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A Witch in the Family


From Ancestry and Descendants of the Nassau-Siegen Immigrants to Virginia, 1714-1750 by B. C. Holtzclaw


A horse-thief in the family is the stereotypical embarrassment in genealogy.  Unfortunately for those related to the Holtzclaw family there is a witch in the family.  In the Stuell line, one finds Hans Stuell, Sr.  Hans married Hilla first and then after her death married Gertrud.


Geschichte der Gemeinde Klafeld-Geisweid (a history of the Klafeld township) by Boettger and Busch reports that in 1590, Gertrud was accused of bewitching her neighbor’s livestock.  This is a common accusation for witchcraft.  Gertrud was convicted and burned at the stake in 1590 in Oberhozklaw, Nassau-Siegen, Germany.   





1.  Hans STUELL Sr. (5026); born between 1530 and 1535 in of Klafeld, Germany; married Hilla ? (5098) circa 1555; married Gertrud ? (5027) circa 1565 in Oberholzklau Parish, Nassau-Siegen, Germany; died between 1590 and 1599 in Klafeld, Nassau-Siegen, Germany.

     He lived between 1563 and 1583 in Klafeld, Nassau-Siegen, Germany.  He bought land from the church in 1563 and is listed as owning a house in Klafeld in 1566 and 1583.

      Hilla ? (5098) was born circa 1535. She died after 1563.

     Children of Hans Stuell Sr. (5026) and Hilla ? (5098) were:

           2.        i.    Jost (5028); born between 1555 and 1560 in Alchen, Nassau-Siegen, Germany.

     He lived between 1583 and 1629 in Klafeld, Nassau-Siegen, Germany.

      Gertrud ? (5027) was born circa 1534 (of Alchen, Nassau-Siegen, Germany). She died in 1590 in Oberholzklau, Nassau-Siegen, Germany. Gertrud Stuell was burned as a witch after being accused of bewitching her neighbor's livestock.   The source cited is "Geschichte der Gemeinde Klafeld-Geisweid" by Boettger and Busch (a history of the Klafeld township).

     Children of Hans Stuell Sr. (5026) and Gertrud ? (5027) were:

+         3.        i.    Hans Jr. (5025), born between 1570 and 1575 in Klafeld, Nassau-Siegen, Germany; married Gertrude Noeh (5065).