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Descendants of John Russell (abt 1654-abt. 1699) of Stafford Co., VA





Generation One



1.  John RUSSELL (4945); born circa 1654 (of Stafford Co., VA); married Jane Martin (4946) circa 1679; died circa 1699 in Stafford Co., VA.[1]


     Jane MARTIN (4946) was born circa 1658 in (of Stafford Co., VA); died after 1707.[2]

     Children of John Russell (4945) and Jane Martin (4946) both born (of Stafford Co., VA), were as follows:

+         2.        i.    William (4940), born 1680; married Grace ? (4941).

           3.        ii.    Richard (4947); born circa 1682.[3]


Generation Two



2.  William RUSSELL (4940); born 1680 (of Stafford Co., VA); married Grace ? (4941) circa 1710; died 1756 in Prince William Co., VA.[4]


     Grace ? (4941) was born circa 1689 in (of Stafford Co., VA).[5]

     Children of William Russell (4940) and Grace ? (4941) all born (of Stafford Co., VA), were as follows:

+         4.        i.    Katherine Thomas (4933), born 1711; married Johann Holtzclau (4932).

           5.        ii.    William (4942); born circa 1713.[6]

           6.      iii.    Nicholas (4943); born circa 1715.[7]

           7.       iv.    Martin (4944); born circa 1731.[8]


Generation Three



4.  Katherine Thomas RUSSELL (4933); born 1711 (of Stafford Co., VA);[9] married Johann Holtzclau (4932), son of Hans Jacob Holtzklau (4948) and Anna Margarethe Otterbach (4949), 1729/30 in Fauquier Co., VA;[10] died after 1763 in VA.[11]  See the Holtzklau section for more on this family.










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