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The White Generations



--- 1st Generation ---


1. Richard WHITE (286)

Birth c. 1630

Marriage ? (287)

Marriage 1705 Sarah WOODBRIDGE (288)

Death 1708




--- 2nd Generation ---


2. Hester WHITE (285)

Birth c. 1661

Marriage John MILLS (284)




        Hester Mills, the daughter of John and Hester Mills, married William Hanks II in 1711.

        Ruth Hanks, the great-granddaughter of William and Hester Hanks, married John W. Vaughan in 1815.

        Nancy Vaughan, the granddaughter of John and Ruth Vaughan, married Richard Burnop in 1874.

        Bertha Burnop, the daughter of Richard and Nancy Vaughan, married Elbert Eden Howell in 1900 in Radford, Va.




The White Family History


We only have two generations of the White family when Hester White married into the Hanks family. Generations later Ruth Hanks married into the Vaughn family. Still later Nancy Vaughn married into the Burnop family and her daughter Bertha married Elbert Eden Howell.

The Whites are still an interesting family and should be further researched because they are one of the colonial family ancestors. The usual pattern of the Keister-Howell family was immigration to Virginia itself or to Pennsylvania from where the rich farmlands of the Shenandoah Valley led them into Virginia. The Whites, however, settled in New England.

New England was settled by Europeans in 1620. Richard White was born in app. 1630 making the Whites one of the earliest New England settlers. It is not known whether he was born in America or England.








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