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Descendants of James Bane (c. 1650) of Scotland




Generation One


1.  James BANE (1034); born circa 1650 in Scotland.[1]

     Children of James Bane (1034) and an unknown spouse were as follows:

+          2.            i.       Mordecai (480), born circa 1683 in Inverness Shire, Scotland; married Naomi Medley (482); married Mary Teague (481).

            3.           ii.        Alexander (1035); born 1688 in Scotland.[2]



Generation Two


2.  Mordecai BANE (480); born circa 1683 in Inverness Shire, Scotland;[3] married Naomi Medley (482) December 29, 1705 in St. Paul's Church, Chester Co., PA;[4] married Mary Teague (481) June 8, 1731 in Philadelphia, PA;[5] died circa 1747 in Goshen, Chester Co., PA.[6]

     He was a Quaker.

     Naomi MEDLEY (482) was born circa 1683.[7] She died in April, 1731 in Chester Co., PA.[8]

     Children of Mordecai Bane (480) and Naomi Medley (482) were as follows:

            4.            i.       Mordecai (483); born circa 1708 in Goshen, Chester Co., PA;[9] married Mary Cullens (496) February 5, 1734 in Goshen, Chester Co., PA.[10]

            5.           ii.        Nathan (484); born 1708 in Westbury, NY;[11] married Mary Cox (495) December 27, 1735 in Westbury, NY;[12] died 1748.[13]

            6.         iii.        Joseph (485); born circa 1710 in Scotland;[14] married Perthiana Ellis (494) May 29, 1741 in Chester Co., PA;[15] died after 1800 in VA.[16]

+          7.           iv.       Mary Jane (450), born 1710 in Goshen Quaker Stmt., Chester Co., PA; married James Burke (449).

            8.            v.      Samuel (486); born circa 1712 in Goshen, Chester Co., PA;[17] married Mary Brownfield (493) October 2, 1738.[18]

                9.           vi.       James (487);[19] born circa 1714 in Goshen, Chester Co., PA;[20] married Elizabeth Sands (492) October 22, 1742.[21]

      "1762, JAMES BEAN (BANE), 300 acres between Lorton and Price on Tom's Creek" Augusta Co., VA land records[22]

     He "removed to Virginia." About 1768 re-settled in Washington County, PA  "One James Bane received a warrant, dated Feb 20, 1786, for a tract of land on Ten Mile Creek. On Feb 19, 1787, he sold this land to Nathan Bane. The deed is on record in Washington County. There are numerous descendants in southwestern Pennsylvania."

(William Cotterrel Bane's history, "Will Bane's Book")[23]

            10.       vii.       Isaac (488); born circa 1716.[24]

            11.       viii.       Sarah Jane (489); born circa 1718.

            12.         ix.       Hannah (490); born circa 1720.[25]


     Mary TEAGUE (481)[26] was born circa 1685.

     There were no children of Mordecai Bane (480) and Mary Teague (481).












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