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 Descendants of Joshua Howell of Pennsylvania



Generation One



1.  Joshua1 HOWELL;[1] born 1745; [2] married Mary ? circa 1765.

     Land Records lists: "JOSHUA HOWELL, 256 acres south fork Little River; 1782 additions, 250, 400 and 100 on south fork Little River; 1784, 143 acres west fork Little River; 1785, 100 acres south fork Little River; grant Botetourt Co. 1785 for 250 acres adjoining George Haristone and his own land.[3]

     He is listed as selling 282 acres west fork of Little River to John Ferguson in 1795 in Montgomery Co., VA.[4] In 1797 in Montgomery Co., VA he is listed "1797, JOHN HOOK from Joshua Howell and his wife, tract on south fork of Little River".[5] A survey of 1156 acres was recorded on July 15, 1797 in Montgomery Co., VA.[6] In February, 1804 in Montgomery Co., VA  Joshua Howell, and others, took out 3 bonds to secure commission of Thomas Goodson as Sheriff of Montgomery Co., VA.[7]


     Mary ?[8] was born circa 1745.

     Children of Joshua1 Howell and Mary ? were as follows:

+            2.          i.     David2, born 1766 in PA; married Susannah Hilton.

              3.          ii.     Joshua Jr.; born circa 1775; married Christine Mickabell November 3, 1800 in Montgomery Co., VA. [9]

              4.        iii.     Thomas; born circa 1777; married Sally Stapleton November 6, 1802 in Montgomery Co., VA. [10],[11]

              5.         iv.     Abigail;[12] born circa 1780; married David Porter.

              6.         v.     John; born circa 1780; married Elizabeth Parkerson September 3, 1805 in Montgomery Co., VA. [13],[14],[15]

              7.         vi.     Nancy;[16] born circa 1780; married John Bryant Hilton; married William Hancock.

              8.       vii.     James;[17] born circa 1780; married Abigail ?.

              9.       viii.     Daniel;[18] born circa 1780; married Phebe Ross.

            10.         ix.     Jeremiah;[19] born circa 1780; married Pehebe Priest;.




1st Generation

2nd Generation


3rd Generation, pt. 1

3rd Generation, pt. 2

3rd Generation, pt. 3

4th Generation, pt. 1

4th Generation, pt. 2

4th Generation, pt. 3










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