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Mintues of the Bowen Baptist Association,
Held at the Pleasant Grove Church
Thomas Co., Georgia

October 10th and 12th 1868


Moderator..........Rev. R. Fleming, Thomasville, GA
Clerk..................Rev. W. H. Clarke, Albany, GA

Atlanta, Georgia
Franklin Steam Printing House, J. J. Toon, Proprintor

Pleasant Grove, Thomas Co., Saturday, Oct. 10th, 1868

Pursuant to adjournment, the Bowen Association met with the Pleasant Grove Church. The Introductory sermon was preached by brother G. parker, Alternate, form the text - 1st Cor. 2:2 "For I determined not to know anything amoung you save Jesus Christ and Him crucified", to an attentive and interested audience.

After an hours intermisson, the body met in the church and brother R. Fleming was requested to act as Moderator, and brother W. H. Clarke, Clerk, Pro. tem.

After singing and prayer by brother W. A. Tait, the church letters were read and an election proceeded with, for officers, "viva voce," which resulted in the confirmation of the above mentioned names.

On motion, called for petitionary letters, when Spring Creek Church Decatur and Union, Miller, presented letters for admission and were received, through their delegates, to whom was extended the right hand of fellowship.

Appointed to thePreaching Committee, viz: G.T. Hurst, J.J. Ragans, J.B. Twitty, Jerrie M. Parker,and Isaac Alderman.
On motion, invited Ministering Brethren and Correspondents to seats
Accepted by Brother S.T. Sharpe, from the Bethel Association.

On motion, appointed following committees:
Finance-Jerrie M. Parker, Asa Joiner, Isaac Alderman
Deceased Ministers- W.H. clarke, J. B. Twitty, G. Parker
Sabbath Schools, J. B. Twitty, G.T. Hurst, N. Rogers
Temperance- Isreal Maples, T. J. Johnson, J.B. Clay
Sate of Churches- W.A. Tate, G. T. Hurst, B. Kierce
Publications-W.H. Clarke, AMbrose Hilliard, G.B. Colmon
Missions-T.J. Johnson, David Segler, A.B. Blecher
Nominations-J.B. Twitty, M.F. Perry, A.B. Blecher, Joseph Singletary.

Preaching Committee appointed as follows: T.J. Johnson, to preach Saturday night, at brother James Smiths; W.H. Clarke at 3 o'clock P.M. Sabbath; S.T. Sharpe, candle light, brother J.B. Clay being the regular appointee to preach the Missionary sermon.On motion.

Resolved, To meet for business at 91/2, A.M. and at 2, P.M; to adjourn 12 m, and at 4, P.m.

Brother W.A. Tate preached, according to the appointment, at 3, P.M.