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Death and the Family of Anderson Keister and Fannie Wall



There is an unknown story connected with the family of Anderson T. Keister and his wife Fannie Wall.  Anderson, the son of Jacob and Mary Keister, was born in Virginia on January 11, 1858 and married Fannie Wall on July 2, 1895 in Montgomery Co., VA.


In April of 1896, their first son, Floyd Hubbert Keister was born, followed in September of 1897 by the birth of their first daughter, Lucy M. Keister.  A second son, Archie Phlegar Keister was born in about 1898 but “died young” according to one source.  This is confirmed by the 1900 Roanoke County, Virginia census when Anderson and Fannie Keister were living in the Big Lick District.


Charlie Milligan Keister was born in 1905 and Jack Wall Keister in 1906.  Up to this time, the family seemed much like any other.  There was the sad time of Archie Keister’s death but 4 other children were living.


In about 1908 twins were born to Anderson and Fannie Keister.  They were named Carrie and Fannie but Carrie “died young” and Fannie “died in infancy.”  In 1911 another set of twins was born.  Joe Daniel Keister survived until 1944 but William Bryant Keister “died in infancy.”  Finally Sandy Keister was born about 1915 but also “died young.”  These deaths are confirmed by the 1920 Virginia Census records.


Between 1908 and approximately 1915, Anderson and Fannie had 5 children born and only 1 survived.  One set of twins died and of a second set of twins, only one lived.  Of 12 children beginning in 1896, 5 died before 1920.


This is what makes the 1920 Virginia Census records so interesting.  Anderson T. Keister is found in one household in Montgomery County with his son Jack Wall Keister but his wife Fanny Wall Keister is listed as the head of another household on West Main Street in Blacksburg, Virginia.  The rest of the surviving children are living with Fanny.  Whether or how the long succession of tragedies contributed to Anderson and Fanny Keister’s separation is unknown. 









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