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Generation Two



5.  Isaac2 FOSTER (William1) was born July 2, 1719 in Northumberland Co., VA[1],[2] and married Sarah Hughes circa 1753.[3]  He died in 1814 in Nicholas Co., VA.[4]

     Sarah HUGHES was born on June 21, 1738 in Prince William Co., VA.[5] She died on April 12, 1822 in Nicholas Co., VA, at age 83.[6]

     Children of Isaac2 Foster and Sarah Hughes were as follows:

          7.        i.    Nimrod3 Foster; born March 2, 1754 in Prince William Co., VA;[7] married Elizabeth Winney circa 1774 in Prince William Co., VA;[8] died June 13, 1818 in Rucker Bend, Nicholas Co., VA, at age 64.[9]

          8.       ii.    Joshua Foster; born December 26, 1755 in Prince William Co., VA;[10] married Nancy Foster circa 1780;[11] died before 1840 in Prince William Co., VA.[12]

          9.     iii.    Mary Foster; born February 17, 1758 in Prince William Co., VA;[13] married William Hughes April 21, 1777 in Prince William Co., VA;[14] died circa 1830 in Nicholas Co., VA.[15]

        10.      iv.    Isaac Foster; born December 28, 1760 in Prince William Co., VA;[16] married Susan Leach circa 1785;[17] died before 1850 in Prince William Co., VA.[18]

        11.       v.    Elizabeth Foster; born February 16, 1764 in Prince William Co., VA;[19] died before 1850 in Prince William Co., VA.[20]

        12.      vi.    George King Foster; born April 6, 1767 in Prince William Co., VA;[21] married Sarah Conway August 28, 1786 in Fauquier Co., VA;[22] died before 1860 in Monroe Co., VA.[23]

        13.    vii.    William Foster; born May 31, 1768 in Prince William Co., VA;[24] died in Prince William Co., VA.[25]

+      14.    viii.    James Foster Sr., born March 28, 1770 in Prince William Co., VA; married Elizabeth Humphries.

        15.      ix.    Nathaniel Foster; born March 10, 1772 in Prince William Co., VA;[26] married Margaret Cornwall January 27, 1806;[27] married Margaret Miller 1815;[28] died March 18, 1854 in Peters Creek, Nicholas Co., VA, at age 82.[29]

        16.       x.    Nancy Foster; born February 19, 1774 in Prince William Co., VA;[30] married Edward Hughes October 10, 1793 in Greenbrier Co., VA;[31] died 1839 in Nicholas Co., VA.[32]

        17.      xi.    Enoch Foster; born February 12, 1776 in Prince William Co., VA;[33] married Margaret Wallace December 31, 1795 in Greenbrier Co., VA;[34] died June, 1850 in Monroe Co., VA, at age 74.[35]

        18.    xii.    Walter Foster; born February 8, 1778 in Prince William Co., VA;[36] died before 1860 in Prince William Co., VA.[37]

        19.    xiii.    Malinda Foster; born March 5, 1780 in Prince William Co., VA;[38] married Edward Eagle;[39] married George Fitzwater circa 1805;[40] died 1814 in Bend of Gauley, Nicholas Co., VA.[41]



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