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Generation Six



25.  Joseph6 HANKS (Thomas5, Thomas4, Thomas3, George2, John1) was born in 1630 in Stowe, Gloucester Co., England.[1]

     Children of Joseph6 Hanks include:

        33.        i.    Benjamin7 Hanks; born 1665.[2]

        34.       ii.    William Hanks; born 1667.[3]

        35.     iii.    Stephen Hanks; born circa 1670.[4]

        36.      iv.    Hester Hanks; born circa 1670.[5]

        37.       v.    Mary Hanks; born circa 1670.[6]




26.  Thomas6 HANKS (Thomas5, Thomas4, Thomas3, George2, John1) was born circa 1632 in Stow-on-the-Wold in Gloucester Co., England[7] and married Elizabeth Lee before 1650.  Thomas died April 8, 1674 in Gloucester Co., VA.[8],[9]

     Thomas Hanks is found in Westmoreland Co., VA land records, “MR. THOMAS FOWKE, Merchant, 3,350 acres.  Westmoreland Co., 10 June 1654, p. 301.  Upon south-side of Petomack River.  Upon the head of a branch of Petomack Creek dividing this & a tract known by the name of the Fort land &c. 2, 000 acres granted to Mrs. Jane Harmer, 1 Dec 1652 & assaigned unto said Fowke, & 1350 acres for transport of 27 persons: Gerard Fowke, Tho. Fowke, John Bayley, Robt. Dycott, Rich. Holbar, John Halbar, Robbt. Mosley, Wm. Newell, Edwd. Carey, Rich. Granger, Rob. Land, Tho. Grey, Ben. Price, Tho. Hankes (or Haukes), Charles Gregory, Hen. Hatburn, Mary Joyner, John Haten, John Dryver, Hannah --------, Brid. Carey, Mary Peneales, Wm. Walden, Rich. Horton, John Martin, John Coule (or Conle).”[10]  This is the land record where Thomas Fowke claimed his headright of 50 acres for paying for the passage of Tho. Hankes to Virginia.

     Thomas is found in New Kent Co., VA land records, “THO. HANCKES, 530 acres.  New Kent Co., 8 Apr. 1663, p. 298 (267).  On branches of Peanketanke Swamp, beginning at the head of Col. Lees land, running west-northwest &c by Colliers branch &c.  Transfer of 11 persons: Phill. Marrin, Henry Benson, Edw. Downes, Jos. Gregory, Wm. Gray, Rabecca Hubberd, Math. Abrall, Samll. Linlesse, Fra. Weekes, Francis Finch, Jno. Freeke.”[11]  In this land record, Thomas Hanks is claiming his headrights for paying for 11 people to be transported to Virginia. 

     He is found in another New Kent Co., VA land record, “THO. HANCKES (Hanckes), 527 acres.  New Kent County, 8 Apr. 1663, p. 298 (267).  On head branches of Poropotanke Swamp, beginning at a poplar standing on the south side of said swamp &c.  Transport of 11 persons: David Jones, Mary Crow, Peter Brookes, Rich Foxon, Peter Story, Edward Thordall, Tho. Arncell, Brown Undrix, Symon Groves, Geo. Edmonds, Wm. Thompson.”[12]  Notice this land patent was claimed the same day as the one before.

     He is found in a third New Kent Co., VA land record, “JOHN LEWIS, 1700 acres at the head of Poropotanke Creek, on both sides of the swamp beginning at the mouth of a branch near the head of said Creek running west up a little branch to the head of the southward forke of said branch &c. to land of Mr. Major &c. to Papatico branch, thence east by north to land of Tho. Hanckes, down a branch dividing this & land of sd Hanckes, southeast by east to Poropotanke Swamp &c to land of George Austin &c up Coales branch, southwest to Col. Richard Lees land &c. to the bridge swamp &c.  22 Nov 1663, p. 278, (229).  120 acres granted to Timothy Lowdwell and Tho. Broughton 13 Sept. 1651 & assigned to said  Lewis & 1000 acres patented by Mr. Howell Price 5 Oct. 1656 & assigned to said Lewis; and 600 acres for transport of 12 persons: David Jones, Mary Crow, Peter Brookes, Rich Foxon, Peter Story, Edward Thonall, Tho. Arnoll, Symon Groves, Geo. Edmonds, Wm. Thompson, Henry Hunt, Wm Webb on November 22, 1663 in.”[13]  This record mentions the land of Thomas Hanks and shows that he lived near Col. Richard Lee.

     Elizabeth LEE was born circa 1625.

     Their children are listed as "Kinsmen; possible children;" by Adin Baber.[14]

     Children of Thomas6 Hanks and Elizabeth Lee were as follows:

        38.        i.    George7 Hanks; born circa 1651 in Richmond Co., VA;[15] died in Richmond Co., VA.[16]

+      39.       ii.    William J. Hanks I, born February 1, 1654/55 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA; married Sarah Woodbridge.

        40.     iii.    Robert Hanks; born August 15, 1661 in Richmond Co., VA;[17] died in Richmond Co., VA.

        41.      iv.    Peter Hanks Sr.; born circa 1673 in Anne Arundle Co., MD;[18] married Mary Beez 1702;[19] died April 1, 1733 in Anne Arundle Co., MD.[20]

     One report says the Hanks were deported from England for following Oliver Cromwell.

     There are conflicting reports regarding this line of the Hanks (Hankes) family.  Since it descends directly to US President, Abraham Lincoln, most everyone would like to be related.  This has caused some data to be corrupted and some facts to be "Mis-interpreted."

     The data presented by Harold D. Smith was taken from several sources, 1) "Hanks" by Gladys Hanks Johnson-CS71.H2419 (1965) Library of Congress, Washington D. C.  2)pamphlet entitled "Hunter Family History" compiled by an unknown author.  3) "Abraham Lincoln-The Prairie Years" by Carl Sandburg, Vol. Nbr. 1.  4) "Abraham Lincoln From his Own Words and Contemporary Accounts' Edited by Roy Edgar Appleman  5) "Nancy Hanks-A Genealogical Biographical and Historical Study of the Ancestry of the Mother of Abraham Lincoln" by Adin Baber.  6) "Lincoln and Greeley" by Harlan Hoyt Horner.[21]




29.  Nicholas6 HANKS (Nicholas5, James4, Thomas3, George2, John1) was born in 1642[22] and married Elizabeth Taylor on February 2, 1671/72.[23]

     Elizabeth TAYLOR was born circa 1645[24] and died in 1687.[25]

     Children of Nicholas6 Hanks and Elizabeth Taylor were as follows:

        42.        i.    Thomas7 Hanks; born 1673 in England.[26]

        43.       ii.    Mary Hanks; born 1675 in England.[27]

        44.     iii.    Henry Hanks; born 1677 in England.[28]

        45.      iv.    Thomas Hanks; born 1679.[29]

        46.       v.    Elizabeth Hanks; born 1685 in England.[30]




31.  Anothony6 HANKS (Nicholas5, James4, Thomas3, George2, John1) was born circa January 23, 1656/57[31] and married Rachel (--?--) circa 1686.[32]  Anothony died in 1718.[33]

     Rachel (--?--) was born circa 1660[34] and she died on November 24, 1724.[35]

     Children of Anothony6 Hanks and Rachel (--?--) were as follows:

        47.        i.    William7 Hanks; born circa April 24, 1687 in England.[36]

        48.       ii.    Francis Hanks; born circa 1689.[37]

        49.     iii.    Rachel Hanks; born 1695.[38]

        50.      iv.    Nicholas Hanks; born 1699 in England.[39]

        51.       v.    Mary Hanks; born 1701 in England.[40]

        52.      vi.    Edey Hanks; born 1704 in England.[41]




32.  John6 HANKS (Nicholas5, James4, Thomas3, George2, John1) was born circa June 29, 1661 in Malmesbury, Wiltshire Co., England[42] and married Elizabeth Sparrow on February 12, 1685/86.[43]  John died in Malmesbury, Wiltshire Co., England where he is buried.[44]

     He was a warden and freeman in 1691 and an Assistant Burgess in 1715 on Thornhill which in 1722 was a division of part of the Common.[45]

     Elizabeth SPARROW was born circa 1665 in Malmesbury, Wiltshire Co., England[46]  and she died in Malmesbury, Wiltshire Co., England where she is buried.[47]

     Children of John6 Hanks and Elizabeth Sparrow were as follows:

        53.        i.    Thomas7 Hanks; born 1688 in England.[48]

        54.       ii.    John Hanks; born 1690 in England.[49]

        55.     iii.    Nicholas Hanks; born 1692 in Malmesbury, Wiltshire Co., England;[50] died in Malmesbury, Wiltshire Co., England.[51]

        56.      iv.    Wiliam Hanks; born 1695 in England.[52]

        57.       v.    Henry Hanks; born 1697 in England.[53]

        58.      vi.    Edith Hanks; born 1700 in England.[54]



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