 5]

09. Edgar McNeer born___, died 1976 in Montgomery Co., MS., married Clara Keith.

10. Larry Eugene McNeer born 04 Mar 1890, died 27 Jan 1947, burial Bethesad Cem., married 13 Sept 1908 to Mary E, Grantham.

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