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William F. and Nancy Melvina WELBORN CABANISS, great-grandparents, moved from Jackson County, AL to Titus County, TX about 1880 and in 1892 moved to Arapaho, Custer County, OK.


At a Cabaniss family reunion a book was displayed of ancestor Henry Cabaniss, French Huguenot immigrant of July 1700.

At home I looked over bits of family history gathered from my grandmothers. I wanted to verify family legends the grandmothers told. THE GENEALOGY BUG BIT!

Around my family tree I found patriots, pioneers, preachers, farmers, merchants, loggers, teachers, weavers, millwrights, blacksmiths, engineers, shipmasters, tanners, painters and innkeepers! The women kept the farm going while the patriots were away, tended the ill, and served as midwives. A great-great grandmother, widowed, ran a livery stable.

Ahnatafel chart with pictures.

1) Susan Marie Cabaniss Bradford

My Parents ... married 50 years 17 July 1998
2) Joe L. Cabaniss Jr.
3) Betty Lou Cobb

My Grandparents
4) Joe L. Cabaniss Sr. 1895-1959
Married May 1916, Washita County, Oklahoma.
5) Ocie Pearl Jones 1895-1970

6) Harve Glen Cobb 1901-1939
Married 1924 Custer County, Oklahoma
 7) Grace Evelyn Dovel 1906-1994
Grace married 2nd 1942 Raymond Knauf.
8) William Francis CABANISS, b. 4 Jan 1859 in Jackson Co, AL, d. 25 Sep 1939 in Clinton, Custer Co, OK, married Nancy Welborn 8 Feb 1880 in Jackson Co, AL. W. F. and Nancy moved to Titus Co., TX in early 1880s. They moved to brand new town of Arapaho, O. T. in June 1892 with their children Florence, George, Charlie, Belle, and Charley. Jesse was born in Arapaho in November 1892 and Joe was born June 1895. W. F. built a two story building used as a grocery and a two story hotel that was used temporarily for county offices when the Custer County courthouse burned November 1896. On his farm west of town W. F. raised and trained and sold mules for farming and built his own blacksmith shop. Nancy died in 1919. W. F. married 1923 to Beulah Matheny of Alabama. She preceded him in death in 1936.
 9) Nancy Melvina WELBORN, b. 22 Aug 1858 in Jackson Co, AL, d. 8 Apr 1919 in Clinton, Custer Co, OK. Nancy's obituary in the Arapaho, Oklahoma BEE, Friday, April 11, 1919 said, "Mrs. Cabiness was a remarkable woman besides raising her family and keeping her home she was the constant business companion of her husband in his vast business affairs. All this she seemed to do with ease. She had a remarkable memory and never seemed to forget the smallest details of business."

 10) John Spencer JONES, b. 2 Jun 1863 in Bosworth, Carroll Co, MO, d. 21 Feb 1960 in Bentonville, Benton Co, AR, married Emmaline Mann 24 Dec 1893 in Dewitt, Carroll Co, MO. John and Louise and daughter Ocie Pearl chartered a box car in Carroll County, loaded all possessions, household articles, two team of horses, two wagons, and Louise's brother Harrison Mann and headed west by rail. They unloaded at El Reno, Oklahoma and drove wagons to near Custer City. They camped for the night Feb 3, 1898, Ocie's third birthday. A howling northern blew in at dusk and they huddled in the featherbeds in the covered wagon. They rented a farm near Custer City that year. The next year John Spencer Jones bought a place northeast of Arapaho. He was a thrifty farmer, took things slow and easy, lived 96 years, 8 months.
11) Louise Emmaline MANN, b. 3 Dec 1873 in Alma, Crawford Co, AR, d. 9 Apr 1950 in Bentonville, Benton Co, AR. Emmaline raised a cotton crop every summer for extra money for her household and children. When her children were older she was active in women's homemaker and Eastern Star organizations in Arapaho. In the 1930s they moved to Arkansas.

 12) Rufus Rowland COBB, b. 11 Apr 1865 in Fayetteville, Talladega Co, AL, d. 4 Jul 1947 in Arapaho, Custer Co, OK, married Mittie Cobb 30 Jan 1887 in JimTown, Indian Territory. Rufus, his father-in-law George Wesley Stephens, and his brothers-in-law Jim and Bill were in the Run of 1892 (April) opening the Cheyenne and Arapaho lands. In October 1892 Rufus moved wife Mittie, sons George and Cecil and baby daughter Rexie to Arapaho from their farm near Healdton, Chickasaw Nation with three wagons. George Wesley Stephens drove one of the wagons. It took two weeks to travel from the Stephens Post Office near Healdton to Arapaho. They moved to a homestead at Gyp fourteen miles west of Arapaho and built a store there. Six more children, Frank, Lois, Harvey, Randle, Rollie and Fannie were born at Gyp. In 1907 Rufus and Mittie and family returned to Arapaho and opened Cobb's Mercantile. Mildred and Mary were born in Arapaho.
 13) Martha Olivia 'Mittie' STEPHENS, b. 19 Jun 1869 in Whitesboro, Grayson Co, TX, d. 28 Apr 1943 in Arapaho, Custer Co, OK. Mittie wrote about her pioneer experiences, meeting her husband at a camp revival on the Red River, marriage at JimTown, I.T., life in Chickasaw Nation in 1890, and traveling by wagon to Cheyenne and Arapaho Country October 1892. She was a merchant's wife, and sometimes prepared caskets for pioneers. Thank you, Mittie, for telling your stories for your grandchildren.

 14) James Clark DOVEL, b. 19 Aug 1880 in Stanley, Page Co, VA, d. 14 Mar 1960 in Thomas Mem. Hsp., Custer Co, OK, married Myrtle Stoneberger 1 Jan 1903 in Page Co, VA. Nov. 1906, James, wife Myrtle and baby daughter Grace Evelyn boarded a train at Stanley with father Lewis, brothers, Joseph Edward and Taswell Orville, and sisters, Martha Laura and Maud May, and moved to Arapaho, Oklahoma. They were met at the railroad station by Uncle 'Cabe' Dovel. James and Myrtle farmed at Arapaho until 1910, later farmed near Butler, Vicksburg and Gip. They had four other children, Rufus, Forrest, Hazel and Ruth. James and Myrtle retired from farming in 1945 and moved to Custer City where a distant cousin of Myrtle's, Charles Stoneberger, lived.
 15) Myrtle Mae STONEBERGER, b. 17 Mar 1887 in Stanley, Page Co, VA, d. 2 Nov 1978 in Clinton, Custer Co, OK. Myrtle, age 10, helped out a neighbor's household when the young mother passed away. Myrtle married the eldest son, James. They moved to Oklahoma in 1906. After James passed away, Myrtle lived in Weatherford, OK and at times in Farmington, NM with her daughter Ruth.
16) George V. CABANISS, b. 21 Oct 1827 in Shelby, Cleveland Co, NC.
d. 23 Feb 1904 in Section, Jackson Co, AL, married Letty Beam 5 Nov 1850 in Shelby, NC.
17) Letitia 'Letty' Ann BEAM, b. 16 Aug 1829 in Section, Jackson Co, AL, d.
9 Apr 1885 in Jackson Co, AL.

18) William Starnes WELBORN, b. 26 Jun 1826 in Jackson Co, AL, d. 28 Jun 1867 in Jackson Co, AL, married Elizabeth Reynolds 28 Sep 1856 in Jackson Co, AL.
19) Elizabeth REYNOLDS, b. 10 Jun 1836 in Bedford Co, TN, d. 12 Sep 1889 in Cookeville, Titus Co, TX. Ran a livery stable in Titus Co, Texas 1880s.

20) Jackson JONES, b. 30 Jan 1817 in WV, d. 12 Sep 1887 in Carroll Co, MO, married Elizabeth Leach 11 Sep 1848 in Wood Co, WV. Jackson and Elizabeth left West Virginia about 1859 with five children, Adaline, Susan, William, Jacob Lawrence, and Lawrence Dade. In Carroll County, Missouri they had five more children, Jackson S., Mary M., John Spencer, Sarah, and Rosa Belle. Jackson Jones is buried in Old Pleasant Park Cemetery near Bosworth.
21) Elizabeth LEACH, b. 10 Mar 1831 in Wheeling, Ohio Co, WV, d. 27 Jan 1917 in Stafford, Custer Co, OK. Elizabeth moved to Custer Co, OK in early 1900s with son Jake.

22) Darwin Safford MANN, b. 6 Aug 1845 in Woods Co, WV, d. 16 May 1926 in Checotah, McIntosh Co, OK, married Armanda Wood circa 1871 in Crawford Co, AR. Darwin owned a team of oxen and did logging at sawmill camps in the pines of Arkansas. Darwin and Armanda lived in Arapaho in the early 1900s while Darwin and sons built railroad through Arapaho, Custer County, Oklahoma. Also lived in Bryan County, Oklahoma. Children: Louise, Harrison, Lorenzo, Francis, Wesley, Owen, Olley, Bessie, Johnny.
23) Armanda Malissie WOOD, b. 18 Oct 1851 in TN, d. 16 Oct 1918 in Texanna, McIntosh Co, OK.

 24) Thadeus Hiram COBB, b. 5 Jun 1834 in Pickens District, SC, d. 5 Dec 1905 in Gip, Custer Co, OK, married Effie Burke 17 Aug 1853, GA. They lived in Grayson and Montague Cos., TX. Thadeus later lived with sons at Duncan and Gip, Oklahoma.
 25) Emma 'Effie' Caroline BURKE, b. 28 Feb 1837 in TN, d. 14 Jul 1899 in Montague Co, TX.

26) George Wesley STEPHENS, b. 1 May 1842 in Monroe Co, TN, d. 11 Mar 1927 in Austin, Travis Co, TX, married Mary Catherine Sarver 11 Nov 1864 in Grayson Co, TX. George and his two sons and son-in-law, Rufus Cobb, were in the Run of 1892 opening Cheyenne and Arapaho lands. George and his second wife, Fannie, owned and operated the Orient Hotel in Arapaho until it burned when struck by lightning July 1905.
27) Mary Catherine SARVER, b. circa 1842 on the New River, Montgomery Co, VA, d. 4 Jan 1874 in Whitesboro, Grayson Co, TX. Mary Catherine first married Pearis Olinger in Montgomery County, VA 12 May 1859. Pearis may have died in the Civil War.

28) Lewis Clark DOVEL, b. Dec 1852 in Page Co, VA, d. Aug 1936 in MO, married Sarah Catherine Housden 3 Mar 1887 in Page Co, VA. Lewis, with sons and daughters, left Stanley, VA by train Nov 1906. Lewis married widow, Elizabeth Leon in Custer County, Oklahoma 1911.
29) Sarah Catherine HOUSDEN, b. 1863 in Page Co, VA, bu. 1897 in Keyser Cem, Dovel Hollow, Page Co, VA "Sarah Katherine Keyser Dovel".

30) Andrew Godfrey STONEBERGER, b. 17 Feb 1845 in Page Co, VA, d. 5 Feb 1901 in Page Co, VA, married Mary Susan Lucas 5 May 1885 in Page Co, VA. Andrew Godfrey Stoneberger, 18, and his brother Siram, 20, enlisted February 1, 1863 at Luray, VA, Samuel Bradford Brown's Company C, 13 Batt'n Virginia Calvary, officially the 39th Battalion. Their father, George, 47, enlisted nine days later to the same company. Samuel Browns' company of Scouts, Guides and Couriers was assigned to serve as Confederate General Robert E. Lee's body guard March 9, 1863. Siram was captured at Petersburg, VA, April 1865, later released at Hart's Island, NY.
 31) Mary Susan LUCAS, b. 30 Oct 1855 in Page Co, VA, d. 1 Sep 1935 in Ochre Bank Bridge, Stanley, Page Co, VA.
32) George CABANISS III, b. 15 Sep 1782 in Amelia Co, Virginia, d. 1846 in
Shelby, Rutherford Co, North Carolina, married Martha Martin 23 Mar 1820 in Shelby, Rutherford Co, North Carolina.
33) Martha 'Patsy' MARTIN, b. circa 1805 in NC, d. after 1850 in Shelby,
Rutherford Co, North Carolina.

34) Peter BEAM, b. 15 Jan 1787 in Lincoln Co, NC, d. 29 Jul 1879 in
Cleveland Co, NC, married Ann Long 1809 in Lincoln Co, NC.
35) Ann LONG, b. circa 1795 in Lincoln Co, NC, d. 20 Mar 1850 in Lincoln
Co, NC (ClevelandCo).

36) Elias WILBOURN, b. 1790 in Rowan Co, NC, d. 14 Sep 1865 in Langston,
Jackson Co, AL, married Elizabeth Starnes 1825 in Langston, Jackson Co, AL.
Elias lived in Barren County, KY from about 1810 to 1816. Elias married first
21 Feb 1812 to Sarah Welborn, a cousin. Could this Elias be the groom in
22 March 1824 Barren Co, KY marriage record of Elias Wilborn and Rachel Wilson?
His brother Aquilla married 7 Feb 1816, Barren Co, KY to Elizabeth Wilson, daughter
of Jacob Wilson.
37) Elizabeth STARNES, b. 1800 in NC, d. before 1865 in Langston, Jackson
Co, AL. Marriage year, 1825, based on age of eldest child, surname on middle name
of eldest child and family tradition.

38) Henry REYNOLDS, b. Jun 1800 in Adair Co, KY, d. Oct 1886 in Jackson Co, AL, married Mary Brown circa 1823 in Bedford Co, TN.
39) Mary BROWN, b. circa 1800 in TN/VA, d. Aug 1844 in Jackson Co, AL.

40) Morgan JONES III, b. circa 1776, in PA, d. 22 Mar 1853, Walker Twp.,
Wood Co, WV, married Ruth circa 1810.
41) Ruth ....?...., b. 1776, in OH, d. between 1828-1830, Marshall Co, WV.

42) Edward R. LEACH, b. 1795, in MD. Married Rebecca Spoon 24 Dec 1829, Ohio Co, (W)VA. Edward R. Leach is in Wood County, (W)VA in 1850, 1860 and 1870 census. Died 1887, Omaha, NE.
43) Rebecca SPOON, b. abt 1814, PA. Died July 1852, Wood Co, (W)VA.

44) Daniel Selson MANN, b. circa 1818 in Woods Co, WV, d. 25 Oct 1876 in
Livingston Co, MO, married Margaretta Johnson circa 1838 in WV.
 45) Margaretta JOHNSON, b. 1820 in Canada, d. after 1880 in MO.

46) WOOD

48) Rowland COBB, b. 20 May 1796 in Pickens District, SC, d. 26 Aug 1867
in Ladonia, Fannin Co, TX, married Mary Ann Edwards 17 Mar 1817.
49) Mary Ann EDWARDS, b. 4 Jun 1803 in SC, d. 13 Mar 1889 in Ladonia,
Fannin Co, TX.


52) Wesley STEPHENS, b. circa 1804 in NC, d. before 1850 in Monroe Co,
TN, married Emily Yoakum 28 Jul 1839 in Philadelphia, Loudon Co, TN. First marriage to Susan McFarland about 1830 Monroe Co, TN.
53) Emily Ann YOAKUM, b. 12 Dec 1816 in Claiborne Co, TN, d. 20 Aug
1854 in Madisonville, Monroe Co, TN. First married Mr. Price.

54) James SARVER, b. circa 1816 in Montgomery Co, VA, d. after 1888 in ,
VA, married Eliza Harless 9 Oct 1838 in Montgomery Co, VA.
55) Eliza Matilda HARLESS, b. 1820 in Montgomery Co, VA, d. 7 Nov 1888
in Lee Co, VA.

56) David Moncell DOVEL, b. 21 Sep 1819 in Page Co, VA, d. 5 Mar 1871 in Honeyville, Page Co, VA, married Elizabeth Booton 13 Dec 1842 in Page Co, VA.
57) Elizabeth F. M. BOOTON, b. 2 Sep 1825 in , VA, d. 27 Feb 1901 in Page Co, VA.

59) Formasanta HOUSDEN, b. circa 1836 in Page Co, VA, bu. 1909 in Keyser Cem, Dovel Hollow, Page Co, VA "Formasanta Housden Keyser", with her daughter Sarah Katherine.

60) George STONEBERGER, b. 1816 in Shenandoah Co, VA, d. after 1866 in Page Co, VA, married Phoebe Turner 11 Jun 1841 in Page Co, VA. George, 47, enlisted 10 February 1863, nine days after his sons Godfrey and Siram joined at Luray, VA, Samuel Bradford Brown's Company C, 13 Batt'n Virginia Calvary, officially the 39th Battalion. Samuel Browns' company of Scouts, Guides and Couriers served with CSA General Robert E. Lee. George was registered at the Chimborazo hospital at Richmond, VA from 20 September to 1 October 1864. George and Phoebe's youngest son Albert died of consumption, age 23, December 1870.
61) Phoebe TURNER, b. circa 1820 in Page Co, VA, d. 1898 in Page Co, VA.

62) John Hiram LUCAS, b. circa 1830 in Page Co, VA, d. 1894 in Stanley,
Page Co, VA, married Eliza Jane Cubbage 26 Jan 1854 in Page Co, VA.
63) Eliza Jane CUBBAGE, b. circa 1835 in Madison Co, VA, d. after 1880 in ,
64) George CABANISS II, b. 30 Jan 1739/0 in Bristol Parish, Pr George Co,
VA, d. 1799 in Nottoway Co, VA, married Sarah Jennings 13 Apr 1779 in Amelia Co, VA.
65) Sarah JENNINGS, b. in VA, d. after 1799 in VA.

66) John MARTIN, b. 1769, VA, married Carey Crowder 30 May 1797, d. circa 1851.
67) Carey CROWDER

68) John Teeter BEAM, b. circa 1732 in Hamburg, Germany, d. 1807 in
Buffalo, Cleveland Co, NC, married Elizabeth Rudolph circa 1781 in NC.
69) Elizabeth RUDOLPH, b. 1756 in Germany, d. 1841 in Cleveland Co, NC.

70) John LONG, b. circa 1756 in NC, d. 1826 in NC, married Ann Graham 17 Dec 1783 in Lincolnton, Lincoln Co, NC.
71) Ann GRAHAMN, b. circa 1762 in VA . First married Mr. BEATTY.

72) Gideon WELBORN, b. 1767 in Rowan Co, NC, d. circa 1819 in Barren Co, KY, married Tabitha circa 1789 in NC.
73) Tabitha ....?...., b. 1770 in NC, d. after 1830 in Jackson Co, AL.


76) William REYNOLDS, b. in VA/KY, d. 1808 in Flat Creek, Bedford Co, TN, married Jane Milliken 23 Aug 1790 in Greenville, Greene Co, TN.
77) Jane MILLIKEN, b. circa 1776 in VA, d. circa 1834 in Bedford Co, TN.

78) John G. BROWN

80) Morgan JONES II, b. Jun 1737, White Clay Hundred, New Castle
Co, DE, d. 5 Nov 1820 Dunkard Twp., Greene Co, PA, married Mary Davis 1773. Burial: Garard's Fort, Greene Co, PA.
81) Mary DAVIS, b. circa 1755, d. 24 Jun 1818, Greene Co, PA.


84) Clement LEACH
85) Martha ....?....

86) Peter SPOON
87) Rebecca HICKMAN

88) John MANN, b. DE
89) Charlotte ....?...., b. DE


92) WOOD


96) John S. COBB, b. 1759 in Halifax Co, VA, d. 21 May 1841 in Pickens Co, SC, married Franky Smith circa 1786?.
97) Frances 'Franky' SMITH, b. 1 May 1770 in Spartanburg Co, SC, d. 9 Feb


100) BURKE


104) John STEPHENS, b. 1762 in Warwack Co, VA, d. circa 1821 in , TN, married Nancy Twomey 1800 in NC.
105) Nancy Annis TWOMEY

106) George YOAKUM Jr, b. 29 Jul 1783 in VA, d. 31 Mar 1841 in
Madisonville, Monroe Co, TN, married Mary Ann Maddy 27 May 1809.
107) Mary Ann MADDY, b. 17 Apr 1792 in Greenbrier Co, WV, d. 27 Apr
1848 in Madisonville, Monroe Co, TN.

108) John SARVER, b. in Culpepper Co, VA, d., married Mary Price 7 Nov 1815 in Montgomery Co, VA.
109) Mary 'Polly' PRICE, b. in Montgomery Co, VA, d. circa 1820 in
Montgomery Co, VA. First marriage to Phillip Harless.

112) David DOVEL Jr, b. 1750 in Alma, Page Co, VA, d. 1832 in Page Co, VA, married Keziah Short 1793 in Rockingham Co, VA.
113) Keziah SHORT

114) Ambrose C. BOOTON, b. 1 May 1789 in Orange Co, VA, d. 29 Mar 1865 in Mill Run, Page Co, VA, married Elizabeth Fray 9 Sep 1822 in Shenandoah Co, VA.
115) Elizabeth FRAY Grubb, b. 15 Sep 1790 in Jefferson Co, VA, d. 2 Apr 1865 in Mill Run, Page Co, VA.


118) Benjamin HOUSDEN, b. circa 1808, married Elizabeth Alger 6 Nov 1837 in Page Co, VA.
119) Elizabeth ALGER, b. Mar 1817 in Line Run, Page Co, VA, d. 10 Aug 1866 in Line Run, Page Co, VA.

120) John STONEBERGER, b. 1789 in Shenandoah Co, VA, d. circa 1876 in
Warren Co, MO, married Christina Robsen 31 Oct 1812 in Shenandoah Co, VA.
121) Christina 'Steney' ROBSEN, b. circa 1794

122) Ellis TURNER

124) Levi LUCAS Sr, b. 25 Jun 1787 in Hawksbill, Shenandoah Co, VA
(Page Co), d. 5 Apr 1856 in Little Line Run, Page Co, VA, married Elizabeth Utsler 24 Oct 1811 in Rockingham Co, VA.
125) Elizabeth UTSLER, b. 1797 in Rockingham Co, VA, d. 18 Mar 1873 in
Honeyville, Page Co, VA.

126) Jacob CUBBAGE, b. circa 1786, married Nancy Nicholson 18 Jan 1818 in Madison Co, VA.
127) Nancy NICHOLSON, b. circa 1799
128) George CABANISS I, b. 1714 in Pr George Co, VA, d. 1744 in Amelia Co, VA, married Grace before 1736 in Pr George Co, VA.
129) Grace ....?...., d. after 1741.

134) Abraham CROWDER, b. 30 Aug 1730, Prince George Co, VA.
135) Frances ....?....

136) Michael BEAM, b. circa 1702 in Germany, d. in Hamburg, Germany,
married Sarah Rudolph circa 1730 in Germany.
137) Sarah RUDOLPH, b. in Germany, d. in Hamburg, Germany.

138) Aaron RUDOLPH, b. in Hamburg, Germany, married in Germany.
139) ....?.... b. in Germany.

142) Archibald GRAHAMN

144) James WELBORN Sr, b. 18 Aug 1736 in Baltimore Co, MD, d. 11 Aug
1811 in Barren Co, KY, married Isabelle Teague in Frederick Co, VA.
145) Isabelle TEAGUE, b. 1742 in Frederick Co, VA, d. circa 1821 in
Monroe Co, KY.

154) James MILLIKEN.
155) Elizabeth ....?....

160) Morgan JONES, b. 1697, Allegouch, Pembroke, Wales, d. 4 Jun 1760
Pencader Hundred, New Castle Co, DE, married Eleanor Evans 17 Dec 1724 Wilmington, New Castle Co, DE.
161) Eleanor EVANS, b. 1700, Chester Co, PA, d. 7 Sep 1760, Pencader
Hundred, New Castle Co, DE.

176) John MANN Sr, b. 1760, d. after 1830.
177) Nancy ....?....

192) Ambrose COBB, b. 1729 in York Co, VA, d. 1797 in Lincoln Co, NC,
married Sarah in Halifax Co, VA.
193) Sarah ....?...., b. 1734 in Halifax Co, VA, d. after 1797 in Lincoln
Co, NC.

208) William STEPHENS III, b. 1711 in York Co, VA, d. 1781 in Prison Ship, FORSHAY, married Mary Sampson 1733 in NC. *Searching Internet for Forshay I found nothing, but there was a Prison Ship FORBAY in Charles Town Harbour 1781. There is a Daniel Stephens onboard as a prisoner.
209) Mary SAMPSON, b. circa 1711 in VA, d. after 1762 in Beaufort,
Carteret Co, NC.

212) George YOAKUM, b. 16 Jan 1752 in Hampshire Co, VA (Hardy Co, WV), d. 28 Oct 1800 in Claiborne Co, TN, married Martha Van Bibber in Greenbrier Co, WV.
213) Martha VAN BIBBER, d. after 1819 in Salisbury Twp, Sangamon Co, IL.

214) William MADDY, b. 1760 in Somerset, Orange Co, VA, d. after 1812 in
Loudon Co, TN, married Elizabeth Mann 25 Feb 1783.
215) Elizabeth MANN, b. in , VA, d. after 1809 in Loudon Co, TN.

218) Henry David PRICE, b. 14 Mar 1759 in Augusta Co, VA, d. 1834 in
Montgomery Co, VA, married Anna Garrison in Montgomery Co, VA.
219) Anna Maria GARRISON, d. after 1834 in Montgomery Co, VA.

224) David DOVEL Sr, d. 1807 in Ingham, Page Co, VA (Rockingham), married circa 1748 in VA.
225) Barbara Blosser?, d. 1820.

226) Samuel SHORT

228) John K. BOOTON, b. circa 1765 in Culpeper Co, VA, d. before 1819 in
Madison Co, VA, married Fanny Clark 24 Jan 1786 in Culpepper Co, VA.
229) Frances "Fanny" CLARK, b. circa 1765 in VA, d. after 1840 in VA.

230) John V. FRAY

237) Judith HOUSDEN, b. May 1773 in Culpepper Co, VA, d. 6 Mar 1853 in
Honey Run, Page Co, VA.

238) Abram ALGER
239) Anna ....?....

240) Lewis STONEBERGER, b. circa 1754 in Philadelphia, PA, d. 20 Oct 1820 in Shenandoah Co, VA (Page Co), married Susannah Harmon 10 Mar 1787 in Shenandoah Co, VA. Later married Mary Ann Finter, who filed widow's pension application.
241) Susannah HARMON

242) William ROBSEN
243) Mary ....?....

248) Matthew LUCAS, b. circa 1755
249) Mary ....?...., b. circa 1755

250) Christian UTSLER, d. before 1811.
251) Elizabeth ....?....

254) Michael NICHOLSON
255) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
256) Henry CABANIS, b. circa 1675 in France, d. 1720 in Pr George Co, VA, married Mary circa 1711 in VA. Henry came to Virginia with wife Maria, who died before 1708. In a land grant of 1708 his wife was Magdalene. The wife named in his will, Mary, could be a third wife, or Magdalene by another name.
257) Mary HARRISON?, b. in James River, VA, d. after 1714 in VA.

268) Abraham CROWDER, b. abt. 1698, Charles City, VA
269) Frances ....?...., b. abt 1702, Prince George Co, VA

288) William WELBORN, b. 21 Jan 1712/3 in Harford Co, MD, d. after 1772 in Rowan Co, NC, married Ann Crabtree 21 Jan 1731/2 in Harford Co, MD.
289) Ann CRABTREE, b. 15 Jan 1713/4 in Harford Co, MD, d. after 1755 in
Rowan Co, NC.

290) Moses TEAGUE, b. circa 1718 in Cecil Co, MD, d. 1799 in Chatham Co, NC, married Elizabeth Loftin circa 1738 in Frederick Co, VA.
291) Elizabeth LOFTIN, b. 1 Jan 1713/4 in MD?, d. Nov 1751.

320) David JONES, b. 1669, Allegouch, Pembroke, Wales, d. 20 Aug 1748, Pencader Hundred, New Castle Co, DE, married Esther Morgan 1696 Pencader Hundred, New Castle Co, DE.
321) Esther MORGAN, b. 1678, Alltgoch, Llanwenog, Cardiganshire,
Wales, d. 2 Oct 1754, Pencader Hundred, New Castle Co, DE.

384) Robert COBB, b. circa 1687 in Bruton Parish, York Co, VA, d. 1768 in Hunting Creek, Halifax Co, VA, married circa 1725.
385) Croshia FRITH, b. 1691 in Henrico Co, VA, d. before 1768 in Halifax
Co, VA.

416) William STEPHENS II, b. 1692 in NC, d. 1752 in Beaufort, Carteret Co,
NC, married Penelope Martin in NC.
417) Penelope MARTIN, d. in NC.

424) Valentine YOAKUM, b. 1730 in NY, d. 17 Jul 1763 in Greenbriar County, WV.
425) Margaret ZEH, b. circa 1725, NY, d. ?, buried in Claiborne Co, TN.

426) Isaac VAN BIBBER, b. 1724, d. 10 Oct 1774 in Point Pleasant,
Mason Co, WVA.
427) Sarah DAVIS

428) James MADDY I, b. in Herefordshire, England, d. after 1777 in
Shenandoah River, Augusta Co, VA (now Rockingham), married Ann Morris circa 1759.
429) Ann MORRIS, b. 17 Nov 1740 in Orange Co, VA, d. 1844 in Monroe Co, WVA.

430) John Jacob MANN, b. 3 Dec 1724 in Kraichgau, WurttembergBaden,
Germany, d. after 1810 in Greenbriar Co, WVA.
431) Barbara MILLER, b. in VA, d. after 1811 in Monroe Co, WVA.

436) Johan Heinrich PRICE, ch. 8 Sep 1726 in Offenbach, Landau,
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, d. circa 1797 in Rockingham Co, VA.
437) Mary Magdalene ....?.... Price, d. after 1786.

456) Ambrose BOOTON, b. circa 1742 in Culpeper Co, VA, d. 20 Feb 1775 in Culpepper Co, VA, married Tomagen Rucker before 1765.
457) Tomagen (Thomsey) RUCKER, b. circa 1745.

458) Reuben CLARK, b. circa 1743 in VA, d. circa 1832 in Culpeper Co, VA, married Bathsheba Sampson before 1766.
459) Bathsheba SAMPSON, b. circa 1745 in VA, d. circa 1832 in Culpeper Co, VA.

474) Benjamin HOUSDEN Sr
475) Nancy ....?....

480) Frederick STONEBERGER, b. circa 1730 in Germany, d. 1806 in
Shenandoah Co, VA.
481) Mary ....?...., d. after 1806.

These left a "family record"

Ocie Jones Cabaniss (1895-1970) Grandmother
Jackson Jones (1817-1872) Great-great grandfather
Mittie Stephens Cobb (1868-1943) Great-grandmother
Myrtle Stoneberger Dovel (1887-1978) Great-grandmother

Family Histories, Newsletters, Articles:

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