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Kibbee, Rosnagel, Slater, Thompson and Allied Lines
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Welcome to my online collection of genealogical treasures. Inside you will find photos and other family memorabilia that I have collected so far in my research of the KIBBEE, ROSNAGEL, SLATER and THOMPSON surnames. Most of my research is centered around Cuyahoga County, Ohio. With the help of friend of my cousin's in England I have been able to trace the SLATER line to Lancashire, England. The THOMPSON family seems to have also immigrated to the United States from England. The KIBBEE "homeland" so far is in dispute. (Well, "dispute" isn't really the right word but I think you know what I mean.) One branch says Ireland, another says England. The others have not been located yet. Right now research in that line may be headed toward New England in the near future. The ROSNAGEL line is an even bigger mystery. We have always believed they were from Germany but so far evidence is pointing to Poland. Only time will tell. There is so much left to research and not enough hours in the day :) Follow the links above to explore your surname of choice.

The Table of Contents gives links to each page according to its place in the navigation structure. Each page is linked by category on the Pages by Category page.

My GEDCOM file is online at RootsWeb's WorldConnect for anyone who is interested. You may download up to 10 generations at a time. Source notations are included in the download. I have tried to be as accurate as possible but errors do occur. If you download or otherwise use my information please be sure to follow up on the information. See below for information on obtaining copies of documentation I have used in my research. Also, any corrections and/or further information would be most welcome. You can search my GEDCOM from the bottom of every page at this website.

I also have a Genealogy Lost and Found site. Here you will find extractions from various documents I have obtained in my search. Most of this information is not relevant to my research but I hope it will help someone. Copies of the actual documents are available.

Copies of documents or photos can be snail-mailed by request for a small amount (normally postage unless I need to purchase special packaging or have copies made) or e-mailed for free. Use the link at the top of the page to send a request. Please do not alter the subject line. I have filtered my e-mail to route these e-mails to a separate folder so they don't get lost. Even though my provider has a spam filter I still get inundated with spam and normally delete e-mails from names I don't recognize unless the subject line is relevant to my research.

My next genealogy-related project is to create a site to display the "orphan" photos that are in my collection.

Please sign my guest book before you leave. I'd like to hear what you think of my site or maybe you would like to put some of your own information for others to read. Hope you enjoy your visit!

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