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The Hylton Family History



Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume II, 1666-1695 by the Nell M. Nugent

HEN. CORBYN, ESQR., 1959½ acres, Rappahannock County…8 July 1673…for transport of 23 persons…Tho. Hilton 


JOHN ALFORD & GREGORY BARNET…150 acres; New Kent Co…September 1682…Transport of 3 persons…John Hilton


MR. JOHN PLEASANTS.  2625 acres, Henrico County in Verina Parrish…23 October 1690…Import of 53 persons…Tho. Hilton



Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume III, 1695-1732 by the Nell M. Nugent

HUGH LEE, JUNR., 950 acres, Charles City County, in Bristoll Parish; at Notway River; 15 Oct. 1698, p. 157…Import of 19 persons:…Thomas Hilton 



Virginia in 1720 by T. L. C. Genealogy

Hilton, James                Accomack Co.                        

            John                 New Kent, St. Peter’s Parish   

            William             King George Co.                     

                                    Westmoreland Co.                                          



Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume IV, 1732-1741 by the Virginia Genealogical Society

GEORGE HILTON, 332 acres.  Goochland County on the Branches of Lickinghole Creek, Crossing the head Branch of Wild Boar Branch of said Creek; adjacent Coleman, Charles Christian & William Mills; 27 January 1734/35, p.413.  1 pound. S15.


EDMUND HODGES, 90 acres.  Goochland Co. on branches of Treasurer’s Run, North side of the Road; adj. John Parish, George Hilton & said Edmund Hodges; 22 September 1739, p. 462.  10 Shillings.



Virginia in 1740 by T. L. C. Genealogy

Hilton, Andrew             Westmoreland Co.

            Child of            Gloucester Co.; Petsworth

            Dudley             Accomack Co.

            Esther               Goochland Co.

            George             Goochland Co.

            John                 Westmoreland Co.

            William             Westmoreland. Co.



Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume V, 1741-1749 by the Virginia Genealogical Society

THOMAS HILTON, 270 acres.  Lunenburgh County on both sides of Terrible Creek, adjacent Parish; 20 August 1748, p. 638.  1 pound. S10.


GEORGE HILTON, JUNIOR, 200 acres.  Albemarle County on both sides of Cunningham Creek of the Rivanna; 1 December 1748, p. 9.  1 pound.


JOHN WEBB, 225 acres.  Albemarle Co. on both sides of Raccoon Creek on the Rivanna, adjacent George Hilton; 5 September 1749, p. 410.  1 pound. S5.



Virginia in 1760 by T. L. C. Genealogy

Hilton, Beachum           Halifax Co.

            George             Goochland Co.

            John                 Westmoreland Co.

            Thomas            Halifax Co.

Hylton, John                 Chesterfield Co.



Heads of Families-Virginia, 1782

Mecklenburg Co.

Hilton, John                  5 White



Heads of Families-Virginia, 1783

Chesterfield Co.

Hilton, George              5  White           25 Black

Hylton, John                …White             3 Black




1787 Montgomery Co., VA Personal Property Tax

List A

Hilton, John      self       0          0          0          2          6


List C

Hilton, Samuel  self       0          0          0          1          5         



1810 Montgomery Co., VA Census

Helton, Elisha               40010-10010

Helton, John                 30011-20010

Helton, James               00100-00000

Helton, Elizabeth           22000-31201

Helton, Edmund            00001-22101

Helton, George             31010-31010

Helton, Arch’d             10010-30101

Helton, Jesse                01010-41010



1820 Montgomery Co., VA Census

Helton, George             321101-21201

Helton, Jesse                000101-22301

Helton, Austin               020100-02100

Helton, Archabald        310010-23010

Helton, Nancy              021100-10010

Helton, Elijah                000100-00100

Helton, Valentine          000100-10100



1830 Montgomery Co., VA Census

Hylton, Jesse, Jr.          010001000-10001

Hylten, Archalous, Sr.   101110010-1102101

Hylton, Archalous, Jr.   000010000-10001

Hylton, Austin               110001000-110002

Hylton, Elijah                030001000-100010001

Hylton, George             102110001-210120001

Hylton, John G.            210010000-00001

Hylton, Jesse, Sr.          000000010-000220001

Hylton, Burwell             200010000-10001

Hylton, Hiram               210010000-00001

Hylton, Jesse, Jr.          100010000-10001

Hylton, Sally                 001020000-011201

Hylton, Gorden             000010000-00001

Hylton, Briant               100020000-00002

Hylton, Valentine          200010100-02001




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