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This page is part of Sylvia Murphy's 'Passages to India' website.   It will provide a conduit to passenger lists for persons travelling to and from India.  It is expected that most lists, at least initially, will be concerned with passengers of P & O Ships travelling between Bombay and ports in the Mediterranean and England.   For further information about the mode of travel from England to India in the mid 19th century, please see the P & O Overland Route page.    For further information about P & O, history is included on the Company's own pages.

Contributions of passenger lists which fit in with the Sylvia's interests, will be gratefully received, and your name will be credited as the contributor.   

Please note, there is no other information available, other than that posted on the linked pages.

For further information about researching family history in India, please see Cathy Day's excellent site: Family History in India

10 April 1920 SS Kalyan P&O with BISN Bombay Marseilles & London F H Fitzroy, RNR
7 March 1924 SS Mandala P&O with BISN Bombay Port Said & Plymouth T W J Hewitt
16 April 1927 SS Razmak P&O with BISN Bombay Marseilles J B Browning
16 Oct 1954 RMS Strathaird P&O London Bombay & Australia H P Mallet

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