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This is the genealogy of three families.


First is the Roseberry-Sutton family formed by the marriage of Charles Wesley Roseberry (1893-1984) and Elizabeth Clarey Sutton (1892-1973), my paternal grandparents.


Second is the Keister-Foster family formed by the marriage of Walter Henderson Keister (1870-1938) and Ida May Foster (1877-1944), my maternal great-grandparents on my grandfatherís side.


And third is the Howell-Burnop family formed by the marriage of Elbert Eden Howell (1878-1964) and Bertha Burnop (1883-1956), my maternal great-grandparents on my grandmotherís side.


Each of these families lived in Radford, VA.With few exceptions I found that my ancestors have lived in the Carroll, Floyd, Montgomery and Pulaski County areas of Virginia for about 200 years and some lines went even further back to the very founding of non-Indian settlements in this part of the Shenandoah Valley.From there the different lines lead to Germany, England, Scotland, and Ireland.Virginia was formed in two waves.The first were the English who landed and built Jamestown in 1607.There I found the Godbey, Hanks, Daux and Whitt families.The second were the settlers from Germany, Scotland and Ireland who landed north of Virginia in Pennsylvania and moved south down the Great Indian Warpath which they named the Shenandoah Valley.Among the many families coming into Virginia by that route were the Keisters, Duncans, Carpers and Howells.


The ancestors of the three families include soldiers of the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War as well as survivors of Indian massacres.But the real heroes turned out to be the farmers who formed the backbone of our country.


This website is divided into three sections, one for each of the families.Each of these sections begins with an ancestry report showing the direct line of ancestors.Each is then divided into further sections devoted to each surname.Each surname usually has up to three parts.One is called the Generations.This is the direct line of ancestors for that surname.The second part is The Family History.Here are collected as many records as I could locate with an emphasis on census and land records.The third part lists the descendents of the earliest found ancestor for each surname which branches out into many more families than just the direct line leading to the original three families.For each surname I have tried to collect as much information about that family in Virginia and include as many members as possible.This is so as I find new information, I can sort out who is referred to more easily.For the reader of these pages, this means your ancestors may be included even if they are not part of my direct line of ancestors.


In many ways the descendant lists are the most informative for those searching the site.These are footnoted pages leading to all the sources.From the present back until 1750-1800, I have used as much original research as possible but itís only fair to point out that earlier than 1750 is based on mostly secondary sources.There is an excellent court record with eyewitness testimony describing the death of Thomas Godbey in 1628 and some other early Virginia records but some information is from books that I feel are authoritative and some is from the Mormon records, The World Family Tree, and other internet sites.There is nothing wrong with these other sources but the distinction always has to be made between primary and secondary sources.Sometimes the first ancestor of a surname is a hypothesis from my research.I believe I have made it clear whenever this is the case.









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