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The Foster Family History


The Fosters in the Census Records



1783-1786 VA Tax Lists-Greenbrier County

Fosster, John

Fosster, James

foster, Robt.



1787 VA Census-Greenbrier County

Foster, Robert                       self      1          0          0          2          10

Foster, John               self      0          0          0          1            4

Foster, James             self      0          0          0          0            2


            Marriage Records Greenbrier and Monroe County 1776-1821 by Virgil Waterloo

            10/30/1787   Monroe Co.   John Fauster  / Clairy Burdet

            03/03/1791   Monroe Co.   Grigsby Foster  /  Martha Handley

            11/27/1794   Monroe Co.   Bedford Foster  /  Lissy Cornwell

            01/01/1795   Monroe Co.   James Fouster  /  Elizabeth Humphess

            12/31/1795   Monroe Co.   Enoch Fauster  /  Margaret Wallis

            1804                Monroe Co.   Miles Foster  /  Mary Scott

            03/14/1805   Monroe Co.   James Boggs  /  Diceo Foster

            1805                Monroe Co.   James Boggs  /  Dina Foster

11/18/1805   Monroe Co.   Alexander Brown  / Polly Foster

05/08/1806   Monroe Co.   George Foster  /  Jane Gullet

12/14/1809   Monroe Co.   Hugh Bales  /  Jane Foster


1810 VA Census-Monroe County

Foster, Grigsby         20010-22010-01

Foster, James             41010-02010-00

Foster, John               22101-21101-00

Foster, Micles           20010-10100-00


            Marriage Records Greenbrier and Monroe County 1776-1821 by Virgil Waterloo

            12/04/1811   Monroe Co.   Isaac Foster  /  Peggy Gullett

            10/20/1814   Monroe Co.   James Evans   /   Katy Foster

            02/29/1816   Monroe Co.   Mosses Hatly  /  Polly Foster

            01/26/1818   Monroe Co.   Pleasant Morris  /  Isabell Foster

            08/10/1819   Monroe Co.   Edward Foster  /  Mary Humphreys


1820 VA Census-Monroe County

Foster, Ann E.           51

Foster, John               68


            Marriage Records Greenbrier and Monroe County 1776-1821 by Virgil Waterloo

            12/10/1820   Monroe Co.   Alexander Foster  /  Detitha Jones

            05/14/1821   Monroe Co.   John Dixon  /  Nancy Foster

            03/11/1821   Monroe Co.   James Foster  /  Susanah Holsaple


1830 VA Census-Monroe County

Foster, Isaac              018      No TWP L

Foster, James             018      No TWP L

Foster, James B.        019      No TWP L

Foster, James Jr.        018      No TWP L

Foster, John               019      No TWP L

Foster, John S.           018      No TWP L

Foster, Nancy            018      No TWP L

Foster, Robert           018      No TWP L

Foster, Walter           018      No TWP L



1840 VA Census-Monroe County

Foster, Gregsby        178      Union

Foster, Isaac              161      No TWP L    

Foster, James Sr.       154      No TWP L

Foster, James             148      No TWP L

Foster, James             162      No TWP L

Foster, John               158      No TWP L

Foster, John               147      No TWP L

Foster, Robert           162      No TWP L



1850 VA Census-Monroe County


Foster, James             43        Wheel Wright                       VA

            Polly               43

            Sarah A.         20

            George C.      17        Farmer          

            Eliza J.            14                   

            Elizabeth E.   12

            John E.            10

            James C.           8 {Twin}

            Robert C.         8 {Twin}

            Mary E.            6

            Aminda S.        2

            James, Sr.       62        None 



#549                                                                POB

Foster, Madison       45        Laborer          VA

            Catherine       48                                VA

            Jas.                  21        Laborer          VA

            Eliz.                20                                VA

            Jacob               18        Laborer          VA

            Martha           16                                VA

            Mary               14                                VA

            Margaret        12                                VA

            Michael          10                                VA

            Eliza               8                                  VA

            John                6                                  VA

            Wm.                4                                  VA



1860 VA Census-Monroe County

#854                                                                POB

Foster, Madison       52        Laborer          VA      $50 Personal Property

            Catherine       58                                VA

            John                16                                VA

            William          13                                VA



Foster, Jacob H.        27        Farmer                       $38 Personal Property

            Martha           27

            Lewis H.          1

            William A.     2/12

            Michael          21        Day Laborer 



1870 WV Census-Monroe County

Red Sulphur Springs           Peterstown


Foster, John L.           25        Carpenter      WV     $106 Personal Property

            Ann R.                        26        Keeping House        VA

            Arthur P.          3                                WV

            Andrew H.      1                                VA

Thompson, Mary A.              9                                WV

            Francis J.        33        Home work   VA     



Forest Hill District   #237

Foster, Mathew         62                                (I believe this is Madison and

            Catharine       60                                Catherine Foster with their son

            Michael          30        Cripple          Michael, wounded in the Civil War.)

            Margrett         25

Briers, Martha           35

            Charles           12

            Melinda         10       



1880 WV Soundex (Monroe County)

Red Sulphur District           Peterstown

                                    Age     POB

Foster, John               36        WV

            Ann                 37        WV

            Arthur                        13        WV

            Andrew          10        WV

            Walter                          9        WV

            Charley            7        WV

            Ida M.               3        WV

Foster, Matison         70        WV

            Catherine       78        VA



1880 WV Census-Summers County


Foster, William         33        Farm Laborer                        WV     WV     VA

            Rebecca          30        Keeping House        WV     WV     WV

            Lewis H.        12        Farm Laborer

            Robrt. Lee      10

            W. Rufus         7

            Alice                 3

            Chas. A.           2

Ratliff, Jennie                        14        Boarder/Servant     



1900 VA Census-Radford


Foster, John               W        M        Feb 1844         56        31        Carpenter

            Annie             W        F          Mar 1843        57        31

            Charlie           W        M        Dec 1873        26                    Day Laborer

            Robert F.        W        M        Mar 1882        18                    Carpenter                 

            John G.           W        M        Oct 1884         15                    School

Keister, Henry          W        M        May 1872       28          1

Ida May         W        F          Aug 1877       22          1

Barker, Agnes                       Servant                                               Cook








Michael Foster’s Civil War Record


From 4th Virginia Infantry by Dr. James Robertson

Foster, Michael A. "Mike": Pvt. Co. D

            Born-Red Sulfer District, Monroe County, 1841

            Enlisted-5/9/1861 at Union           Age 21                        Farmer

            Present until absent sick with typhoid fever in Charlottesville

                        hospital 10/13-31/1861

            Absent on leave 11/16/1861 for 20 days

            Present 1/2/1862

            Absent sick in Lynchburg hospital 3-4/1862

            AWOL 10/24-12/14/1862

            Present 12/15/1862- 2/1864

            Issued clothing 3/31, 4/20, 5/31, 9/17, 10/1, 11/1 and 12/l/1864

            Wounded in Action (hip, bladder and thigh) Hatcher's Run 2/9/1865

            Absent wounded in Petersburg hospital until captured there 4/3/65

            Released from hospital 12/l/1865

            The Lexington Gazette reported in 1893, "Mike Foster, Monroe Guards, 27th VA wounded repeatidy presented a laurel wreath by Gen. R. E. Lee as the bravest and most efficient soldier in the Stonewall Brigade while in hospital Richmond in 1863. Wounded and captured at Hatcher's Run April 1865 (sic). Gen. Gordon offered 50 Federal prisoners of war to get him back. He was terribly wounded and died from the effects" at Forest Hills, WVA 5/22/1875. Buried Forest Hills, WVA. Confederate Veterans Camp in Monroe WVA named in his honor. "Was distinguished for gallantry on every battlefield."


            The Stonewall Brigade was probably the most famous brigade of the Civil War.  It earned it’s name at the battle of 1st Bull Run propelling “Stonewall” Jackson to immediate fame.  To be given the title by General Lee “the bravest and most efficient soldier in the Stonewall Brigade” is the highest honor any Confederate soldier could hope for.

            In addition to the 1st battle of Bull Run, Michael Foster fought in the Seven Days, Cedar Mountain, Brawner’s Farm, 2nd Bull Run, Sharpsburg, Gettysburg, The Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, Lynchburg, Monocacy, and Cedar Creek.  



          This is the sword that family tradition says that Mike Foster brought home with him from the Civil War.  Mike Foster either gave this sword to his younger brother John Foster (1844-1919) or it passed to John upon Mike’s early death (1875 at age 34) from his war injuries.   From John the sword passed to his daughter, Ida May Foster (1877-1944) who married Walter Henderson Keister.  When Ida Keister died in 1944, the sword passed to her son, Harry Price Keister (1902-1954) and then his wife Margaret Howell Keister (1908-1992).