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Southwest Virginians


The Roseberry-Sutton; Keister-Foster and Howell-Burnop Families

Of Carroll, Montgomery, Pulaski and Floyd Counties, VA



Notes for Lorenzo Dow HYLTON,

Born Aug 16, 1830. Enlisted in Co. D of the 54th VA INF on Mar 24, 1862 at Abingdon, VA and elected 2nd Lieutenant on May 13, 1862. Mortally wounded in action at Missionary Ridge, TN on Nov 25, 1863. Died on Feb 13, 1864 and
buried in the Confederate Cemetery at Marietta, GA. 1st Lieutenant. Resident of Floyd Co., VA. Listed on 1860 Floyd Co. Census at age 29 as a machinist, worth $484.
buried in the Confederate Cemetery at Marietta, GA
Letter from Barbara E. Hylton in Floyd County, Virginia, to her husband, L. D. Hylton.
Floyd Co Va
April 24th 1862
Dear Husband;
This time affords me the pleasure of writing you a few lines to inform you that I am well as could be expected, and all the rest of the family are well, and hoping that these few lines may find you enjoying the same
blessing. I take my pen in hand to answer your kind letter of 16 April, that I have just read, which gave me great satisfaction to hear that you was well. I can inform you that I have another Daughter, it was born April 17th.
Nathan Hylton went for a Doctor, send the name that you choose that it shoould be called. Your Father and Brothers will do all they can to get our corn in: it will be a bad chance to get help from Samuel Weddle, for another of
sons died the first of this week, and two more are sick. I want you to come home about harvest if you can. We have had no letter from Mathias and John since they left the Junction, we heard that they are at YorkTown, we heard
that they had a fight, but that none of were hurt, and they were expected another battle shortly. I will send you're the things that you wrote for, by Henderson when he goes. I would like to know if you have received the coat
and socks that I sent to you by Col. Shelor. Eve Elizabeth Hylton is staying with me, and will stay till I get able.
Dear husband thou art kind and true
And every day I think of you
So my dear husband think of me
While many mile apart we be.
Yours truly
Barbara E. Hylton

Letter from L.D. Hylton at "Salt Vill Washington Co Va" to his wife Barbara Hylton.
Salt Vill Washington Co Va
May the 10th 1862
Dear Wife I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines to let you know that I am well and hoping when thees few lines comes to hand they will find enjoying good helth I have know strange newes to write to you but we have
left Abingeton and landed at salt Ville and we will leave in the morning but where we will go I cannot tell We may go to liberty hill or we may go to princeton I want you if you cannot manage Jimmy not to keep him as he is hard
to manage I told him to be a good bey when I left but understand that he has bin a cuting up since I left I want you to send him off if he dont behave So nothing more at present but remain your affectionate husband untill dethe
don't write till I write again
Capt L.D. Hylton

From L.D. Hylton in Bath Co., Kentucky, to his wife, B.E. Hylton.
Bath Co Ky
Oct the 18th, 1862
Dear Wife
I seat myself to write you a few lines to let you know that I am well at presant hoping these few lines will find you all well. I received you kind and welcom letter that you sent by Ira S. Hylton which giv me grat
Satisfaction to here that you was well and that Bethny was better. I was uneasy about her untill I herd from here. I can inform you that we are started out of Kentucky to old Virginia again and I hope that providance will
provide fo us untill we get out. Will have a heep harder time getting out than we did when we went in for we are low'd analy a half a pound of flower and meat per day. I think that if I get our of old KY I will stay out for
there is known chance to hold the state. Ther has bin a heavy battle fought at Versails and Sharpsburg. The boys were great on both sides. The boys on our side is estimated at 10,000 the other side not known but thought to be
still greater which I have know reason to doubt but what5 is grater I saw a man that was in the battle he was wound in the shoulder. He said the place that they fought was 5 kild to one. We was not in the battle. Since that
thar has bin an other battle at Lancaster but I don't know how it went . the troops are all falling back and leaving the State. So will giv it up to Lincolns rule.
I want you to sell the hiefers and calf if you can or git Father to sell her for you. I think that her and the calf is worth 40 dollars but if you cant git that for themn you must take bys (?) and try and git the hogs fat if
you can and sell them on foot and keep 2 or 3 as you think best. I will try and come home about that time if I live. So you must do the best you can Say nothing more at present. Onley your true husband untill Deth
L.D. Hylton
To B E Hylton

Letter from L.D. Hylton in "Camp near Pettersburg" to his wife, B.E. Hylton.
Camp near Pettersburg
Dinwiddie Co. Va
Dec the 28th 1862
Dear Wife
I seat myself this evening to write you a few lines to let you know that I am well. Hoping these few lines will fine you enjoying good health. I have nothing of interest to write at present we are stationed 3 miles South of
Pettersburg. I can't tell how long we will stay here. There is kno call for us any where as I know of at present. There is some talk in camp that we will take up winter quarters here but I don't know whether it is so or not. As
to my part I would tather stay here is we hav to stay anywhere and not be running about. See much I hop and trust that this horiible war will be brought to an end before long. I am gitting tired of it. I would like to git home
once more to stay there. Aint any use of trying to git out to stay out of service so that a boddy just as well stay in sevice one place as an other. I have got my likeness taken. I will send it to you the first chance that I
git so that I think it will be sent safe. I would send it by male but I am afraid it will git lost. If I can send it safe I want you to be carefull and not git it injured. Anyway I all so want to know whether you want any
paper. If you want any write to me if you can't git any in Floyd and I will buy some and send it to you if I can get the chance. I want you to write to me for I have not received but two letters since we came out of Kentucky.
If you have written any more than two I hav not received them. I all so want to know where I. S. Hylton is. He was discharged from the hospittle to report to camp and he went home. I write him a letter about it. I herd he
started to camp since that and has not come to camp so I want to know where he is. Give my love to A. J. Jones and tell him to write to me and to R. H. Hylton and tell him to write to me. No more at present remains your true
Husband untill deth.
Lt. L. D. Hylton
To B.E. Hylton
Direct to Pettersburg VA
Co D. 54 Regt Va Vols
Gen Colasten Bruggade

Letter from L.D. Hylton to Burwell Hylton.
Feb the 1 st 1863
Please tell Barbara that I have sent my likeness to her by Powhatan Williams he is to leve it at uncle Bryants for him to hand to you I wish you would call and git it some time when you ar passing and giv it to her thare is
a fine come in the box with the likeness for her so know at presant
L.D. Hylton
To: Burwell Hylton

Letter from L.D. Hylton in "Camp on Black Water Virginia" to his wife Barbara Hylton.
Camp on Black Water Virginia
March the 12th 1863
Dear Wife,
I seat myself this morning to answer your kind letter which came to hand day before yesterday which gave me great pleasure to here that you were all well and to let you know that I am well at present hoping these few lines
will fend you all enjoying good health I have no news of interest to write to you at present, only we are under marching orders We are ordered to Petersburg We will leave this morning or in the morning I can not tell you how
long we will stay there Some think that we will stay there a while and then we will go to Fredricksburg or the Valley of Virginia, and some think that we will go back to the North West of Virginia As to my part, I think that we
will go back to the North West of Fredricksburg I would like to come to the Northwest as it will be a heap healthy than it is down here and we can get better water than we can down here and get many other things that we can't
get down here. I wish to God that this war would come to an end. So as we all get to come home and enjoyu the great Blessing that once did enjoy But I can tell you that there will be some of the hardest fitghting done this
Spring that ever has been done since the beginning Soon as the mud drys up, the Yankees is determine to strike one more blow at the Confederate States and that will be one of the bloodys struggles that ever has been made. the
is some talk of a compromise but I am afraid that it will not avail any thing as there has been a grate deal of talk and nothing done yet I received the Sewing thread that you sent me So I will close by saying give my love to
Peggy and Isaac Phleger and tell Isaac that I will answer his letter soon as I can Capt A Harman sends his best respects to you Tell G.S. Harman that Eli is well, so no more at present but remains your true husband untill deth
Write soon and give all the news Direct to Petersburg Virginia Co D 54 Regt Va Vols
To B.E. Hylton L.D. Hylton

Letter from L.D. Hylton in "Marrieta, G.A." to B.E. Hylton.
Marrietta G.A.
Jan the 20th 1864
Dear Wife
I take the pleasure of writing you a few lines in answer of your kind and welcom letter that come to hand this morning which give grate satisfaction to hear from you I will say to you that I am still improving I can turn
myself without help and can set up long enough to wash and comb my hair I shall make an application for a furlough before long if I still keep improving You wanted to know whether I get all of theletters that you send me I
record I do I am very sorry to of Elvy Phlegars deth I hope he is gone to a better world than this where he will see know more trouble I feel sorry for his father and mother Give them both my best respects So as I have know
news to write I will have to close Give my love to A.J. Jones and all inquiring friends So hoping these few lines may reach you and find you in good health and all the rest So I will close Write when you can and give all the
news So remains your husband untill deth
L.D. Hylton
B.E. Hylton

Letter from Samuel Slusher in "Camp Near Dalton Ga," to his cousin Barbara E. Hylton, telling her about Lorenzo Hylton's death in Marietta, Georgia.
Camp Near Dalton Ga
February 15th/64
Dear Cousin
This morning This morning I Seat my Self to drop you afew lines. I regret to tell you that David Willis received a letter yesterday stating that your husban Lorenzo D. Hylton died the 13th _____ at Marrietta Ga he stated
that he seam to be doing well unell two or 3 days before he died when he was taken worse and got worse untill he died I was so in hopes he would get will but alas he had to pay the debt that we all owe and will hav to pay Some
day or other let us be at home or abroad and if we air prepared to to meet our god a great exchange it is I hope he was prepare for death he was always studdy while in camp and bore the hardships of a Soldier
patiently____________ man could there ___________ he is at rest and if so he is much better of than we air in these low grounds of Sarrow So we ought not to grieve after him as the will of god must be done but try to prepare
our Selves to met our god when he sees fit and proper to call us from time to eternity be ready then to go.
I am well and hope these few lines may find you and your little family well so as I hav no other more to write I will close give my love & best respects to all my near and dear relations round you ______ only remain your
cousin Samuel Slusher
To Barbra E Hylton

Letter from Ira S. Hylton in Dalton, Georgia, to Barbara E. Hylton.
Dalton Georgia
February the 18 1864
Respected Sister
This morning affordes me the pleasure of droping you a few lines to Inform you that I am well and hope by the kind mercies of heaven that this will come to hand and find you and your children all well and doing well Dear
Sister I have wrote to you about the death of Lorenza in my other letters I Received a letter from James Guthrie this morning Containing a lock of his hair which I send to you in this letter by Marion Hylton he started home
this evening on a sick furlough for 30 days
he had a good watch and thirty dollars in money when he died and a good overcoat thare is several monthes wages due him for his servises any thing that I can doe for you I will doe it with pleasure I think you had better
authorise some person to get his things for you as soon as you can
Please write to me as soon as this comes to hand I Remain you affectionate Brother
Ira S. Hylton





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