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 Descendants of Jacob Songer (1727-1812) of Germany



Generation One


1.  Jacob SONGER (4303); born 1727 in Germany; married Eva Catherina Angstadt (4304), daughter of George Angstadt (4305) and Eva Catherine Schafer (4306), circa 1745;[1] died 1812 in Rockingham Co., VA.[2]

     He lived on November 22, 1779 in Rockingham Co., VA.

     "Deed of bargain and sale from John Fowler and Marg. his wife to Jacob Sunger (Songer) was proved by Pat Quin and ordered to lie for further proof."

     "Deed of bargain and sale from Jno. Fowler and Margt. to Pat Quin was further proved by Ralph Loftus and Jno. Gratten.  Ordered recorded.

     Deed from the same to Jacob Sangsenor (Songer?) was further proved by John Gratten and Ralph Loftus.  Ordered recorded."[3]

     In “Commonwealth vs Jacob Songer     fined 5 shillings” on August 29, 1780 in Rockingham Co., VA.[4]

     He lived in 1787 in Rockingham Co., VA.[5]


     Eva Catherina ANGSTADT (4304)[6] was born circa 1729.

     Children of Jacob Songer (4303) and Eva Catherina Angstadt (4304) were as follows:

+          2.            i.       George (4301), born circa 1745; married Barbara ? (4302).

            3.           ii.        Barbara (4590); born circa 1750;[7]married John Black (4591).[8]

            4.         iii.        Mary (4592); born circa 1750;[9]married George King (4593).[10]

            5.           iv.       Elizabeth (4594); born circa 1750;[11] married John Burns (4595) 1794 in Rockingham Co., VA.[12]

                                    “Elizabeth (Songer) & John Burns  - --- 1794; b-Jacob Songer (Ger.) d of Jacob.”

            6.            v.      Anna Maria Margaret (4779); born 1756.[13]

            7.           vi.       Susanna (4597); born 1763.[14]

+          8.         vii.       Peter (4600), born 1764 in Berks Co., PA; married Mary Schroyer (4612).

            9.         viii.       John Adam (4598); born 1766.[15]

                                    He lived with his father Jacob in 1787 in Rockingham Co., VA.[16]

                10.             ix.          Easther (4596); born June 19, 1766;[17] married Michael Kinzer (4611) circa 1791;[18] died 1850.[19]

 "Frederick Black being bound to appear before this court by his recognizance taken by Wm. Harrison, Gent. for getting of a child on the body of Easther Songer, whereupon the court ordered that the said Frederick Black with two securities  be bound for maintaining the said child."     May, 1785 in Rockingham Co., VA.[20]

            11.          x.      Magdalena (4599); born 1768.[21]

+          12.         xi.       Abraham (4601), born 1773 in Harrisburg, PA; married Catherine Schroyer (4633).




1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation


5th Generation










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