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Descendants of Lewis Jacob Fillenger (4300)





Generation One



1.  Lewis Jacob FILLENGER (4300); born circa 1740 in Hanover, Germany.

     “Jackob Fillinger, to the best of our knowledge, was born in Hanover, Germany.  In 1775 he lived in Penna., USA and in 1776 enlisted in the Revolutionary War under General Green and fought for four years in Va. and North Carolina.

     “At the close of the war he moved with his family to Rockbridge County, Va and is supposed to have died there.  Soon after his sons Henry and Jacob moved to Montgomery Co., VA near Blacksburg.  From there Henry moved to Logan Co., Va (Now West Virginia), and was supposed to have taken his father's (Jacob Fillinger) family Bible (German) with him.  When last heard of, through John Fillinger, his descendents were living just south of Chicago.  His brother, Jacob Fillinger, married Elizabeth Songer and moved near Pearisburg, Va.  They had 13 children.  When their son John started west he also went to Logan Co., and took his father's family Bible (German) with him.  We know nothing of his descendants.”

     (This was copied from a handwritten unknown source.).[1]


     Children of Lewis Jacob Fillenger (4300) and an unknown spouse were:

+         2.        i.    Jacob (516), born 1769; married Elizabeth Songer (517).


Generation Two



2.  Jacob FILENGER (516); born 1769;[2] married Elizabeth Songer (517), daughter of George Songer (4301) and Barbara ? (4302), February 8, 1798 in Rockingham Co., VA;[3],[4] died 1850.

     He lived between 1830 and 1850 in Giles Co., VA.[5],[6],[7]


     Elizabeth SONGER (517) was born in 1775 in PA.[8] She died on February 10, 1859 probably in Giles Co., VA.[9]

     Children of Jacob Filenger (516) and Elizabeth Songer (517) were as follows:

           3.        i.    Jacob (4678); born circa 1799.

+         4.        ii.    Catherine (506), born 1802 in Monroe Co., VA; married Madison Foster (505).  For more on this family see the Foster chapter.

           5.      iii.    Elizabeth (4664); born circa 1810.

           6.       iv.    Nancy (4667); born circa 1810; married ? Cunningham (4668).

           7.       v.    Polly (4669); born circa 1810; married ? Bradley (4670);.

           8.       vi.    Susan (4671); born circa 1810; married ? Shepherd (4672) circa 1835; died circa 1900 in IND (“Burned to death at the age of 90 in Indiana”).[10]

           9.     vii.    William (4673); born circa 1810; died in Narrows, VA.[11]

         10.     viii.    Mary (4674); born circa 1810; married ? Fisher (4675).

         11.       ix.    Sally (4676); born circa 1810;[12] married ? Collins (4677); died in Los Angeles, CA;[13]

         12.       x.    Henery (4665); born circa 1810; married ? Davis (4666).

         13.       xi.    John (4679); born circa 1810.

         14.     xii.    Andrew (4681); born May 14, 1810 in Montgomery Co., VA;[14] married Huldah Dunn Hale (4682) circa 1835; died January 27, 1897 in Bristol, VA, at age 86, and was buried in the East Hill Cemetery in Bristol, VA[15]

         15.     xiii.    Michael (4680); born 1818.









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